Reacting vs Responding in DTube/Steemit - How do you react/respond when someone gets a larger payout than you on DTube or Steemit?

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This is my last video from Niagara Falls. Camera almost fell off the monopod when another huge gust of wind almost took it down. I cannot wait for our DTube meet-up in Niagara Falls guys!

Competition is natural and it's part of the ecosystem, but another C that I like to focus on is collaboration and creativity. There's a dark side of the human psyche and a light side. The dark side is easier to succumb to and it's usually the first one that rears it's ugly head. The first things you might fear when someone else gets a larger cut than you is jealousy, discouragement, lack or even anger. These initial reactions can be subdued with a response of love and joy for the other person. Celebrate others victories and you will find yourself lavishing in your own.

When we celebrate each others milestones, we bring in more positive energy in our lives. We get challenged to be better ourselves. We get inspired to do more, to be more. So as always guys, remember, be positive and stay positive.

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Be careful man, don't get your camera damaged. Niagra falls is on my bucket list, I hope one day I would be able to see it.

Best of luck for the meetup.
One bad thing which we can do to ourselves is to compare ourselves to others.

Yeah that was a close call! Lol

Yes comparing ourselves with others is never a good thing

I don't compare myself to others, if you do so it's the best way to go deep into depression. I only compare myself to my past self to see my progress. If I see someone succeed who deserves in my opinion i am happy for them, it's sad to see people succeding with providing content with no value to the viewer, like vlog where people don't even know what to talk about just to upload daily, sad because it wastes time and space on the startpage for really good content. But being jealous is not helping anyone and has no value for anyones life. Instead i am trying to gain some power so i can upvote originals esp. tutorials and "deep thinking" which really have extreme value to the viewers.

This is one of the deepest comments EVER. I'm really happy for you that you don't compare yourself to others. It shows in how you write and communicate yourself with confidence. I agree that it is a fast-track way to go into depression because your focus is outside of self. "I only compare myself to my past self to see my progress." <<< Absolute brilliance. We are one in the same, my brotha. One in the same.

Upvoted for being DEEP


Do you have discord? We just made a #onelovedtube channel to stay in touch with each other and the ability to send private messages :)

Thank you it's nice to meet people who think the same way. I will definitly check out the discord channel later. Thanks for that too.

Thanks my man. Yeah it's always nice to meet people who are of the same spirit. For me, it tells me that we've gone through similar journey's in life. Not the same, but similar ones for us to wind up with a like-minded philosophy :)


We should truly cherish the progress made by others. Yes it feels bad to get smaller piece of cake if other person is getting bigger but it doesn't mean we should get jealous of that person. Inatead we should work on how to get bigger portion next time

Couldn’t agree with you more my dear friend.

Do you have discord? We just made a #onelovedtube channel to help, support and encourage fellow DTUBERS :)


Awesome way to use the quantum fields of the universe to manifest a more positive outlook of life and in people, in general! Enjoyed the video, sorry it's your last day there! However in the interim, get home safely to your family! #stayingtunedin


That's a very quantum physics way of putting it, brotha! Thanks man :) appreciate it A LOT. If you have discord join our chat :) #onelovedtube


Hope to see you around brotha!

Thnx!! New to SteemIt, honestly never heard of Discord, but looking into it and hopefully a new member as well!!

Join brotha! You're welcome :) you've got amazing vibes!!!

Will do!!! And thanks for that!! Beyond looking forward to engaging in this new found endeavor!!

You are a girl?!?

My name is Isabella and I am a girl as well.

😆 what’s going on over here? I’m totally lost lol

I'm always observant and study the videos, so I learn from other people.
There are so many things to learn, as I learned a few things from this post of yours.

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Welcome! I agree. Super important!



D-Tube is a wonderful idea i just wish that steem could verify more accounts that will upload to D-Tube

Yeah that’s something that is stalling a lot of potential new users.

Be kind to the monkey mind

I've been really wanting to watch this video all week because I think it's an important subject and one that is personally useful both to myself and others. The fact of it is it's just been a very busy time and sometimes even the post I'm Making go on the Fly. A lot of being a content creator is a solitary endeavor. One's thoughts and words can't be interrupted during the creative flow and so are hard to share with the people around us. Often the isolation of a writer takes the kind of personality that can tolerate or thrive on being in one's own company. Still when one emerges from the creative content our loved ones fuel any future meaning and purpose that makes up what's truly important in life. While I've never met you in person, it feels like I know you, and I think others have the same feeling and that's what makes you valuable as a creator. And what makes me happy and touches my heart is when I know that you've given some time over to spend with your son in the present, and whatever time you might have used to answer my comment, hunt it down and think about what I might have said, I hereby delegate to you that time for the use of being with your son and family. Thank you my friend for all that you are giving.

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