Peer Query Alpha: Taking, Quora and StackOverFlow to the limit in 30 days!

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She is here, and she is a beauty. While not perfect, I would say that Peer Query Alpha is a thing to behold. After days of development, the alpha version is here and is more like the thing.

What's new in the alpha

A better UI

While the Proof of Concept version was styled in Bootstrap, the alpha version of Peer Query is built on Semantic UI and has a minimalist but detailed feel.

A landing page

A landing page is critical to the first impression a user gets on a site. The alpha comes with a landing page that also serves a preview of the contest of the site.

A menubar allows users to select which trending content to view: proposal, contest, question, gigs or quizzes - while a comment sidebar show the comments of the first post.

The landing page also explains how the site works, and does introduce new users to the capabilities of the Steem Blockchain.

Here is a preview(failed to include the comments area):

Awesome post editor

The awe may not be in the advanced Quills.js editor, but its in the section on your right which shows you a snapshot f your last post, its earning, votes and responses count as well as the top comment by votes!

What do you think?

Superb post reader page

It is my intention to give user the best experience when reading content and I did manage to create an awesome post viewing page. 

The only catch is that posts are not currently well parsed due to what I could call as a no format content attitude on Steem.

Its interesting to not that on Steem you find out content which have both HTML and MarkedDown tags. Rending such content is not very accurate on most Marked Down renders, meaning the app developers will have to write several custom functions.

It even gets more disturbing when you have to deal with unformatted links. Naked URL without attribute tags, image links without an image tag, Youtube links without iframe and the list continues.

While content from, Busy, Utopian are will formatted, those from newer apps and clients are not and this creates lots of challenges when attempting to render content which has no definition or schema.

For now Peer Query will display badly formatted content as they are. I am still working on improving the post rendering functions.

Awesome vote slide bar!!!

Take a look at the Peer Query alpha slidebar in action:

What needs improvement

Better comment handling

After a comment is posted, the entire page reload so as to display the new comment. In the coming updates, only the comment area will reload.

Templates for post types

This is another feature that I will be working on so a proposal looks different from a question likewise to a contest.

Image rendering

Aside from images on the post page and the user avatars, post thumbnail images are need to be formatted to have a uniform size as well as consistency in capturing the first image image in a post.

Better summary extraction

Summaries are not well extracted from posts and that will be improved in my upcoming updates.

Better footer

The current footer is very minimalist yet is a good place to put good information about the project. In the next updates it will be put to better use. 

Better post editor utilities

The current post editor lacks autosave and history. This means you cannot expect it to save your draft and you also cannot "undo" and "redo" activity. In the upcoming updates these features will be added.

What's missing and coming next

Comment sorting

In the subsequent updates, there will be the option to sort comments by most voted, newest, trending and more.

Video embedding

The current editor does not support video embedding, in the coming updates it will be included.

Post editing

The current version does not support post editing but support will be included in the subsequent updates.

Wallet page

A wallet page is something I am working on and will release hopefully this week. Its nice be able to view your account's wallet stats without having the leave the site.

User feed page

The user feed is a feature that best serves logged users, on social media its known a your wall. Steem has a function for that I am using it to create a user feed page. It will be the page to be redirected to after login, so you see you newfeed content.

"Community page"

Inspired by two posts by @pilcrow on how to calculate who upvoted you the most as well as who responded the most your posts, the next update will include a community page which will show your followers, those you are following, your upvotes and your commentators by frequency.

More dedicated query pages

Currently there is only one active page which is the proposals page. The next update will include pages for questions and more dedicated pages will follow in the next updates.

Tags page

Yes, you will soon be able to explore posts on any tag you click! There will also be a "tag" page to view all trending content from all tags - just like the homepage of!

Site pages

Custom 404, About us and other pages will be developed soon.

Lots of new SUPRISE features!!!

Yes I am cooking lots of features for Peer Query and will be releasing them within the next 30 days, follow for updates.

The 30 Days challenge

Power engineer Peer Query

I am devoting the next 30 days to full time development work on Peer Query. During this time I will be releasing new features to uplift its feasibility to that of Steemit, Quora and StackOverFlow.

While I cannot promise the release new features each day, they will be released once they are stable and are useful to the users. Also they will released in batches and you can follow for updates.

This is my challenge for this month of Febrary: to build Peer Query to become the Quora/StackOverFlow of Steem and then release the source code for others to use for more projects for Steem.

This is my mission for this month, and I hope you will follow and support me along the journey to build this resource for the Steem blockchain.

Release the code

After developing a stable version with fully functional features in the next 30 days, I would be releasing the source code on Github under MIT license so everyone can use it for free and for anything.

What you can do

I am putting out an open challenge to the Steem and Steemit community: just as you have supported several other Steem projects, I would ask for your support.

After spending months as an author at @BlockRush, I felt challenged to build something which will make Steem more accessible to the world.

Peer Query is my little way of supporting the Steem network by making it more practical for people to use. My endeavor to build Peer Query has taken me off my career and had a financial train on me.

Yet I have purposed to continue my mission as a fulltime Steem developer and will spend the next 30 days building exciting features for Peer Query.

However, I do not make any earnings from Peer Query as it is free to use, and I am not a witness - yet I will be releasing the source code for free once it is done(somewhere around the end of this month).

Due to the development process I no longer have time to blog and you can see that @BlockRush has run out of activity, Steem and Steem Dollars. The hosting bills for Peer Query is also rising.

For that reason I will need your upvotes and resteems for this exciting 30 days, as they will enable me to continue to fund my work which will in-turn make Steem more valuable. I appreciate your understanding.

You can also help by sharing this post or the site's links with others, as well as writing your own reviews about Peer Query.

Message for the team

In my earlier post I had called for a team for Peer Query yet I have not been able to engage those who showed interest. I am sorry for my negligence, I believe the team will still come on, yet perhaps after a stable release of the alpha.

Again due to my work on the alpha, I have been without much time to chat. I hope you can bear with me until the stable and fully functioning version of the alpha is ready, so the team can then take it to the beta.

Credits and acknowledgements

With the launch of the alpha, I say that a new age has began for my work on Steem. I thought I would have been a great author here, now its certain I will have to develop great things.

Without the support of some Steemians, I would not have come this far; perhaps I would have left Steem. I would like to acknowledge the people whose support for my blog keep me on Steem.

Special thank you to @Dan and @Ned and their teams for the creativity in developing Stem which has now given us all the opportunity to earn from doing what we love.

A million thank you to @Drakos, @pFunk, @Netuoso for their supporting when I encountered a problem while developing the Proof of Concept version.

While I cannot mention all the names, a few notable once include:

And another million thank yous to you reading this post, for your support, time and effort. Peer Query owns its success to you all.

Status of the Steem Institute

Unfortunately, I would have to postpone the launch of the Steem Institute from the end of January 2018 to somewhere in March 2018 due to my extensive work on Peer Query and the lack of cash.

However, the good new is that I am investing part of my earnings from Peer Query into stepping up the Steem Institute and will launch it once Peer Query is in the beta version.

I am counting on your support to build these projects and which aim to make Steem more valuable, feasible and accessible. Until next update, lots of love from Ghana.

Enough talk. Explore the alpha >

Upvote and resteem to support my development work on Peer Query! Thank you!


Count on utopian support for both development and promotion when the tool is open sourced @dzivenu.

Thank you very much @elear, @utopian-io has already been very helpful with the first Proof of Concept version and I look forward to working with you on the alpha as well.

Steemconnect sick but down right now. Will try out [email protected]

Wow, very good. This is going to bring really a lot of people on steem blockchanin and mainly developers. The big benefit we will get from this project is the work on steem blockchain as more users will post about steem blockchain more there queries will be resolved, the easier and code able it become to work on steem.

Awww, steemconnect does not work atm :I

Looking forward to trying this out and ditching quora!

Edit: working now, trying it out :)

thank you, i am working fulltime on this project and will release lots of new features in the coming days

That is great to hear :) I'll drop by every few days to see progress

thank you!!!

Hi sir,
please sir my blog upvote

Hello sir,
please my blog upvote sir.

Very interesting project!Thank you @dzivenu ! I follow you!


login bug fixed on all pages, thank you

excellent post

awesome. can't wait for it.

strong team of steemit....

Semantic UI looks very cool

very interesting

Crazy bro good job!!!

Good pcst

I am in love with the alpha already , this is an absolute game changer , the trending proposals , questions , quizzes ..... etc tab is flawless.Sorting is hell easier now.
crush it @dzivenu

great post
it is really true about the dedication of all big #brothers in #steem

Alright you win the mobile screen challenge, by far the best I have tried for handling iPad Pro screen size great text sizing!

Very clean layout, I really like the oversized details that’s one thing I always had to squint at.

You have my support, will you consider porting too mobile? Apps with paid features could really bolster your revenue since their are few working well.

Upvoted and resteemed

Even if it's just a beta project, Peer Query looks like a successful project in the near future. I'm just waiting to test and read more about this project. Right now I'm going to sign up on

You are awesome, guys: @dzivenu + @Dan and @Ned

I warn you that I have naughty pictures and I'm real. Damiana is the QUEEN.

Being grateful is one of the character, steemit community taught us. to @dzivenu, your humilty is being appreciated , abig thanks to the people who helped you to reach this far.

Kudos to @ Dan and @ Ned...

Keep steeming..

@kim24 here.

I’m very excited for all these updates, and the one I’m most looking forward to is the comments reload only. I often read on the go and this feature will be so helpful. I’m excited, what will you do next :)

thank you for your interest @kubbyelizabeth. in response to your request, I just released a major upgrade to @peerquery and now commenting is inline. once you write a new comment, it will be dynamically added to the page and you will be scrolled to its current position - no reloading of page and no reloading of comment area

there are also countless new features, learn more in this report and please let me know of your feefback, thank you >

So in a nutshell, what the fook is this?


as per your cat expression

I love decent cats though.

You will hardly find decent cat they are all naughty

An editor would be great! Really.

I just want you to finish the Peer Query, I just want to see it, you have my support.

I look forward to using this!!!

This is a big project.
We're the user steemit are going to be faithful to wait for the development of it, I will help resteem this is to help you.I hope your mission completed soon, keep excited @dzivenu

Hello sir
please my blog upvote

Count on utopian support for both development and promotion when the tool is open sourced @dzivenu.

congratulations on your success in steemit @dzivenu

very informative post
i will forward to use this
thanks @dzivenu for share

You have my support, very good project my friend! You have one more follower, I will look forward to your next publication

Bravo.... Nice job

Beautiful project, I'd be happy to translate it in Italian once completed.

Development is really taking off with this platform! Very excited about the future with steemit and other platforms associated with it! We need to give all of our devs a big hand, for without them none of this would be possible! Keep up the great work🤘

Thank you for sharing the deep knowledge about's really helpful

I'm a new member..
Bt I don't know 🤷‍♀️.
Please Someone says to develop my Steemit skill..
Plz appreciate me

Thanks for sharing though I’m a newbie it’s still a long way to learn. Thanks again!

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teemconnect does not work

works now, please try again!

We urgently need steemers to contribute steem dollars to save the life of premature babies in our community hospital. Transfers can made to @gangas . If you can not assist with steem dollars, atleast upvote to this comment, your upvote is donation too. God bless the hand that gives. Thanks.

cool stuff. I look forward to using this!!!

it is really true about the dedication of all big #brothers in #steem
I look forward to using this!!!great post

I used Steemconnect, worked. When I tried to post a picture from my laptop I could not find the button. Is there an option? @dzivenu

Unfortunately the Steem blockchain does not offer picture storage and that requires that apps like, and Utopian will have to offer their own image hosting or proxy.

Currently @PeerQuery does not yet offer that, however you can post image from an external source, not the local file upload method. Click the button highlighted below to insert the link to your image, thank you

kindly open this image in a new tab to view it full size

Publish to Steem.png

hello @damiancrypto, there has been a major upgrade to @peerquery. commenting is now done dynamically with no reloading of page or comment area, new query pages have been added and countless other improvements

learn more about this upgrade here and kindly let me know of your comments >

Very interesting project!Thank you for sharing

Hi there, Wassp. This platform is great.

I couldn't agree more.

great work and im glad for you,but i cat undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

take it easy man, Steem does not own any of us anything. prior to developing @PeerQuery, I spent months as a blogger on @BlockRush, writing comprehensive and details articles with an average of 2,000+ words.

for over two and half of my three months as a full time blogger, i make less than $4 a post despite the quality and the amount of time i spend promoting it.

it was until my work caught the attention of the whales that @BlockRush began to make some money. that is Steem, you have to try and try and do your best, then be patient until finally someone spots your work.

i wish you the best

Yeahh thats it. I belive also that making relations here is one of most important things, thats what im searshing. I hope i ll do better than u 😅😅😅

there is no limit to what you can you if you decide to. a few months ago I could not even make $10 in a month, but here we are.

you can do it, anyone can do it. just find a way to make steem more valuable and the community will reward your efforts

there are great things to learn from , i ll follow u and ur advice. thats kind from u

Very good proposal post..

Vote me my friend..

I Upvoted and Followed you. do the Same for me and we can help each other Earn !!!

Perfect Project, Stack overflow with perfect economic sense, This will bring so much value to the steemit community and to open source coders

It will be great if it's working well. The idea behind this is very sophisticated.


I think you did an amazing job and you got my support

Works Perfectly well.. amazing..


Thanks information friend
Upvote and follow me

I'd like to read good stories.
Now as a starter at Steam, I respect you.
Though it is not enough, I hope you will read my story.
I need a lot of help.


Cool Project :-)

steemconnect does not work atm :I

Looking forward to trying this out and ditching quora!

Edit: working now, trying it out :)

I hope my upvote and follow helps you and thanks for all your hard work.giphy.gif

good post thank you

Thanks a lot for sharing your valuable post....
Best of luck..
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They were missing but it shouldn't be all in the same place.

An incredible project - talk about thinking outside the box! Can't wait to see this in the wild - is there a time line for beta release yet?

Wow. I have decided to no longer upvote posts that are trending but to flag all of the 1000$ posts that are not very exceptional. No flag for you.

I'm assuming that's a good thing for this one, right? Also, good efforts on here. Much appreciated.

This is cool. i think i need to write me my own :D Jst kidding, but i wanna learn. it be cool if you can tutor people like me :) Good Job @dzivenu

Dude Its amazing! good job

Resteem done

Looks dope! Is this what I think it is I'm seeing here? You will be able to vote on our expense?

Thank you for asking!!! However Steem Connect v2 login is currently the most secure way to login to third party apps and is used to allow for upvotes, comment and resteem(custom json) without using your keys!!!

@PeerQuery does NOT charge in anyway using our site: NO reward splitting, and NO using of your upvotes for payment.

The site is also manually operated and there is not bot or auto systems hence everything has to be done by a user - it CANNOT act on anyone's behalf.

You can ways monitor your account activity or that of Peer Query at or and if you find something strange, report it to the community and revoke your access at:

I will soon release the source code after a stable version is released, then you can review the entire code or run your own version yourself.

For now, you can simply right-click and select the "view-source" option to see each page's code - including it Javavscript(unminified).

I hope my response helps!

excellent work that u do I congratulate u for this post :)

Everything is possible, it will soon be achieved. Steemit

Thank s for the info

please how does steemit works?
i am new here

Rename subheader to
"where we could collaborate and reward steemlessly" lol

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humm se ve prometedor el proyecto , aun que pienso que debe mejorar la interfaz gráfica para el usuario así como las funciones de edición incluir mas herramientas que faciliten al escritor así como auto corrector y predicción para acelerar la escritura del usuario ya que muchos no cuentan con mucho tiempo

I love seeing Steem implementation and it look great, can't wait to try it.

good idea!! This could be huge.

good job, hopefully the work you do will make it easy for us all. thank you I am impressed with your work.

upvote me please

Glad to help with what i can

We're glad too....what did you help with? Do tell.

I was refering to the use of peer query and being part of the community... I didnt say i help devolep anything... Thanks for reaching tho

Got it. Thanks for clearing it up. Probably lost in translation.

Good Post :)


Sounds exciting can’t wait to see it in full flight

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