Vlog 310: I think in the future Steempower held by investors will be used to fund individual projects instead of individual content creators.

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Lately I have been thinking a lot about where the blockchain is going in the future.

And I had so much fun this morning reading the blogpost by @andrarchy here.

Talking about the blockchain of opportunity! My goodness! From joining Steemit as a content creator to Content Director for Steemit 18 months later. Well done!

It also reminded me of Steemfest 1 where I briefly met @andrarchy for the first time. (Not sure if he remembers that because I was a totally unknown back then).

How things have changed around here since Steemfest 1 is hard to explain to new Steemians.

Development has been going at rocket speed. Not only with the blockchain itself but also in 3rd party development (dtube, dlive, steepshot ect...).

I feel that now we are standing on a crossroads where things will change a lot again.

I think in the future Steempower held by investors will be used to fund individual projects instead of individual content creators.

Steemhunt is just the first project that is doing this, I expect more will come.

The individual projects will then fund the individual content creators. (Which dtube, dlive and now steemhunt are already doing).

I talk about it more in my vlog.

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I think voting power must remain tied to the steem power a user holds. the whole reason independent artists got excited about steem it is the hope that one day, after a lot of effort and work, we can be independent to the point where we can generate a base level income and them help other creators and our readership grow. also equalizing the votes will increase the spambot problems and at that point why not just pay out each post automatically?

sorry to go on a rant on your page, do you know a more a productive forum where I can discuss this?

Mark @exyle as I mentioned yesterday it was because of you mentioning @steemhunt that I decided to become a delegator of some of my SP. I think once People do get there head wrapped around what this can do more and more people will consider how valuable the STEEM they Hold is going forward..............

As you know I have delegated as well. I like their funding model. I'm following the project with a lot of interest. And again there is almost no risk to investors besides the lose of ROI on SP because you can take it back at any moment. It's an extra incentive to keep progressing and do a good job.

The funding still comes from. Investors propping up the price of steem. At the end of the day, your projects can't get money if steem isn't worth anything, and the only thing steem is worth right now is the attention of its own users. It's a catch 22.

Those outside projects will need to liquidate their earnings in order to operate, so in that sense, I don't think you are correct. You need such large capitol to operate, and having it come directly from steem would mean that you cant rely on it in a large scale.

Indeed...Lot of development happening on this great Blockchain and true, Steem is a technology that will be a paradigm shift for all content creators and Steem power will be definitely used to fund individual projects.

Many project are coming and some are place on hold pending on the release of SMT. Steemhunt is a cool project, i just like how it been run.
i will also like to introduce #oracle-d to you which was create by @starkerz
The people holding there steem there i see great future ahead the bolckchain and the moon light out.

Some will agree to the direction where the steem blockchain is headed while others will disagree for their own valid reasons too. Its an ongoing argument. I always enjoy reading both sides of the argument. Only time will tell which direction is best.

How things have changed around here since Steemfest 1 is hard to explain to new Steemians.

I wasn’t born yet as a steemien, but I can imagine. Since last December I can already see huge progress. I can clearly see the right direction steemit platform is heading to. I’m not even sure “huge” is the right word. I know that steempower will be used in multiple contents including outside of this platform. Paying for services, projects...I noticed Steem holding strong, even climbing when everything else selling off. Steemit is e “real” future!!!

Yeah SP will be the precious investment for the future! We all know, now it's harder to make STEEM as content creators! Within 27 years from now, we can have only 2 times of current STEEM SUPPLY! So it makes senses!


That's great because these individual projects the investors could be most interested on are going to fund the individual content creators anyways, bringing them more tools for content development. With more tools we can do more, we just need to adapt an develop ourselves. But we need a culture of powering up too to be someday investors ourselves, we need vision.

Projects are definitely the future on this platform. As a matter of fact I am contributing to several projects at @steemromania, one of them involving traveling. It's not nearly as high a profile as steemhunt but we try our best with the modest amount of delegation that we have :)

I feel fear of losing my ability to earn through content creation. I am trying to build an environment where I can support myself in retirement. If my earning potential drops... I must find another income source. Groan!

Are you turning your STEEM to fiat or other crypto?

Holding it in LTC on a Trezor wallet. I have much less emotional attachment to Litecoin. I am ignorant of most other alt-coins. I blindly guess at what to do. Never follow a blind man. I began powering down to help pay for my mom’s care (age 94).

A "holy grail" of vlogs, buddy. I wholeheartedly agree with the direction this blockchain is going and they look explosive. In a good way, lol. Moving away from a focused "blogging" model to a more "business" orientated one, which in fact should theoretically prove a way more compatible approach to the steem blockchain. I've always treated my SP with respect, like yourself, and can't be happier with my decision to do so. Yes, things will change dramatically in the near future. And, judging by what I've seen up until now, am 100% onboard.

Class stuff by you, mate. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights with us "now" and in the months past. Talk about a forward thinker! :)

Checked your Steem Power in your account... Yes you will be fine! Hahaha.

1 thing is for sure there will still be plenty of ways to earn Tokens! In this new world of abundance that we are building. Since it's all about generating new levels of abundance instead of taking away something. And the amount of Telegram Token projects that is currently going on... Blogging right now is a very cool way of mining the STEEM currency but clearly most humans in the world isn't bloggers. The core underlying system that is what everyone will be needing. That will say a system that works like a private Bank but that is much easier and faster to use.

Surely the STEEM currency will move into a more business direction just as you say. But the Smart Media Tokens will more be for the community. And it needs to branch out into thousands of smaller niches that exists. And with a world population going up to 10 billion it's not like we will run out of humans to create new interesting projects with engaging content.

Clearly the output of production will be extremely high and effective just as Elon Musk has stated. The old way of buying a domain and write on your own website with lazy Adsense ads on there that is the old outdated model that doesn't create any real deeper trust and connection. Now we have the monetary system and the reputation system to evolve into the next Era. Sophisticated online Tribes. The End of clickbait that will say. Surely you will still be able to do that old model but it won't be as rewarding as the new model. Same as people can pirate music but use Spotify instead since it's so much more smooth and convenient to use. Saves Time and Energy.

Nicely put, buddy. Clearly, we are moving into a new era of transacting and the benefits of blockchain tech combined with socio-global demographics, are a match made in heaven. Exciting times for us all... :)

I agree the post from @andrarchy was great! It was the first time I met him actually. I saw it yesterday. I could only absorb about the first quarter of it including the video. Being a 'foreigner' in this blockchain space there was a lot of info to absorb there! I asked a question in that space that I have also had on my mind to ask you but haven't yet. So, i will now! My question is about proper security of the 16 character pass code. Where and how is a good way to store it? It's nice to be able and copy and paste it for ease of function. I am but a plankton now so it would be a good thing to get figured out before i accumulate more SP! Haha, any insight in this regard would be appreciated! Have a wonderful day! The birds sound delightful today!! 😊

If you use the master password you were given at the start I urge you to stop using that. It's the most important password you have and you should never ever use it. Make sure you back it up properly.

For daily activities on steemit use your posting key to login. You can find it under wallet --> Permissions ---[show private key].

Login with that key and your username for daily activities.

If you want to transfer funds use your active key (in the same screen).

Again make sure you backup your MASTERKEY properly.

To store passwords you can use a password manager like, Lastpass or 1password.

So kind of you to share these suggestions! I am mostly on the right track. Thank-you very much!!

WOW! As a new user & content creator on Steemit this is a really interesting insight. To be honest I am still doing a lot of reading and watching to educate myself about Dtube and steemit community and ethics before I post anything. Im told once something is posted its there for life. So im sticking to my quality policy.

I'm a blockchain noob so lots of learning to be done. But I am very excited to start sharing my content on these 2 platforms. As a performing artist (dancer) from South Africa I have some amazing stories and videos to share that will inspire, empower and help innovate performing arts in africa! introduction coming soon ;) thanks for the interesting video @exyle

So a week has passed and I still havent put up my first official post. We have been super busy with dance shows but this hasn't stopped me from doing my reading. Yes DTube & DLive makes me so excited I cannot contain myself. My Lady and I are shooting our introduction video this weekend at a fun event we are performing at.

I still have lots of content to post on Steemit. From my insights into the Entertainment industry. Collections of performing arts and dance photos . Really excited and I must say the community on these platforms has blown me away! I have found my home regardless if it earns me crypto or not.

So thanks to all who have already started engaging with me.

Thanks for you..

Thank you so much sir..

If your into video I would skip trying to blog on steemit and concentrate my efforts on dlive and dtube. (They are all connected through the blockchain). You can login in on both platform with the same credentials you use for steemit.

I agree with you. I never think like you. But when you say Then I realized that it is true.Investor will be more profitable from individual content creators in future. I feel happy to know the news. Thanks @exyle.

Great post sir.

It is great that Blockchain becomes a source of future project financing . The idea of ​​becoming steem power is a big project on which the biggest investors depend .

I wish I could had got in earlier than this year cause I hear a lot of you guys that has been here from almost the beginning talk of so much progress that's been made.

Well this isn't so much of a good news to me because it simply means content creators would suffer. It's easier for an individual wielding steem power to see what he likes and curate than for a single project to decide what should be upvoted or not.

Little Wonder why it is so difficult to get upvotes now than before when I first joined steemit. Back them, we had lots of people willing to curate good contents but right now most of them have delegated their SP to various projects which give them returns and so do not wield enough sp to curate any more and truth is, getting upvotes from #dlive, #dtube and the likes is very difficult and in this light I don't think this is so much of a good news to me.

This is actually great idea if fund will be collected by delegations because chances of losses are very low. I want to know how they are going to use this steem power...self voting or something else??

Zuckerberg :)))))

He finally got bored of that Facebook project.

Ah... :)) I think he is too proud to understand that we see what he does.

Dtube the best platform.

very god vid m8 :)

I definitely agree with you @exyle. Steem power should be used to fund individual projects, only through the projects we can grow as a community

You are in luck the future of blockchain is safe

hopefully you are right bro. i love this decntralized paid content technology

You are absolutely right, anything can happen at anytime people change so we should always expect difficult view on a particular topic at any time most especially when it comes to crypto currency of a thing. I respect your view on this, it is going to prepare our mind for the worst.

But is it really a good idea that Steemit will essentially be useless for content creators?

What do you mean with useless? We will be having Smart Media Tokens coming out. That means you will be able to earn more Tokens per post.

But will there be an SMT for Steemit itself?

Jesus Christ...

I'm sorry if this is just super simple to you, but to me it isn't.

I've really only been hearing about SMT's through Marks videos, and I understood it as something DTube, Steepshot etc. could use individually on their part of the ecosystem, not so much for bloggers on Steemit itself.

If I'm wrong and you know the truth, I would appreciate a simple explanation, rather some snarky remark that tells me nothing.

Apologies, mate. Just got caught up in the moment.

No worries, it happens.

I'm here to learn so I ask questions. Even if they seem dumb.
Only way I can get wiser.

This platform has given a lot of opportunities. It needs to expand in various sections.

It´s always interesting to hear your thoughts. As I see it, for the most of us is "as plankton we born, plankton we remain" :D

Wow, great news! Curious if your hand moving, or was the camera refocusing?

I think in the future Steempower held by investors will be used to fund individual projects instead of individual content creators.

This is a very interesting topic, I’m interested in hearing more. Loading dtube right away

Probably it will be great and i appreciate your thinking. Thanks for sharing this with us

It would be cool to see some of those projects continue to improve the existing system. A lot of people consider Steemit the Facebook of blockchain, but I think it has a long way to go to get there. The fact alone that most discussion takes place outside of Steemit on Discord shows that there are some gaps that projects could fill. I recently discovered musing.io and I feel that is a great addition to Steemit. Some of my first posts on Steemit were simple questions that garnered no replies due to my low reach. Musing.io opens the door for those smaller accounts to post questions and to have opinions. I also agree with @motoenginer, Steemit needs some kind of influx. I wouldn't say things have stagnated, but on many levels this wall has been built between the newcomers and the whales and everyone kind of swims in their own pond with the occasional Free Willy wall jump here and there.

steem power is really going to find some interesting use case in the upcoming time it will be the power to hold

If steam power is used in funding for private projects, would it be great?...

We will find the answer about the future for sure, at least when we get there...

I think it is a cool development, and I'm curious to see if that will start trending and other projects will decide to do the same. Any type of development will increase STEEM value and that´s our ultimate goal. (it will become easier to attract people)

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Thats great and all, but i personally am very against it if the complete shift would happen.
With that you are basically shifting us from a decentralized society to a completely centralized one.
If this would happen, and the Steem power would be locked inside projects, like the ones you listed, you run a risk, like the case is in the "real world", of corruption, faulty philosophies domination, inefficient distribution, unfair distribution, etc...

This is clearly seen even now with some of the large projects that exist.
How would this be any different then delegating to bots?
You have no control over who is rewarded, or what kind of content is pushed forward.
It is hard work to even pinpoint the exploitation that happens. And rarely do people take the time to do so..

Youre basically giving away all your control, your influence into the hands of a few people.
Supporting a project is one thing. I do that as well with the little SP i have, but completely sending over your wallet value to someone else? I dont think thats a great idea unless they give you a ton of influence on decisions on the platform of your choice. And i hardly think that will happen.

And what if a creator speaks up and criticizes a platform, since in this scenario he is dependent on it, and there is no other way to get rewarded? This leads to complete censorship. I speak up often and at this point it seems i have completely lost a chance to get curated on one platform.
I cant be in support of this. :(

Wow you very style

You are absolutely right. There have many projects to delegate steem power and some user's have huge amount of steem power. Though i don't have well knowledge about the blockchain, but i m learning about it here in steemit. I just waiting for my 100 sp... :p

I don't think so! Steemit is a social networking for publishers. Funding for good individual contents and projects are great features of Steemit. Dropping one of these removes the nature of Steemit. Wanna raise funds still have lots of platforms!!!!

woow very nice inspiring .

I totally agree with you. Everything that has some potencial in the end comes to the wrong hands. Steem should stay that way that is from begining..

I think in the future Steempower held by investors will be used to fund individual projects instead of individual content creators.

Well, your opinion is not bad, anything can happen in the nearest future, imagine if a steem is exchange for $100 such will never cease to happen, we have to all prepare to make enough before the price would boom. Thanks for sharing your opinion, we really have to be pessimistic sometime. Carry on brother.

This is actually be a great innovation, if steempower are used to fund individual projects this would create a room for improvement and also promoting positive progress, its a nice idea.

Steemit and specifically SP will be very useful for all sorts of media producers in the future. It's way more than just a blogging currency.

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Extraordinary stemit [blockchain], I'm only 7 months old, write useful Content and we get the money. Greetings sir

Some will agree to the direction where the steem blockchain is headed while others will disagree for their own valid reasons too. Only time will tell which direction is best.

Steemit and everything related to Steem is amazing. The projects are already here and use case can be seen.

First time I am watching one of your videos and is very inspiring the way you share your ideas. In resume, one of the new trends on Steemit is to fund projects through the Steem Power delegation.

(>♥ <)

Excellent post!

The ecosystem of Steem is what I find so fascinating. I think you are correct and we are seeing just a small glimpse of what Steem will become in the future. We are adding apps at record speed now... very exciting.

thank you for posting this article.