Vlog 208: STEEM is now the highest rated (B+) cryptocurrency on the Weiss Rating + New project on the STEEM Blockchain: Peer Query.

in #life3 years ago

There is a new project on the STEEM blockchain. It's called Peer Query here. It's in Alpha at the moment.

I wasn't 100% sure what it was exactly so I asked the @blockbrothers (our witness) on whatsapp and our dev got very excited.

He instantly compared Peer Query to Stackoverflow. That is a website where over 50 million developers come to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers source.

That is super cool. But they miss something they don't even know. A reward system in the form of a token (SMT) that can be traded on a open market.

They already have a reputation system but there is no way to monetise the content or to reward each other.

Peer Query solves this problem by utilising the STEEM blockchain. It's brilliant.

Another project to get excited about and just shows all the growth that's going on at the moment on the STEEM blockchain.

Weiss rating B+

This morning I became a member of the Weiss rating site. I suspect I will be referring to it more often in the future and wanted to pay for the source.

I had to pay in Dollars I guess they are not that crypto ready yet :)

What is cool is that STEEM got the highest rating of all of the cryptocurrencies that are rated at the moment.

It's great news and gives even more legitimacy to this blockchain.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

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This really great man, we keep on getting good news about the growth of the blockchain, and how pretty well Steem is doing and rated.We are still expecting more in the future.
Thanks so much for sharing @exyle

Why on earth does peerquery.com need the active key?? Would it not be enough to use the posting key?

Great to see Steem constantly evolving!

Through all this chaos, steem stood ground firmly.
Difference is clear, we have a use case and we hold as one unit.
We are truly B- for a lot of reasons, we grow and we product together steem.
This new application clearly demonstrate how powerful we are becoming.
Keep on steemin'

Is nice to see you again! Thank you for sharing! 😃

sharp nib! you earned another follower b.

Wow man, I am excited about peer query. SMT really gonna take over the rewarding system.

For sure. There needs to be more knowledge sharing platforms, and having a way to reward contributors is really great.

This peer query seems pretty interesting isn't it?

thanks for information on steem it is good news for us.

Of all you say... I admire your attempts to avoid piracy (the theft or copying of another's work). I did such things in my youth and regret it. I also did some reverse engineering of software. yuch... Never again!

that is a very good news

Steem will be the ONLY A+ Coin

How did you get so much SBD for this post ?
is it Bots ? or users ?

  • What advice do you have for me to get to where you are at ?

I will appreciate your positive reply ;)

Peer Query sounds like an excellent way to reward developers for their hard work. Great breakdown Exyle.

2018 is going to be huge for STEEM
What a great feeling to be part of it, let's hope
more and more new projects will be build on this blockchain in the near future
Thanks for another great update 🤗

Excellent news, my friend and the fact that there are more and more new projects based on the STEEM blockchain can only please us, as this improves the STEEM blockchain itself and gives us new opportunities for self-realization. It's also good to know from you that you became a member of the Weiss and this event raises your rating as a whole! Thank you Mark.

Yep, the more things like this get added, the more value STEEM is going to have.

am with u serkagan ...!!
nd yes thums up for this news .....:-)

好消息,我的朋友以及基于STEEM区块链的新项目越来越多,这只能让我们高兴,因为这改善了STEEM区块链本身,给我们提供了自我实现的新机会。 从你那里知道你已经成为Weiss的成员也是一件好事,这个活动提高了你的评价! 谢谢Mark。

I had to use Google translate, thanks man!

Hallo Exlye from Steaamy, Steem has been my highest rated crypto currency for more then a year, I dont know the company you are listening to... but I agree with them now: https://d.tube/v/lasseehlers/12800wyy

I don't know what Weiss is since I'm not very deep into the crypto game, I'm mostly just on steemit and that's pretty much it, but seeing it got a good rating is very reassuring! Thanks for sharing the info!

Weiss is a Rating Agency. Usually for stocks I guess but now they rated 75 cryptocurrencies and STEEM is rated the best at the moment.

It will be really interesting to see where this all goes it reminds me a lot of the climate of the early internet new ideas everywhere. I think the strength of the steem blockchain is its ease of use and the creative new projects. It's the diversity of projects that will strengthen it.

It reminds me of that time too.

We are getting old Lulz ;)

I use stackoverflow for Salesforce Dev purposes. I’ll see if I can pour my knowledge into here.

Steem just grows and grows. This is awesome news. It seems that almost every week something new is being developed. This is certainly exciting and good for us!

Steem rating keeps on getting a positive ratings finally good time for investors and content creators and more awesome news is that about new project which is know as Peer Query thanks for explaining about it :)

Great. So now dies it mean steem is even going to be on higher value than SBD?...

All signs are are pointing towards the fact though...

Long term (I believe) STEEM will be much more valuable than SBD. Short term it's not easy to say. We have seen some crazy pumps in SBD out of nowhere before.

I agree. Especially since Steem Power is protected against inflation, and SBD won't have any benefits as long as it's over $1.


I'm now looking forward to a bright future here on steemit..

Thanks for sharing

Saw a post about Peer Query on the trending section, checked the site out and it's interesting.

The most interesting part is seeing it taking over quora soon. I've been looking for something like this on the steem blockchain eversince and now it's available. More rigorous testing and development and it should be working well and gaining massive adoption soon.

Steem is breaking records mehn... More good things and projects are still coming up.

This is an amazing time to be alive.

Thanks @exyle for sharing.

Happy Steeming

This is a great news for steem. It really shows the prospect of the currency and legitimacy of the blockchain. With this ratings I believe more people will be interested in Steem and carryout some kind of research on it. Thanks @exyle for sharing this as it has given us so much hope for the future especially when cryptos experiences bloodbath. We needed this

this dip now is just a new way up..didn't hear about peer query. check it out also

That's some great news to start the day, simply goes to show that steemit block chain has a bright future. We as early adopters will see maximum gain :) Have a great day ahead :)

Great news. It's about time for steemit to get Weiss B+ rating.
I think it's a cool idea to integrate steem reward system in other projects like Peer Query. I wish them good luck :)

cant wait for SMT's I have a community I want to move over from facebook

Steem cryptocurrenncy is gradually improving todays marcket place i hope in more years to come more excellence news will bbe recoreded

Why not just move them over now? You'll get SBD when they vote you up.....

Big news and totally justified! I've done fair amount of research into other cryptos and I've got to say I agree with Weiss on almost everything. Afterall, you can't beat REAL blockchain useage and that's something STEEM is winning at hands down

After all, you can't beat REAL blockchain usage.

Yes, I agree with you 100%.

Wow that is great, steem has the highest rating! Looking forward to the peer query project, the idea is nice. What is the link to the weiss rating site?

Their ratings for non-crypto related businesses are a complete joke.

Awesome post editor
The awe may not be in the advanced Quills.js editor, but its in the section on your right which shows you a snapshot f your last post, its earning, votes and responses count as well as the top comment by votes!

The peer guery project is just too awesome, read about them and just fell in love with their post editor. It's just so cool and I would love if steemit takes a que from them. Yeah it's still in the alpha stage and there are lots of improvements to be done but I think that when they are done, they will take the steem blockchain by storm.

What is cool is that STEEM got the highest rating of all of the cryptocurrencies that are rated at the moment. It's great news and gives even more legitimacy to this blockchain.

Not just even more legitimacy but increases the trust and live people ,especially me, have for steem blockchain. Steem it here to change the world.

Yeah, I think a STEEM based stackoverflow would be huge. Being able to reward people for adding knowledge to the community is a huge improvement.

Do I need to signup for a separate account to use this platform or shall I use my Steem credentials?

Great news for us all:)

Hey Exyle,
Great post about Steem!
Maybe you could write a blog about Daniel Larimer and EOS too. 🚀

Moar like this!

Excellent video friend and i am so happy to hear that steem now come at no 1 place in weiss rating with b+ and it means more investor's will looking to invest in steem now and that's fantastic news for all steemit community, well i don't know about Peer Query but after reading your post and watching video i understand that it's another development builded on top of steem blockchain and yes this development will surely give more strength to steem blockchain, thanks for staying us updated regarding steem blockchain friend and wish you a very joyful and cheerful week ahead, Stay blessed

I've looked into peer query and Im really excited about the project, I think it has everything to succeed!

Saw it, I did not. Like it, I will not.

I knew steem had been rated but not the highest!?! Pretty kool and really a solid foundation for steem to rise! Much appreciated!

This sounds good news to me ^^

This is really a great idea. I love the whole stackoverflow concept and if they can monetize it by using a reward system in the form of a token (SMT) by the steem blockchain that i predict steemit become very popular!

Very good news!

Very cool, I'll be HODLing my Steem harder!

Thank you @exyle for your post!

Wow two big news! Is there any chance to share the rating PDF? Excellent thought to be a member of Weiss Rating!


thank you @exlye for this info . i will Join it

What you think about india stand on bitcoin
India finance minister says the bitcoin is not legal tender
What you think about


great your dtube and writing post

It's so good to know there is a new project in the steemit blockchain. The steemit blockchain keeps growing day by day. Would check it out though lol.

Nice post, I will follow your journey closely!!This will be very good project Peer Query.It is very informative blog and has educational value.I appreciate your blog.I never missed your blog.And i will wait your next

That is nice of you, Great hearing interest in posts like this stay active I like it!

thanks for informing dude ..... :-) have fun!!

Great job nice video

Thanks, @exyle for the great information, it good to be aware of good news like this, hope my upvote counts here.

I believe this year the crypto will go very well for the money..there are positive developments in this direction do not lose hope @exyle

mark,Although I don't know when i will use it.

Nice post, I will follow your journey closely!!

These are the people we need, who seek the solution for the good of all

yep steem is the future man. really love this crypto and have a ton of faith in it!

We waiting good news and i think came . Thanks you for sharing..

thanks for sharing this story. keep on it man

dtube perfect! youtube ungenerous :)

That's really nice to hear. But to be sincere, i am not surprise! This is just the beginning... go steem!images.png

separation of rewarding system and reputation gives the plankton to contribute more in the ecosystem. it's great, as you said

That's a good one.
STEEM all the way!!!

Good morning exyle ...hope u have a bless day

Thanks for sharing this story keep it up

I'm so glad I am able to participate, while steem is still in its infancy for the most part! Looking forward to the future when this becomes one of the main forms of social media! Slowly but surely giving power back to the people! Great post!!🤘🤘

This is brilliant indeed. Nice post, thank you for rhe information

Many many thanks 🙏🏻.kind your information.
The news is the most important for every Steemit user

Thank you for sharing! @exlye

Well done! I'm looking forward to more of your quality content.Please check out my recent post on my blog. looking forward to more goodness....

great writing.... i impressed to see your post and excited to see your next post.... best of luck...

hey! thanks for sharing sir really inspiring post...

I have really tried hard to understand these trending things but i never got one.....why are these things always bouncing above my head or am i too short to understand...😕

What a great feeling to be part of it, let's hope
more and more new projects will be build on this blockchain in the near future

Thank you so VERY much for sharing this PHENOMENAL news! It is so GREAT how more and more individuals are realizing the GREAT potential and power of Steem and Steemit! I'm encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join! All the best my Friends! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

That's man, I agree with you. I hope it workout for the best :)

this is something new to me about have to look more into Peer Query to understand it but thanks for sharing a good update for all people :)

This is a wake call to those that are yet invest in STEEM-IT because it is going hit the moon soonest. Thank you foe always sharing with us a joyful informations.

Watch me make a friend.

Hey, didn't I already watch you on here making a friend earlier? Nothing happened. Total letdown man.

great work and im glad for you,but i cant undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

This will be very good project Peer Query.It is very informative blog and has educational value.I appreciate your blog.I never missed your blog.And i will wait your next

Steem is gradually changing the game!

@exyle thanks for the information.
Is there a discord group where people can discuss potential projects for the steem network?

if you like steemit then the guy who built it is now building EOS... track records are important. Give dan larimer the credit he deserves. Drop the ADA

Steem is really cool and it is also the #1 blockchain with respect to transaction count 😋

time itself made the clock stop working oh that line!!

We urgently need steemers to contribute steem dollars to save the life of premature babies in our community hospital. Transfers can made to @gangas . If you can not assist with steem dollars, atleast upvote to this comment, your upvote is donation too. God bless the hand that gives. Thanks.

looking forward to this project. I know it will be very helpful specially to neophyte like me @kim 24.

This Weiss rating seems pretty awesome! Thank you for sharing this awesome news.

steem is growing exponentially daily with time it goes all the way up if one don't have holding power its no use to them but if one has that's will make them happy for long

Thanks @exyle for this info, i will follow and of course i'll join

It's exciting to see what people are building on top of the STEEM blockchain. I recently saw an article here on Steemit that basically said "Steem is not Steemit." People coming here for the first time might think that Steem = Steemit. But Steem is much more. Good to see others are recognizing this...

congratulations is indeed a successful struggle

Thank you for sharing.
Great article :)

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