Let's Talk—Can We Guess Why Time and Health Are Our Most Important Assets?

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Few weeks ago I had my surgery and these screws came out of my leg! I've got three more of these and two rods which are to be removed around mid-2018. During the course of the past few months I've had to rest a lot and take it easy. This meant I couldn't do many of the things that I did every day otherwise.

Some of these screws used to trouble me, making simple things such as a slightly brisk walk difficult as they would poke me inside my leg. Since the bones were healing well, my surgeon felt it wasn't necessary to keep them there. This would also expedite the healing process I was informed.

I still have a lot of pain around the fractured segment of the tibia and fibula if I exert myself, but I'm hopeful that it'll heal with time. The nerve damage in my arm is slow to recover and I've no idea how much longer it would take—bit of a disappointment really!

If all this wasn't bad enough, about 2 months ago I managed to strain my back and the pain didn't go away. On the morning of my 3rd and most recent surgery we x-rayed my back found out I've a slight fracture in my lower back, behind the discs. Seems like I hurt it months ago when I met with an accident and the recent strained caused it? Who knows...

Now for most part of it I'm managing quite well, but it's difficult to do some things such as sitting for long durations or bending and lifting heavy objects. The pain is also quite constant and gets worse by evening on some days which is annoying and it worsens when I have to put in long hours at work.

It's quite surprising how the human body can endure foreign objects inside it and how the mind copes up with the time that it takes for the body to heal. Healing is sometimes a slow process taking months if not years and all that we can do during this time is to be patient and wait it out.

Fortunately for me, the bones will heal and hopefully so will my back and arm. It's a matter of time now and I have to wait it out!

Good health if lost is sometimes recoverable but it is impossible to get back the lost time. There are times you wished you could turn back time in hopes that you could go back to your past and do things perhaps differently to achieve an entirely new outcome. But this doesn't happen in real life.

Time seems to flow in a single direction and all you can do is wish that you accomplish all that you dream before you kick the bucket.

Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted. - Denis Waitley

This picture was forwarded to me recently and I couldn't help but ponder for a bit what it would be like to ride my motorcycle once again! But I guess all I can do right now is rest and wait it out even if I feel that I'm just wasting away precious time.

Every day I work as hard as I can to save up money in expectation of some magical fix to the nerve damage in my arm. But whether I find it or not I'm sure it won't stop me from continuing to try and live my dreams and also enjoy some good things in my life and help others a little as well.

Time and Health are our most precious assets indeed but if you are alive and have the will to fight out of any difficult circumstance, you can very well achieve anything you set your mind to. This is my learning in the past 7-8 months!

What about you dear readers? Have your life experiences taught you differently?

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What a great post!

I find it amazing how we take so many things for granted in our day-to-day activities, but when an accident or an injury occurs, we quickly find out how precious things like breathing and walking really are.

Btw, who is the artist of the hourglass rendering?

In China, we are told that the Health stands for 1 and Wealth are just a bunch of zeros after 1. So if you don't have a healthy body (and mind), it is meanlingless even if you have thousands of zeros....
I wish you healthy and all the best!

Wow. Those screws are serious!

I'm glad your bones are healing, hate that nerves are so much trickier! Maybe they will come up with something, but in the meantime, not a lot you can do about nerves.

A friend of mine broke a finger playing basketball and had plates and screws put in. I've been lucky in that regard, nothing to that extent.

You have to be careful with back and spine. That doesn't like to heal so well! Take care of it. Yes, it might mean not doing what you want for a time, but the time is well spent on getting healthy.

On the flip side, it is true that we never know how much time we have. I lost a friend to cancer last year, he was way to young. But you just never know what the future holds.

Gotta live while you are able.

Thanks for sharing this @firepower. All the best in your recovery. best hurry it up, there's a lot to do at SteemFest! hahaha

Sending you so much healing for your leg and also the nerve damage in your arm.

I smashed my elbow into 5 pieces and had it metalled back together, so I totally get the having metal sticking in you and causing pain when you're doing things, not pleasant! & the sitting around waiting for healing to speed up too!

I do energy healing so I will send as much as I can and see if I can give you a 'magical fix to the nerve damage in my arm', I know nerves are tricky to heal.

So pleased you washed and polished the screws before photographing them!

Much Pure Love, Light and healing <3

Such a nice example of making lemonade out of lemons!

A friend has been suffering with back pain that has redefined her entire life as well. She really wants to avoid surgery and is trying light therapy and stem cell therapy. Fingers crossed

My friend, I have not seen you post for a while and wondered about you and went to your blogs to see what was up. I am so sorry this happened to you. I have had many broken bones in my life, but never any screws. It does look like you are mending well which is good, and I know you will be back in the adventures mode you appear to love very soon. The body is an amazing machine that knows how to heal itself over time.

Here is to a speedy recovery. I had in fact wrote in one of my post that during my reflections of My Trans-Mongolia Journey, health is crucial. Without good health, I would not be able to travel around the world. In fact, it was due to the good health that my wife and I are currently enjoying that we decided to go for this long journey now rather than later.

In 2004 I had a vertabre replaced in my neck c4/c5. I have a metal plate with 6 screws that hold it in place. My experience was that time takes time. The doctors told me that many things that I used to do like playing basketball and lifting weights, I would no longer be able to do. My experience was that time takes time. 3 years later in 2007 I got back into the Gym. 10 years later and I have never been more physically fit. The doctors were wrong. I never stopped believing in myself. You have time, the rest if your life in fact. Enjoy the moment you have now. You will be back on your bike soon enough. We are only limited by what we believe to be impossible

Great motivational post, you are a real overcomer!

Up voted! I agree

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Because time and health can choose to be at war with each other anytime, without warning.

Truly, life is short, and death and dying are both very real.

My case isn't as extreme, but a few years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The symptoms were so bad that my body was literally breaking down. I thought I had cancer. I was so afraid.

Health first people, everything else can wait.

Good post @firepower

You are very right.... Taking Health first is Key

Very much so. Don't wait. Never wait. The day your health deteriorates, you'd truly know how precious it is.

very well described your story and i agree with you that if we make a mind then it will not stop us but we always have to careful. i will pray for your recovery but i know you are so strong person so not much worry about small things.

Time and health are the two major components that impacts our life so heavily. Using precious time in irrelvent things undoubtfully leads to a failure and so neglecting health leads to the cause of tons of diseases. Great post👍

Recently I faced dental problems then I realized the importance of health.

OMG dude, what actually happened ? Had an accident? You may be driving more than 100MPH as it looked a heavy accident to me.

But you should be thankful that you are still alive :)

Someone crashed into me but I wonder how you derived the speed? You seem to have a rare and incredible skill there!

Actually I had seen one of my friends having an accident driving more than 100MPH, but luckily they were safe getting some scratches.
As we all know speed thrills but kills.

If somebody decides to put his own life at risk to get some 'thrill' as compensation that's his own decision. However, if he threatens other persons as well who didn't wish to have any 'thrill', then he acts just irresponsibly and criminally.

Life is short, and for the most part we know we only have 1 life, so I say live it up! :)

Health is a really important and it is very important to keep a good health.But people often foolishly do things that harm their health. Smoking is one of those things.

very painful

specially when the cold of winter

the screws will set the pain on your inner bones when cold environment strikes

Upvoted and i feel you brother @firepower

Good vibes for healing amigo!

Hi FP, You are so right that health and our time in this life are the most important assets! I want to suggest yoga-therapy to help accelerate your healing. Svaroopa yoga therapy is amazing and can make your healing time amazingly faster. Its based on the principle that support=release. By unwinding the deep muscle tensions associated with your injury, you oxygenate the surrounding area (and your entire body) and also increase blood flow, as well as relieving pain and retraining your body, especially the injured area, to let go and let your body's inherent healing mechanism do its work faster and easier while you enjoy more mobility and flexibility. Check out https://www.svaroopayoga.org and look for a yoga therapist in your area. This is not just "doing yoga" or gentle yoga, but a practitioner who helps you heal faster and will long-lasting results. I hope this helps! I love that you are promoting the Steemfests and offering free tix for minnows. Awesome, man.

very good article.

That's why I moved to Thailand 2 years ago. I was working as a Controller, 50 hours a week sitting on a chair doing shit I don't really like so much...now I am a personal trainer and I help people getting fitter every day!
Health is the most valuable asset on this planet...is not your money, is not how fancy your house looks like or how beautiful your wife is....it is your health! Cheers

Time is priceless, and without health we can not build anything in life. That is why we need to take care of our health and enjoy every moment of life

Life is short, we have to cherish the time spent with those we love. And without health we can not do anything. Get well soon bro you are one whom we take as an inspiration on steemit and you are the reason we are still on steem, believing that we can also become like you on steem someday. Thank you!

I often think of time and fate and the choices we make. I keep coming back to James Dean. Every single choice he made on his last day (September 30, 1955) unwittingly led to his death. Every pause to smoke, the decision to test-drive the car before the race, even getting stopped for speeding, all led to the long march at that fatal intersection.

If he had done anything differently that day, might he have survived? might he have gotten to that intersection earlier or later, and never collided with Donald Turnupseed?

Donald Turnupseed

So, the next time you're late for work, or you miss a flight, instead of getting upset, think of James Dean. You may have just saved your own life.

@firepower I send you good vibes, and well wishes. Now stay the hell off that motorcycle friend! :) Ever thought of taking up gardening? maybe stay in and watch golf instead, I hear that can be soothing. lol

Two weeks before he died (at 24) Dean filmed a PSA about the dangers of speeding, I include it below.

thank you for great your post with experience. Health is so important. without health for physical and mental human difficult to do any valuable work.

The world is full of tragedies. It is only how you cope up with them. I'm super glad to know some of the screws have been removed. I hope the rest are removed on time next year and you can get some normal routine back. I think the lower back is going to take some time, but it will only get better. AMAZING talent you are, firepower. Keeping inspiring the world :)

About the experience you asked, life teaches us new things everyday, no? My life has taught me to keep space in my glass and not to let it get full. That's what I do and keep learning...

Have a great rest of the day.

I am grateful to have my health and plenty of time to share with this community. While I have some minor health issues of my own, I feel blessed for what I do have.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I have been noticing lately how much value you add to this community. It is good to protect and nurture your physical assets. Thank you for doing all you do, and I'll toast to your next motorcycle ride!

So very often we are confronted with how fragile life is and how much we regularly take for granted... Like when we get a cold and reminisce about all of the times we could breathe through both nostrils lol. We as human beings easily can get wrapped up in the small things. It seems vital for life to shake us up a bit to give us perspective and ultimately power to keep going in a meaningful way.

It is still eerie how it all seems to comes full circle. Health and relationships are my priorities these days. Although, I get sidetracked... having those priorities be my equilibrium, I live to see more days and evolve in understanding myself and others. Thanks for sharing... I wish you the best buddy!
We are all in this together!

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The quality of our health dictates how much time we have.

I hear ya . Considering they are the only 2 assets we actually posses, it amazes me people are so focused on money, and acquiring 'stuff'
My motorbike 'accident'
8 years later, and 4 operation later, I'm walking 95% back to normal !


port1 (8).jpg

I agree, health and time are a very valuable asset, they can not be bought by anything. They should be kept and used as possible.
Good post @firepower
I hope you can recover as soon as possible

Health the most valuable we could have. Live your life to the fullest everyday. Enjoy the little things in life and appreciate the gifts from nature. Time is running, and always going forwards,.....
Hope you could move in all directions soon, and do whatever you like most!

Here are my answer to your guess challenge.

Time can not be bought - So we have to make the most out of it
Health - Without health you can not do anything

What do you think?

Please give me your support @firepower..
Just have a look on my blog!!

Post some new original content and you will see better upvotes on your blog in the long run. :)

So sad ...i will pray to god u will be allright.

The way you proceeded with your story made me realize that health is indeed a gift to life which we keep receiving every day. One should be grateful to what he has already; to receive it more but as you said, unfortunately, we realize it only when the very same thing taken away from us. God bless you. Thank you for such a wonderful insight.

Some don't recover..what's left is to maximise one's functions to achieve daily activities and more. If the nerve is damage...exercises must still continue with the affected muscles and hope that ADLs van still be achievable.

you're making steemit a great community with your content firepower! keep it up!

Hope you return to full health! A wise man once said without health nothing else matters. True words I must say!

Agreed. Time and Health are indeed precious. We value the health only when we suffer from any problem. If there is a minor injury in one part of the body, the whole body reacts(temperature increases etc).

The learning here is, the same thing should happen with the community, to safeguard the interest, everyone must unite and fight for the best.

oh no the screws!

Nice post sharing thank you my vote

I had my hip replaced in my 30's and it certainly did make me look hard and long at my life and health because I hated being in hospital even though it was a very classy hospital and well run. It really bothered me that I wouldn't be able to get up and run should the building catch on fire or come crumbling down.

I'm very interested in yours

I can relate because I had serious health issues in the past.
My sister was operated for aggressive cancer exactly two years back. There was a hell of pain and complications with the subsequent chemo and radiation.
The 'Garden of Eden' is nowhere. Again the Buddha says, "NOTHING in life lasts forever."

Thoughrs and prayers with you for a speedy recovery. It sounds like you've had a long run of it , but the attitude youve exuded is one of possitivity . Thanks for this share it will bring inspiration to many :)

Thanks for sharing, I imagine they are being difficult times.
I wish for a good recovery.
I never had a serious accident, but I did a carpal tunnel (nerve wrist) injury and even something small and minor seriously bothered me a lot and for a long time. Everything that takes away our physical freedom, occupies our time and leaves us worried, is complicated.
Greetings from Brazil.

This had my eyes watering. You are doing great. Just have the faith that one day soon, you will be able to ride your bike again

I'm sorry to hear about your pain and healing. We oftentimes take our health and time for granted which is sad.

Like you mentioned, the human body can be incredibly resilient and I wish you a fast and healthy recuperation.

That picture is amazing and causes me to realize that life is a blink of an eye. We must attempt to do everything possible to be kind and live it to the fullest.

Glad you are doing better. And yes it's hard and you can't do certain things, which sucks, but we have to look at the positive things that surround us because life is short and very precious, so we have to enjoy every single day giving our best.
I totaly agree with you, that most of us don't really appreciate our health or life and instead, we just like to complain about everything especially what we don't have. Till we lose something, like our health or someone or in your case the ability to run or work or our vision etc. then we realize how much we need all these things in our lives. We need to pay way more attention to our health and this is what they should teach in schools because that is so precious and really the most important thing in our lives. I try to teach people to take care of their health NOW because that is their future.

Wow this is a great post. I hope that you will recover soon and that your pain will dissapear. My brother also got a surgery (on both of his knees). Due to this he wasn't able to walk good for a long time that i forgot the duration. But he gladly recovered now and also has screws and a metal plate that was inside of him. It is so true that we mostly forget how valuable time and health are. And difficult moments like this teaches us valuable lessons. We all know how valuable time and health are, but i think when you experience something like that you really feel how valuable it really is. Thank you for sharing this and making me reflect on these unpayable gifts :)


Cheers to your resilience!

Your xrays remind me of mine, by the way! I have 3 titanium plates in me (plus cadaver fibula bone struts) that replaced my floating ribs/sternum which I gave up to cancer.

It is incredible what we can do in these bodies, man!

May your health be incredible and your life long and prosperous!

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I could totally understand the pain you have been going through coz i have witnessed a close friend in similar sort of situation. He had an accident 10 years ago in which 2 of my other friends got killed and he was badly injured. After almost 8 years of constant operations and surgeries he is now able to walk just a year ago but his right hand has still not recovered from the accident. I wish you and him to get better as soon as possible. My sympathies.

I wish you as quick recovery as possible! And I want to say I'm glad that you've learned this all from an accident happend to you.

For sure we need good health to do what we need to do in our lives. We should respect our body and give it all our love as it gives us possibility to walk, stay, sit, create something and communicate with this world. And of course we should respect time and don't waste it. Everyday I learn to use my time efficiently.

Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. This is great that you do it.

This is so true. My husband was in a coma a year ago October 6, we got him back to health and he is studying the new Microsoft programming languages. We were planning to start traveling again for software projects... got a call today from his doctor saying he is still susceptible to blood clotting and he needs to take it easy. Wow, we are movers and shakers so we understand your post very well. We pray the best for mind heart and body!

i can understand your pain because its really tough time while do major surgery as my brother also met and accident before and still screw in body.he is now ok but not like 100 % as before because it cant recover all. when this kind of thing happen then while we do something we always think for that i have problem and did surgery so be careful and its good thing. but if we think more about it then we cant do anything so just live like nothing happen but just little careful while do thing so no one can stop us. you doing great work and i dont think your pain or your screw will disturb you more..

Hi firepower, nice thing is that you are now in a good condition, yes you have to suffer lots of pain and discomfort but friend The great healing power is time. Yes health and time is very precious, if lost we can't regain it. I want to say that, you have done a great job by accuaring the greatest position in the world. So please don't regret anything, as you had to bother an accident. Yes it was very bad that you had to suffer but also it is very good that you are a genius person who has reach such an amazing position in the world and you are an Indian. I am greatly inspired by you my friend. You had help me lot wish you good luck good health and happiness in life so that you can be ideal for everyone. Thanks. Have a great day.

Hi friend! I like your post very much, because you have discussed beautifully upon two important factors of life.. When health is lost, everything is lost.. Thanks for sharing... Followed and resteemed your article...

Thank you much for sharing inspiring post.

An interesting perspective to consider, courtesy of Taoist physicians:

Illness and wellness are just two poles on a spectrum, and we are constantly shifting between the two in varying degrees throughout our life.

14 years ago, I was incredibly ill with Graves Disease. Before then I had never had cause to visit a doctor, although on reflection my lifestyle and diet were eating away at me. I was young and invincible I guess.

The period of time until now I can honestly say have been relatively the healthiest I have ever been (considering I’m that many years older).

This year, Health has not been great, even though my diet and lifestyle haven’t been any way significantly different.

So I find myself shifting along this spectrum, needing to find different solutions that are more appropriate for me now.


Yes. Health is everything for human. No matter how slow the process, Hope you can be recovered soon! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻And don't worry! Be happy!❤️❤️❤️

I still have a lot of pain around the fractured segment of the tibia and fibula if I exert myself, but I'm hopeful that it'll heal with time. The nerve damage in my arm is slow to recover and I've no idea how much longer it would take—bit of a disappointment really!

Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts.

Wow, being injured really puts life into perspective. Sometimes if you have been in a serious enough accident the injuries are like a purgatory you have to make it through in order to earn your second chance in life. I guess its all about what we do after, not taking our bodies for-granted, living life as if it were our last day on earth every day, being thankful for what we do have.
I realize it is sometimes difficult to keep your head up while you are waiting out the pain and the dibilitation but this stage is truly all in the mind. We are what we think about most of the time. I encourage you to think happy healthy healing thoughts and to plan what you will do when you are recovered!
I am sending healing vibes your way for a speedy recovery :)

v true Health is wealth...and time is steem:) Get well soon!!!

Am glad to see that you are making steady progress towards full recovery. Most people take their health for granted and waste their time on things that don't matter. Hopefully, soon you will be able to ride your bike and do all the things you desire . Wishing you all the best :)

Don't know how 'open' you are to such things... but I had very good results with energy work combined with body work for Nerve damage on my knee... e.g. reiki with Yoga, matrix energetics, etc. ... nerves are a very tricky thing... sometimes it takes more than normal physio and rehab to get over it... Sending you healing and wishing you a quick recovery :)

First of all, I want to wish you a speedy recovery and health. You're right. Health and time is the most valuable thing that we have. When I have unpleasant moments in my family, I always say "The main thing is that we are healthy, and the rest will work out". I wish you to win as soon as possible in the struggle for your health. Let today's day on a sunny saucer bring you health, so that all the viruses evaporate from this radiant gift, so that the illness will go away without leaving any memories of yourself, and that you again rush into the eventful healthy life.


Health is wealth. When health deteriorates, it's very impactful to our daily life.

i nearly shed tears

Very good post @firepower. . Thankyou for sharing

My answer to your question would be. Time and health are the most important assets because they are the things you can never get or get back, it's always fleeting. Everything else seems trivial in comparison. Cherish every moment you have and spend it on things that matter to you.

Human body is spectacular!

Particularly acute understanding of what health means everything in life comes with age. How often in youth we do not attach importance to signals of the body in a hurry, want to do everything, to make money. Often skimp on health. But after 30-40 years, we see that nothing did not care about myself. And we are not sorry to pay any money for health. And time to regain the lost strength all less. So you need time to protect the health, eat right and relax.

Hey @firepower i can understand the loss in this situation. Get well soon.

Hey there @firepower. Hope you're feeling better after getting your screws out. Just a little confused about your series of nice comments on my blog without a single up-vote? Thought that was bit strange. But thanks for your nice comments.

I have always liked the saying: "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough." I believe doing it right is by making the most out of your time, and keeping yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy in order to be able to do all the things you dream of doing and more. That way, you can always say you've lived your life the best way you can. :)

Thank you for sharing this story with us. Yes, time and health are very important aspects of our everyday lives. Wish more people would take the time to take care of their being.

In China, we are told that the Health stands for 1 and Wealth are just a bunch of zeros after 1. So if you don't have a healthy body (and mind), it is meanlingless even if you have thousands of zeros....
I wish you healthy and all the best!

Oh wow those screws are huge
I had an operation at one of my fingers for cutting my tendon like almost cutting it my dinger off with a skillsaw
It took me 5 months to use my finger again
It was painful most of the time especially when I would go to sleep I had to have so much care as any bending would have been a disaster
Now 2 years after the event I still have pain especially when is cold
I hope your arm and back will recover and you will be able to enjoy your Motorcycle 🏍 again
Keep resting and follow up your treatments
Health is more important than anything in the world
Have a lovely recovery

I wish a lot of health to you!!! You are very good and kind person and you deserve to be happy!!

really enjoyed reading your post, my brother went through something very similar.wish you the best recovery, Time and Health are truly invaluable assets. Thank you for sharing

Ouchie! I am sorry to hear that. Those screws are giving me chills. Praying for you! Stay healthy @firepower !!!

This is amazing and new for me. Thanks for letting us know

What happened originally? Those screws made me shudder even thinking about them being in a body.... They're huge! Glad you're feeling better and healing!

Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Wow..its incredible and amazing how the health of humans shouldnt be over empasized..am amazed how such screws could get into the body of humans...all the very best...l just got a recommendation from my african ambassador @ackza who suggested to follow you...many thanks for your deisre to show love to africans here on steemit particularly #steemitghana ....you are followed and upvoted

thats true man, time and health are our most important asset. so we should use our time wisely, spend it with the people we love and use it to help others. we should also take good care of our body for without good health, we are unable to do the things we wanna do in life. like my mom right now, she's suffering from pain in her lower back everyday, and it affects her daily routine. she cant walk in long durations, she cant sit for long durations too. shes unhappy with her life right now. so yeah its really important to take care of our body. u take care of your health man. and i wish u all the best. just take it one day at a time. no need to rush it.

Hey buddy! Sorry to hear you are still struggling with your health. I truly hope they find a way to heal you up completely one day. For now the only thing I can do is send you a virtual hug. I'm really happy to see you still have that strong mindset going for you!😘 Take care & don't overdo!😉

Yes they are! I am so mad at my personal standstill sometimes; I am young but can't find the freedom or can't find the way to use my freedom and time slips away. Money is a big reason for this. How to spend the time best??

After 5 spinal fusions, I feel you, my new friend, and attitude is everything! Be well and thanks for the welcome to Steemit!

@firepower this I can say when you spend a year in and out of kidney hospital like. I did last year you'd understand how valueable.ones here is. I am writing to inspire others to be grateful to bless others with their time and skill to be a blessing to others because in a blink of an eye all can be lost @firepower

Great post and I wish steemit had a sticky or pin option because this is one of those special posts. ??