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RE: Vlog 273: Steem scaling update + Dlive 0.6 update + Dtube and Steemit mentioned in Bloomberg article.

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Glad to see Steem & Dtube being mentioned on mainstream media like Bloomberg, is in itself a great achievement for this revolutionary platform, this is just the beginning, now more and more people will understand the importance of Blockchain and securing , protecting our data from these evil companies who makes money by selling our personal data.

I totally agree with this quote:

"With blockchain, people will finally have the chance to be rewarded for their time, attention, and data. No longer will their valuable data be controlled by a few giant companies."


I agree. To date, this is the biggest innovation that blockchain provided. All other objectives are so far away.

Indeed, Steemit and the whole world of cryptocurrency have made me realize one big thing: These big social media companies are feeding off of our valuable personal data and they are very good in concealing it.

Great to hear such a significant number of updates that steemit is attempting to bring.

I truly wish Dlive to update more. I have had a go at coming live from dlive a couple of times dependably to flop as it were!!

I wish we can go live from dlive the way we can go on instagram and facebook. They are so damn simple to go live.

that is the reason I joined Steemit..... it's going some place.

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