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My lucky number. ;) Well, one of them!


Just been a bit busy lately, so I'm really behind in posting. Enjoying the time with my little brother and sister since that school shooting happened this past week. Gotta treasure every moment!

Look alive - Drake & BlocBoy JB

Hype. Hype. Hype! HYPE! ;)


901 Shelby Drive,
Look alive, look alive.
Niggas came up on this side,
Now they on the other side..
Oh well, fuck 'em dawg,
We gon' see how hard they ride.
I get racks to go outside and I split it with the guys.
We up on the other side,
Niggas actin' like we tied..
I've been gone since like July,
Niggas actin' like I died...
They won't be expectin' shit when Capo go to slide..
Cuz I told them that we put that shit behind us,
But I lied.

Right now - Uncle Murda & Future

"I got your bitch, on 5th ave, I'm daddy!" ;)


Niggas in the club right now.
Bitches gettin' high on drugs right now..
Got shooters on deck,
I can call Crips, call Bloods right now..
Real niggas back,
I'm puttin' on for my hittas.
We blowin' money,
We throwin' money at strippers.
Niggas in the trap right now.
Whippin' it 'til it come back right now.

I'm strapped right now,
Even police get clapped right now.
(Straight up, I'm not gonna be a victim to anyone, bitch.)
Break a whole brick down,
Look at all of these baggies.
I got your bitch on 5th ave, I'm Daddy.

First day out - Tee Grizzley

Mutha. Fuckin. HYPE! ;)


When our mans told on us,
Them bands they took from us..
Joy road bitch,
But the money long as six mile,
Brick mile,
Knock your bitch down,
Pick her up,
Knock her back down,
Pull her tracks out.
Yes I slap girl, yes I slap dog, yes I slap loud.

Yes I'll slap a pussy nigga if he act out.
Yes I caught cases on the road with them killers.
Bro kill me if I snitch, cuz if you snitch I'm gon' kill you.
Spent a lot of time on that yard with them gorillas,
Stood tall, did I let niggas hoe me?
Quit being silly.

I know for a fact your bitch pussy get wet for a nigga.
Cuz I do it better, plus I'm doing better than niggas!
I'm at home when I'm down there in Lexington nigga.
'Bout the king, they gone drop you and who next to you nigga.
Unc said Lil T, "Get ahead of them niggas,"
When you take off, don't look back and try to rescue them niggas,
You killed his mans?
Then make sure you get the rest of them niggas..
Don't let them get the best of you, just get the revenue nigga."
So let me know what you can handle, okay come grab it.
Here go some extras, so if I'm busy you can manage..
Fiends happy, bling dancing, eating sixty dollar salads.
Get it there and back, tell the feds I need a challenge..
My first offer was 30 years, not a day lower...
I told them crackers holler at me when they sober.
On parole, I'm a felon, you think I ain't got that blower?
Yeah you right, bro take his head off his fucking shoulders!

Cam'ron voice - Uncle Murda & Cam'ron

"Can't trust Hillary, Hillary can't suck dick. That's why Bill cheated with the Monica Lewinsky bitch!"


Niggas get shot everyday B, he be aight.
He tough, right?
Cam'ron Voice!
Niggas get shot everyday B, he be aight..
He tough, right?
Cam'ron Voice!
Ima say what's on my mind, y'all can say whatever.
I'm rooting for Trump, he bringin back the Reagan era.
Can't trust Hillary, Hillary can't suck dick..
That's why Bill cheated with the Monica Lewinsky bitch!
Homies getting shot up in front of they kids..
You think we give a fuck who the president is?!
(Realest shit ever wrote about the present.)
I know the kid they shot but I'm cooler with the shooter.
After he shot him, he robbed him, went to the jeweler.
Huh, got niggas tucking their chain in..
Crime pays when you putting that pain in!
Her man got shot, look at her ungrateful ass..
She ain't at the hospital, she in the club shaking her ass.

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