Show of Hands

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I don’t think a hand modeling career is going to be in the cards for me..

You’ve used to seeing my best ASSets, a pretty front and a smoothed out image. Though I do not do excessive photoshopping, I do try to show myself, literally, in a good light.

This time I wanted to share something quite different about myself, just my hands.

You call me brave when I show myself fully nude, but there is no bravery in me showing you something of myself I’m fully confident about. It’s a lot harder for me to show you my hands than it is to show my smooth little butt.

I suffer from atopic skin condition, always have, but it’s gotten to the point that I had to take some time off work. You might know that I work as a cook, so about 60 percent of my work is doing the dishes, and that is possibly the worst thing I can do to my hands. Along with getting lemon juice or salt into my already cracked hands, ah, feels good.. Sometimes I scrape my hand against something evil and vicious like a cardboard box and a piece of my skin comes off.

I’m so thankful for Steemit, and the price being so good, it couldn’t have come at a better time. It has allowed me to work on something I really like while I try and get myself better.

You might have noticed that I like to use my hands quite a lot in my self portraits, I model from head to toe, tip to tip. Sometimes I have to discard some photos that I would have otherwise liked but my hands were bright red next to my face. I’d love to have smooth girly hands, it’s been quite a while since they were like that. I should go to a vacation in some sunny climate, just for my hands, no other reason..

I have a thing for hands, I like looking at other peoples hands, as they might give some clues to what they do in life. My favorite kind of hands are big rough manly hands with some dirt under fingernails and permanently stained with oil that has seeped itself in to the fine lines and cracks.



OMG, I hope I am not dreaming.It's been only three days on steemit and being a new member I guess I have seen a lot.I can't believe this way steemit could be helpful to its users.It is just incredible.This community is too good. I hope your hands heal soon and you become more and more strong. I know I can't take your position but somehow can feel your pain.It is not wrong to come in front and show something unless you are confident about it.
Just followed you to not miss out the amazing content coming from your side in future.

Agree with that . You are not dreaming . This is the reality . You do not need to wake up . And i also pay huge interest for art like this .
Keep on dreaming .

Welcome to our world..... no slacking better get steeming....lolzzzx

Yup, i Will :p
Thank you.

One of these posts that touch me deeply. Wonder if it is a coincidence that I just thought of the photos you showed of yourself without make-up, some time ago... Of course, I like "the other kind", like the recent ones with your perfect legs and the high heels again and I wouldn't want to miss those...

Showing yourself in this "different light", makes you more complete though. Human and real.

I used to have terrible skin problems with my hands when I was young. Strangely enough more in winter. Dry air, I guess. I also seem to be slightly allergic to acrylics... which isn't so good for a painter.


Sorry, oil stains and the likes only in summer, when I work with my 58 year old Deutz tractor or in my garden.

When I read your lines, and looked at the photos, as always in full resolution, I had to think of a fairy tale my mother used to tell me, when I was little. I don't remember it in all detail, but it was about hands and their value, when they tell something about the person.

From what I know, you seem to be someone who took her life in her own hands. You appear strong and passionate, yet your hands look delicate and fragile, warm and caring... and they do need a break! And maybe a hug too 😘

How lovely to share hands, I want more people to join in! It's so interesting to see peoples hands, especially if one doesn't share other pictures of oneself on the blockchain.

I guess acrylics can't be good for the skin, but it's not like you can really avoid them as a painter. I hope your hands can take it for as long as you live.

Your comments now warms my hands along with my heart, always a pleasure to change words with you :)

I love your honesty and openness. I hope your hands heal one day. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for your kind comment :)

So, I just stumbled upon this post and your photography!
And I must say, I AM DELIGHTED! You are the first person that I see with straight "horizontal" line :)

Now back to you, is there any chance that you can get more time away from dishes? Just remember health and nerves always come first!

And, for the end, what do you think about this hand? :)

Cheers flatliner! ;)

Flatline and lifeline don't sound too good in the same sentence :'D Should I be worried?

Hahaha, well I am more into watching stars than palms. But I think they are asymptotic and this curved line below thumb is lifeline and our straight one is actually two line heart-line and head-line. :D :D we either have no heart or head :D or maybe both ^_^

Well isn't that very reassuring :D

I've always liked hands and feet. They tell such a story about a person. They speak a lot about the character of the person they belong to. I think your hands are gorgeous, despite your condition. They tell the tale of your hard work in the kitchen and the climate you live in. They are still quite feminine, they don't have to be smooth and girly to be feminine. Thanks for posting :)

Thank you for being so kind. I think we people are just in general more harsh to ourself, rather than to others.

Hands are weird man. I got disgusted with mine so I cut them off. Life is way better now not having hands

Sounds great! Also you never have to greet someone by shaking their hand.

Is that an old profile picture? I see a hand in it.

wow. That's pretty damn powerful. I have a question for you Eve. Do you love cooking? If not please consider chaging careers because it's really causing harm to your body. And no monetary reward is worth damaging your body. I hope steemit can provide a gateway to healthier hands and doing what you truly love. Have a greay day!

get well soon,

your photos are beautiful, even this one

i wish you total freedom from everything

you will heal very soon,, nothing is impossible. I know you are happy because of the nice words you wrote.
be more happy because you are talented. Keep it up sweety.

Yesterday I was so nervous about you that you took your nude in your photography. That may be a big challenge for you but not me. Because the creativity of the man becomes its working. Not through nudity. I hope you understand.

Your English is so bad that no, I do not really understand what you mean.

Yesterday you picked up your nudity in photography. That was very bad for me. It may be a big challenge to you but not to me. Because man's success comes through the work. Not through nudity. I hope you understand.

Take a better care of yourself and if you can use special gloves at work. Well functioning hands and other body parts is something that we take for granted until something happens. I was like that too till I broke my ankle and was put on the bed rest for two months. Seems such a silly accident but makes you incapable of doing so many things. So please better try to prevent than suffer the consequences.

My hands are definitely nothing for you :-D

excellent bw balance and dramatic mood. very nice composition. congratulations my friend

My favorite kind of hands are big rough manly hands with some dirt under fingernails and permanently stained with oil that has seeped itself in to the fine lines and cracks. <-- Take away the word big and you have my hands ! ^^
Oh, and my fingernails are in a terrible condition.. I bite them if I am doing nothing, I can't help it :/

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. ;)

But hey, I almost forgot! I have many friends who are suffering from atopic skin and other skin problems, me included (fuck this weather) and I'm thinking of making cannabislotion for them. I will of course test it on myself first , but are you interested in trying it out ? :)
I now use most of the plant already, but I try to use every part of it so nothing goes to waste. And no, I'm not a hippie :D

i appreciate your honesty and openness. god always helps you and heal your hand fast. @eveuncovered

your best assets are not just your perfect body but also your creative mind, unique perspective and interesting aprouch to life. your passion. Do I enjoy your sexy forms? Hell Yes. But they would be much less appealing if they would be presented in not so artistic fashion.
Hope your hands will get better.

I hope your hands will recover very soon and If possible use gloves for your hand to protect it from water and other chemicals. Kindly use Oil or cream to heal your hands very soon. Hands are the most important part of the body than any other the part of the body. It reflects the personality and hard work of the person.So don't worry and keep it up Protect yourself first.

i just like your opinion about your Hands and thanks for sharing @eveuncovered

A hellish thing to live with when you are used to doing stuff with your hands. But those hands are still yours and they tell many many tales. Hang on to them ^^ :P

We all should be thankful for Steem. Hopefully it keeps growing. I think it will. Also, this post shows your confidence. My hands are also pretty beaten because I train boxing and constant exposure to hard hits and hard training does that. But, you know what? I'm proud of them, it shows who I am and what I love doing. You've got yourself a new follower :)

This reminds me of Joe Tribbiani, when he gets a jobs as a hand model.

WOW, just after I joined in steemit society I find your post. My hands are very important to me (but I dont like them at all) and I use to suffer from atopic skin condition on literally whole body. I guess I was much more lucky as I just grew up from it. It must been hard for you but I must say - your hand are beautiful! So woman like! Not like mine-10 fat sausages haha.
And such a great shot - love it a lot! xx

Well done! I love the natural look of raw photography especially paired with B&W imagery. I find myself shying away from self portrait because I hate the way I look. Hate is a strong word, so maybe rather dislike deeply. Either way good for you and I love your feed. Keep it up!

Thank you very much :) I wished you'd share some self portraits, you might be surprised what you see if you keep at it.

Still pretty girly hands 😊
Hope they get better soon.

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When I cook I have the habit of washing my hands a lot, you make me harsh, I hope your hands heal so you can continue doing what you like.

Sorry to hear your hands have caused you to take time off work. On the other hand (no pun intended) you have used this to create some very beautiful images here. I'll definitely be following now.

I do love a good pun first thing in the morning ;)

I love that you chose your not-so-perfect hands; hands that have lived a life as opposed to a lot (not yours ...I've been looking at your blogs:) of mainstream photos, ads, etc that scream photoshop! Thank you for showing us something real because our society needs more 'real'! On a side note, I've never been pleased with my hands either, but just to add insult to injury (pardon the pun), I recently broke my ring finger. We were re-locating to Mexico the next day, so I self-splinted. Need I say more?:) That gives me an idea for my next black and white challenge photo haha Thanks again!!

Thank you for your wonderful comment! How is your self-splinted finger doing now? :’D

Exactly as you would expect...crooked and hideous:)

I suppose that damage came mostly because of the work. All the chemical you've been using... ah... My skin is sensitive, too. I know how it feels to see deep furrows on the hands, to feel the pain and dryness.
Have you ever tried coconut oil, calendula oil or St. John's wort oil?

Nice you feel comfortable enough to show something that makes your nervous, so the nature of this community. Personally still thing your a wonderful person outside and in and sending reiki vibes x

Your success has been amazing here!

I've work hard for it and now it's paying off :)

Beautiful photos. Thanks :)

Wow!!! Its well, your hand will be perfect again dear. The Almighty God will heal u.

Wow! It was beautiful , your style of writing touched me. Even I suffer from this atopic skin condition but yours is more pathatic . I can clearly understand what it feels when it comes at shaking hands with someone or when someone notices them.

Wow, thank you for sharing so openly about yourself and your struggles. Steemit is an amazing community, so generous and filled with compassionate human beings working in a virtual environnement. Thank you for your contribution!

In our India Hand burning is common with village ladies as they cook the food on open oven (called "Bhatti" in Hindi), and these ladies prepare the Rotis with the help of hands only no other instruments used for making rotis like this. My mother's hand also got burned many times and it a part of our Indian culture. Glad that You shared your hands condition. I hope your hands heal shortly.

I think I've seen that on tv in some cooking show. And now I'm hungry..

There is this expression in Finnish language "cooks hands" or "blacksmiths hands", which means that your hands can withstand quite a lot of heat.

Woow! Awesome post!
Well I'm new in here and I post amazing pictures about yoga because that's my passion! I follow you! kisses <3


I hope your pain and discomfort subsides soon! These photos are beautiful!

lovely write up.. i am very particular about my hands.. very conscious of them..

hands are the gems of your life and shows that you are in control.Its up to you what you do with your life choose smooth skin for nothing to have in return or to live a satisfied and motivated life and show you're hard work and struggle to the world through you're hands that success never comes overnight....may God heal you're hands with a fast recovery.

I've always heard that you can tell what kind of work a person does by their hands, and if they have rough hands, they work hard.

Hello .. try to take care of your hands with coconut or sesame oil, in those oils you can put some turmeric (something like a ginger root) that will give it a delicate golden tone. Turmeric stains a bit but it is a good treatment for skin conditions, I have tried it for my injuries, as a hiker you usually get injured by bites of bugs and put turmeric with clay or oil has helped me a lot. My best wishes for you () (cúrcuma=turmeric in the Translate)

Hahaha no way, I’m not trying to become an Oompa Loompa, turmeric stains like crazy! :’D

I read a lot, but wasn't familiar with what "atopic" meant. A short search later, I was surprised to see it covers a bunch of things - some of which I share.

I know people who work in kitchens as chefs and prep workers, its unforgiving and rather harsh, as you already know. But they're also some of the most direct and honest people I've ever met.

Life is tradeoffs, I suppose.

You never know as you walk down the street the hidden burdens that people carry. That you chose to reveal one of yours only increases my respect for you.

Great post, very honest! I'm not sure whether you've tried this but you can buy medical grade UV lamps, different to the ones they use for SAD and other disorders, more targeted, I think it's UVB or something similar. Either way it's a really powerful light, so most people only use them for around 10-30 seconds per go but they are known to be incredible for skin conditions!

I’d rather fly to somewhere warm to heal myself :P

This is a lovely post of truth and depth. Thank you for sharing. Your hands are lovely.

Glandular organ of the mammals' females that produces the milk that serves to feed the young.
esa costilla si que le han dado rosca .

this is so beautifull you are very good at captureing ...

Glad to see that someone likes hands like that :) Based from my experience
not many people do. I use to be a construction worker and my hands were always like that (only not that big).