Rwanda... The beauty of ashes

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Rwanda is one of the few country of the world I am willing to visit, study and probably work there. This is a country located in central/Eastern African with a population of over 7million as at 1994 and having three major ethnic group. The Hutus constitute 85%, the Tutsi has 14% while the Twa has 1% of the whole population.

This is a country that was once rule by the minority (Tutsi) before the majority thought it's time to wrestle power away from them and this process does not go down without bloodbath. Ethnicity in the land has made them to forgot they are all Rwandans. The country went into ethnic war which resulted into genocide where it was recorded that over 800000 Rwandans mostly the Tutsi were killed while over 200000 escaped to neighbouring country as refugees.


The process of war or civil unrest should be a stepping stone for transformation in any countries involved. The aftermath is meant for the leaders in such countries to look inward for their weakness, causes of the conflict and to proffer solution which will stop future occurrence and also bring in rapid development.

After the genocide attack in Rwanda, the country has become one of the fastest growing economy in Africa. Boosting of different developmental achievement both in Agriculture and technological sector. This can be characterized as the beauty of ashes. They rise in other not to let the death of the dead go in vain. According to what I learnt, the first thing been thought in school and among all Rwandans is the removal ethnic classification which will indeed go a long way in allowing each individual to accept themselves without any ethnical consideration.

My country Nigeria has also had it own share of civil unrest in which it has to go to war for almost three years resulting in the death of over one million soul. This is enough for the country to chart a development way but rather greediness won't allow the political class to see beyond their pocket. People should always remembered civil way with mixed feelings, the feeling of the dead and the joy of development geared from the outcome of the war.

There are a whole lot of lesson that can be seen and derived from this Africa country.
They had their independence in a rush which lead to rancor and dissatisfaction from the majority tribe. The minority has be ruling but the majority failed to realized that governance is should not be based on ethnical background but on who has the ability to lead and deliver the mandate for the people.

Lesson from Rwanda

  • War or genocide is not the end of a country rather it should help to build a nation.
  • Visionary leaders are to take a clue from the aftermath of civil unrest and start a developmental policy for the country.
  • Another way can be averted when the basis of the first war is examine and measures are put in place to cater for the citizens and not ethnic groups.
  • The citizens must first believe in a Nigerian dream before thinking of their ethnical background.
  • The love of the people and the growth of the economy must be the first guiding principle to the political class.

I hope we get it right someday

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


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Africa will rise up again. Thank you. Please you can proofread again in order to edit some lines.
#bigwaves 🌐

For sure, we are looking up to that

This is great, i once watched one of the videos concerning their past war. it is indeed touching. It made me easily understand this message you are passing across

Yes, the war was bitter but they learn from it and that should be what other African countries should also learn to do. They are now having one of fastest growing economy in Africa. Thanks @nice2you for coming around.

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