Music Lovers: 11 - Passing a milestone. SBD/STEEM GIVEAWAY!

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I am very appreciative of everyone who follows my posts/series that I (attempt to) post to show you new things you might like or new music you might enjoy, etc..

That being said;

I've decided to start doing a giveaway of 0.1 SBD/STEEM!!

(Whatever is more valuable for you guys at the time. :) ) RANDOMLY throughout the series and SPECIFICALLY at milestones as I declared in the last Music Lovers post, I will be doing these giveaways!

Why giveaways? Well.. I believe I enjoy some quality music. I'd like to spread that to people, so they can appreciate it as I do! Giveaways are a good way to draw attention to a series and a nice little "Thank You" for taking the time to read them and give input.

Who will be eligible for the giveaways?


Anyone who upvotes/comments on the post. If you'd like to save your voting power, simply comment! Too lazy/don't feel like/just don't prefer to give your opinion.. just vote! Either way is sufficient enough for you to be in the drawing.

How will the winners be determined?


I will be assigning each person a number, simply whatever order I see their votes/comments in. It will be no specific order and even if it was, that wouldn't affect the outcome.
I will then be using THIS SERVICE on to decide the winner of each giveaway! This will provide a truly random (to everyone involved) number that will be linked to the person that will receive the reward!

This post's picks? Well, just one, this time, folks!

We are the champions - Queen

Obviously.. Giveaways.. Champions..


@hr1 ! :)

The first giveaway was determined from the first 10 posts of the series! :D


We are the champions.... OF THE WORLD! ;)

#SteemitChampions !


Quite interested. Would surely follow the your posts to come

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