Vlog 234: Weiss cryptocurrency report #6 + Powerdown statistics look great again this week.

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Weiss cryptocurrency report #6

Cardano, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Neo, Ripple, STEEM, Stellar = B's

No A's this week.

Powerdown Statistics

Just like last week, the numbers look great.

379,000 less liquid STEEM on the market.

280,000 STEEM newly created.

659,000 STEEM Powered up.


Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 10.51.43.png


Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 09.38.06.png


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This morning, when I first woke up, I saw your recent reply on my Steemify feed (I love using Steemify to review the previous nights activities). Then, I listened to this VLOG while eating breakfast.

Both times, your comment/words put a great big smile on my face!

I hope that when Sam goes down for a nap, you get to catch a couple of ZZZ's too.


Haha! Again you were 100% right. And always nice to hear people enjoying Steemify!


this is the first time that I had read your blog, and it is very interesting, very informative and a lot of lesson to learn. I got inspired to read some of your blog post.
I am actually just starting to have my journey in steemit and I really find it difficulty. But everyday I Read every post in many steemians like inspiration..
thank you so much for sharing this..
You have a follower for life :)

Sweet and concise about steem.
All the way up.
Keep on steemin'

Dear @exyle, as always - it was nice to get further into the day on Steemit with news from you!:) My thought - did you noticed that every time you talk about Sam, you are smiling unconditionally :) it that a universe sending you a message? ;) i also have a question that, honestly, bothers me a lot..I am a little embaressed to ask, cause maybe the answer is simple, and i just don't know where to seek it and therefore that i will make a fool of myself...:/ Since longer time you talk a lot about selling sbd into fiat. Till know i was putting all my Sbd (after exchanging it) into powering up! but my personal situation require me to sell now some sbd. How can i do that the without exchanging sbd into steem first? :( i am on binance since 3 days, but they don't have sbd! any suggestion would be helpful :) thank you :)


blocktrades.us you can use. You can send SBD there and convert it to a bunch of different cryptos.


thank you for your answer !! 🍀 i actually registered for blocktrades, cause i've read about that too. But i am still waiting (already 4 days) for my email confirmation. have a great weekend!! :)

getting better each week.. i hope soon the whole market will recover from all the negativity all goverments are doing.. steem is holding pretty nicely

800,000 total accounts!
It would be great when all users power up on the same day.
Let's say with only 10 STEEM.

Wouldn't it be great to introduce a Monthly Power Up Day?
Every first day of the month for example.

That's good Weiss is not keeping A's in their ratings this week! If they keep A's it might be STEEM, EOS and BTS!
Great Steem statistics and it's a good sign to see positive pulses on Steem as well! Valuable information you provided today too friend! Keep it up!


Am just sure of Steem, it will surely hit back on a good rating. I really enjoy my time watching the video, seeing your hot grill, am expecting one of your grill tonight.

Not a bad move for Steem though dropped from B+
The week past didn't smile to most cryptos
Is Bitcoin hanging on 'C'?
Ethereum hasn't be doing great some time now.
Which coin ever made it to 'A' on Weiss?


NEO was A- last week.

Excellent video friend and it's great to see steem gets B rating this week and i hope we soon see A rating of steem on weiss, well it's more great to see less peoples are powering down and holding steem coin for long term and this behavior shows that how much power this coins has, thanks for sharing weiss rating report with us and wish you a very joyful and cheerful weekend ahead, Stay blessed

This is looking good, shows people are having more interest in investing in Steem than cashing out their earnings which is very good on a long run

Bianca is right. Yesterday you got even me discouraged! :)

Another good insightful vlog and good info on the amount of liquid Steem.


Oooo...sorry man! didn't mean too. I'm back tho! Very happy today.

I think the rate of powering up system is quite satisfactory one.Every time i am influencing with steem power,I had seen every day your motto is to how to make sustainable development of steemit community.Thanks for the great post ,please friend by mistakenly visit my blog too,as i am your fan and follower.wish you and your family a beautiful time.

Ha, ha, ha. 6.00 a.m. is pretty good going for a toddler. You had a lovely long lie in! Enjoy your nap though. 😁

Glad you enjoyed your interview and you're feeling a bit more buoyant today. I like to see the other side of you too. Makes you more human. 😁 😁

I agree with your logic about the value going up is a project hasn't changed but cost has gone down. Hope we're right as I'm gearing up to buy Steem for the first time. 😊

Make the most of the snow, while it lasts!

@exyle You are doing a Great Job with SAM. I always enjoy your positive attitude and I look forward to some very exciting Crypto Action in the Markets soon.....

I hope you were warm in your house. I read in the newspaper today that Europe is in hibernation with airport shut down. Stay safe, exyle.

No matter the ratings of STEEM rated by Weiss, STEEM still rox man! Upvoted!

Enjoy your nap, them six o'clock starts are a killer!


They are!

379,000 less liquid STEEM on the market.

What does this mean exyle?

Another quick question but out of topic-- is it okay to drop a post link here? I am asking it because, I saw there is another phishing scam going on since yesterday and I have just made a post about it. I want to share it with you, if you haven't kown already so that you can spread awerness through your post(vlog), because you have large audience I don't have.


Yeah, feel free to drop the link.

It means there is less STEEM going around to buy. More people are choosing to power it up. Almost 78 million is still for sale tho :)

Those are some tough graders over at Weiss! Anyway, encouraging news about the powerup statistics - as i understand, it means more people are choosing to invest long-term in the Steem platform. And congrats on the David Pakman interview!

seems like weiss rating love steem the most because it has got more practical use with real proof it will only go up that is great and push the prices to new highs :D

This is hopeful exyle. I like your optimistic outlook on the power down statistics. Enjoy the winter landscape nap!

Hey fellow dutchman!

I really love your video's, they are very insightful! I'm trying to create a full guitar teaching platform through Steemit and i'm powering up every small bit I receive to get bigger. Love the platform and after all the BS with youtube, I found my love for making content again.

Love the platform and love the people on it.

John of JVHteach

What do they know...

Of course they don't want to give anyone an A+, more than traditional financial instruments are you mad?!?

(note sarcasm here)

Nice video. I am also holding STEEM for the long term, because I believe in this project. I expect everything to go up in April. Hope I am right:).

Steemit showing nice movement. Hope we will keep growing

Bitcoin not even hit B and she's the leading cryptocurrency in coinmarketcap.

Followed you!

well power down is a good dea but these days i dont think so far well nice video just started

Nice Video! ;)

Im not so interested about the price,,, but thanks for sharing this information my friend,,, im apreciated,,,

That's great of steemians here. Creating new steem daily and investing it back here. Thanks for the great work posted here. Keep it up ;)

To compete with giants like Visa and Facebook, blockchains need to be able to complete transactions at lightning speeds. Many of the new generation blockchains can verify thousands of transactions in a second, that is a big metric to take into account...Cryptocurrency investing can be a daunting task, but following Weiss Ratings should help you on your way. ..But we got to keep faith in crypto too

Have a great weekend!
The worst cold should be over now 😁🤗

So beautiful bro

Oh that's great .. happy to here on steemit

Thanks & Love,
Wpbeginner | Crypto-Pro

Please the statistics should remain this way. Thanks for sharing this

the power down stat's looking really great at the moment good to see that great for steem prices in coming future

Good post

the video is good

i love how dtube gives this dude 150 bucks. Give him more steem - he doesn't have enough....

everything seems to be perfect but need some pump up along the way so that steem could rise now

Phew!!! The future of Steem looks bright. I just want price of SBD to skyrocket so I can start my Steemit Evangelism again.

your writing skill is too good and good explain nice post .....
great posting wish you best of luck ....keep posting because we waiting for your post @exyle


How does it work

great post

Excellent video review, my friend and the statistics itself very clearly shows that we are on the right track and our works are deservedly rewarded! Thank you Mark.

Hello friend @exyle thanks for the information I'm still optimistic with the work you expect good things I admire your work in this community greetings brother.

Thanks for sharing, have nice day! 😊

Please support me!


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great post @exyle.
Upvote and resteem.

what a post and Dtube awesome

Waiting to power up. A 0.75 SBD for a steem would be my ideal deal for powering up. Hope to see that.

Why do I have problems posting comments???

I wish i cound go back in time to jump into cryptocurrency and steemit earlier

why should powerdown @exyle?


You shouldn't! That's the point... Less people are powering down. See the stats.

thanks for your important information.....
100% upvote and 100% resteemed

Rating goes down when the price goes down? That's some misguided rating by noobs if you ask me.

Rating goes down when the price goes down? That's some misguided rating by noobs if you ask me.

Very usefull ! Thanks @exyle

379,000 less liquid STEEM on the market.


That is really nice 👍🏻 Thanke you for your work.


@exyle please resteem and upvote my post. It would mean alot to me thanks

amazing post @exyle.

Why are there so many power downs please?

Steemit is showing nice movement. Hope we keep growing :)

The stats look cool :)
Hope steem reaches sky-high this year

It would be wonderful if we all could enjoy those motivations, which provide day by day. congratulations I loved your post. I vote for you
I invite you to visit my last post and vote

You must have followed my post to hear about the weiss crypto currency raitings AYE?

up vote and re steam

I love seeing Steem, EOS and Cardano as Bs. Looking forward to the rocket ship firing back up for the year! :D

I noticed that the total supply is increasing steadily over time. Is this good or bad?

Nice video

The value of STEEM is getting clear to more people and for that exact reason, as you said, more and more people want to keep (power up) STEEM, so they can have more influence in the platform and at the same time make even more money with all the these platforms in the steem blockchain.

If Weiss cryptocurrency report thinks that the STEEM price going down is a bad motive, enough to the point where they change our rating, I don´t know how well they are evaluating coins.

Might think about powering down. I am still new to all this and doing small steps. In Tunisia the spring is starting, so the temperature raised to 20 which is good :) How long does the snow last there?

This is a great news, sounds so good.

Glad to see you more chipper today! I think toddler Sam had something to do with it. Early starts are good. You get lots done but remember you need an afternoon nap to recuperate!

I dont trust this reports at all, they dont know anything about the crypto space.

Hey @exyle thanks for the analysis. It's great to hear that steem has received B rating it will show an upward trend in the next few weeks I believe. Steem has a lot of potential and it is just the start right now.

WooHoo! Snow!!! I love the info in the vid as always but I'm a snow lover so it's always great to see snow in other parts of the world. Cheers!

nice video! i come from @bhnproduction

Congratulations @exyle!
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