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RE: Here's a bunch of things I learnt from seeing a therapist (Getting out of my comfort zone here for you guys. The lessons are quite unexpected)

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I have anger issues. I see a therapist.

At least you have the courage to do so. Many people think if you do - you're automatically whack - that prejudice -
I think people who brave themselves up to go see a therapist, expose themselves to the world that they are seeing one just by standing in front of the door of their therapist are the bravest among us - because that alone - is the beginning of overcoming your fear - and finding out what the heck is biting you on your ankle to a better life.
You writing about it - is walking an extra mile ! kudos ;)


Thank you!

Yes, writing this and publishing it was a little uncomfortable, but meh, whatever. Just went with it.

Yeah indeed. Being self-aware is the first step. I dare say people out there who are suffering don't dare look at themselves. Then they take it out on others.

I'm glad you did! Seeing others take steps on this journey is inspiring. Lovely post. :)

Thank you! I will see you in the writing-exchange chat!

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