Behold... The "Manimal" Cometh!

in life •  5 months ago


Yes, this was my dinner last night... And this morning's breakfast too.

They say "Behind every great man there's a great woman". Well, in my case, a functioning one would suffice for my wife. It's only been around a fortnight and a half and already the transformation is taking place. Pizza with Alpen didn't turn out too bad actually. A swig of wine too and you got yourself the perfect accompaniment! After which, a little "console" action to finish off the night. What more could you ask?

Lol, but seriously, I just couldn't be arsed last night. The weather was cold and miserable (surprise, surprise, living in London) and depression was setting in fast just "imagining" going out into that pessimistic gloom. I can picture her now, looking at this image and shaking her head with dismay. But hey, that's what makes it so much funnier to me!

I managed to finally book tickets to watch the new "Avengers" movie tonight so will be letting you guys know my thoughts on that a little later. Cheers, steemian friends. To good times and great memories! No matter how basic they are! :)

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You had a nice time then, good one @ezzy the Avenger i will say did the job for you!


Looking forward to watching it tonight, bud! :)


it a very interesting movie you will enjoy it . Cheers!

Must be something about the crap weather that makes us write about food @ezzy. My first post today was of my breakfast. A little classier than yours I like to think! 😂

And, if was following on from a very deep and meaningful discussion yesterday about where Worcestershire Sauce is manufactured. Basically I was pretty pissed off to discover that Lee and Perrins is now owned by a, let's just say, non British company! 😢

My photograph was also splendid enough that I could have entered it into the "Yellow" contest should I have so desired so I decided to go with the yellow thread assemble instead.

Hope you have something a little more exciting planned for lunch.


Lol, last night's indulgent feast hit all the right spots, but I'm also fully aware it was trash at the end of the day. Didn't know "Lea and Perrin's" were taken over. Love me some of that sauce over a nice juicy steak! :)

The weather sucks even harder now that last night haha. There's hope for tomorrow though :)


Lol, true! Hence being hidden away in a huge building watching the latest flicks, is a great option! :)

Have fun while watching the movie today,I can't wait to get the details of the movie in your next post @ezzy


I'll be posting 'em up tomorrow or tonight. Thank you... :)

Awww yeah cheers to good times and great memories my friend 🍻🍻. Let us know how the movie goes my friend, have a wonderful time


Will do, bud! Thanks for stopping by... :)


Anytime my friend, by the way do you live with your wife or away from her I was trying to get that through the post but I wasn’t able to figure it out

You're right about the woman behind every man! I also see it at Mark, thanks to Bianca, for example, the house is clean. Make sure you clean the house thoroughly before Rea comes back :)
(I'm sorry this is a really motherly comment)


Hey there, @clio! I'm betting you're @rea's new best friend after imparting those wise words! The house will be spotless when she returns... :)

looks like you are still on the game. Good for you, enjoying your time alone. And sure let us know your thoughts about new avenger movie. We did fight for the ticket, could not get.


Man, it was near impossible to get a ticket last week! Looking forward to some heroic ass-whuppin'! :)


I know have the idea about struggle of getting it...Arhhh..Hope u enjoy it.

The weather was cold and miserable (surprise, surprise, living in London) and depression was setting in fast just "imagining" going out into that pessimistic gloom

Hahhaha somebody is missing his wiiiiiiiiife lol

Aite man, have a great time at the movies, no spoilers


Oh yeah! I'm missing her like crazy and don't know how much more of this misery I can handle! (wink wink)


Man, you actually got me looking for some really, really, really interesting videos on the tube just because of that memory...


Lol! The "manimal" is a beast found in many common households. It feeds almost every hour and devours instead of chews it's unfortunate prey. Be afraid, be very afraid... :))

Thanks for sharing this life..
I appreciate your blog...

Wonderful this steepshot, I appreciate your life.
And also good your blog, keep it up my friend.
upvote and resteemit.

To good memories @ezzy. Lemme give you a spoiler on the avengers movie - it's a perfect 10 out of 10.


Ah, thanks for not giving away no spoilers! Let the good times roll... :)



very nice post.
thanks for sharing this blog..

At last there was something to light up the mood. I will wait to hear review on the movie. Heard the Avenger is an movie


Looking forward to it, bud. :)

Cheers for success and good life

At last there was something to light up the mood. I will wait to hear review on the movie. Heard the Avenger is an movie

The climate sucks much harder now that last night haha. There's promise for tomorrow however


I know! The "cold" is something I particular hate! :)

My friend does not have to eat any kinds of liquor because it is harmful to health


Ah right! Of course it is... :)

Dinner is very light it is better
Because women want you to be weak and not a guide


Lol, I appreciate your comment, but ain't gonna expand on it given she will also most likely be reading this. :)

No comments....If you can see me now, I am shaking my head, haha!