Vlog 273: Steem scaling update + Dlive 0.6 update + Dtube and Steemit mentioned in Bloomberg article.

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Steemit scaling update

The Steemit Team released a post yesterday about scaling the steem blockchain. here.

As you know the Steem blockchain is already handling more transaction than all other blockchain combined and has therefore proven it can scale very well already in that department.

But because of all those transactions, the blockchain is also growing rapidly and increases the requirement for hardware to store it all.

These concerns are addressed in the post. It's pretty technical but I'm very happy to read the team is working on this as well and made suggestions how to lower the requirements already.

Very cool stuff.

From the post:

As blockchain projects continue to become more mainstream, scalability is going to become more and more of a concern. Being a scalable blockchain is not just about being able to make a one-time fix to meet the current resource challenges. It is about being prepared to meet the future challenges as well.

Dlive 0.6

Dlive released an update yesterday here.

They have updated their servers around the world.

From the post

When using the new stream servers you can expect a dramatic decrease in latency, with a higher video quality, improving the experience as a live streamer overall.

For any streamers out there beware that there will be a slight change in the process to start your broadcast.

Read the post to be up to speed about the right setting!

Steem blockchain mentioned in Bloomberg article

This mainstream article was brought to my attention by user @steemcafe. He made a post about it here.

Bloomberg Article: here.

It talks very positively about Dtube and Steemit. Worth a read.

From the article:

Peter “Furious Pete” Czerwinski has close to 5 million YouTube followers, but they can’t see most of his new videos there. To get 46 of the 71 weightlifting and competitive-eating videos he’s posted in the past two months, fans have to use DTube.

I talk about it more in my vlog.

I am a witness with our developer group @blockbrothers for the Steem blockchain. If you want to support us I would appreciate your vote here.

We build Steemify a notification app for your Steemit account for iOS.

Get it Here:

▶️ DTube

Glad to see Steem & Dtube being mentioned on mainstream media like Bloomberg, is in itself a great achievement for this revolutionary platform, this is just the beginning, now more and more people will understand the importance of Blockchain and securing , protecting our data from these evil companies who makes money by selling our personal data.

I totally agree with this quote:

"With blockchain, people will finally have the chance to be rewarded for their time, attention, and data. No longer will their valuable data be controlled by a few giant companies."

I agree. To date, this is the biggest innovation that blockchain provided. All other objectives are so far away.

Indeed, Steemit and the whole world of cryptocurrency have made me realize one big thing: These big social media companies are feeding off of our valuable personal data and they are very good in concealing it.

Great to hear such a significant number of updates that steemit is attempting to bring.

I truly wish Dlive to update more. I have had a go at coming live from dlive a couple of times dependably to flop as it were!!

I wish we can go live from dlive the way we can go on instagram and facebook. They are so damn simple to go live.

that is the reason I joined Steemit..... it's going some place.

Thx for the content! :)

Just keep it coming! They say only 1% of the population of the world knows Bitcoin and crypto. I guess if updates and developments like this continues, then that 1% population might double or triple in less than a year. The more people knows about blockchain, the more potential investors there will be which leads to price of crypto going up.

its more like 0.15% of the population or was in November 2017_pretty cool huh? it doesn't take too many people to create change in this big world.

I just wanted to say hi. And this look like your most recent activity on here. I talked to you once in the Steem Schools Discord. Your music is great. 😎

Great news about Steemit, Dlive and dtube especially people like “Furious Pete” coming on board of steemit platform. Hopefully there will be more like him. Unfortunately there are few things I noticed recently a lot. Many people I follow are powering down, they never powered down until now. This is what sounds most stupid. They are powering down at this moment when Steem is low. That’s what people do, they sell at the worst time, they should do the opposite. I think it’s a must stake.

I have seen it before when people powered down into 10 cent STEEM. I usually sell in an uptrend but who knows, could be a good move when prices go lower but I rather not take that gamble now.

I think that 1.000.000 Steemit accounts will be the breaking point, for steem to really take of. For Youtube and Facebook it was the magic mark aswell.

@exyle, Steemit and Dtube being mentioned in a positive light is big news for not just the steem blockchain but also for the crypto world as well. It means that more persons who have passed of the crypto world as a passing fad will have renewed interest and definitely more persons will be on boarded on steemit. It seems steemit is also making preparations for the massive influx of new users with the scaling update. All good news.

YouTube censoring their content creators and facebook mining users data, has done more good to the steem blockchain and I am sure glad about it. They should continue.

I have not used Dlive yet but I have heard that the video quality was poor compared to Dtube. So this is another thumbs up for the steemit blockchain. It shows that the platform is working and people are out to make the steem blockchain ready for the future of social media, crypto coin transactions as well as blogging.

Hey man, who are you calling old? :)

Your second scenario was the more likely one. Rigged! Not under oath, almost all present received money from him, not enough time for each questioner to dig deeper etc...

Always great to hear good news!) Glad that everything is developing smoothly.

Cool news from the steemit team. I hope this has a positive impact on the overall ecosystem. I think Dlive is doing a great job and deserves a Bloomberg spotlight.

steem blockchain ruling all over now getting the highlight it needed finally all over :)

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