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RE: Reacting vs Responding in DTube/Steemit - How do you react/respond when someone gets a larger payout than you on DTube or Steemit?

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Awesome way to use the quantum fields of the universe to manifest a more positive outlook of life and in people, in general! Enjoyed the video, sorry it's your last day there! However in the interim, get home safely to your family! #stayingtunedin



That's a very quantum physics way of putting it, brotha! Thanks man :) appreciate it A LOT. If you have discord join our chat :) #onelovedtube


Hope to see you around brotha!

Thnx!! New to SteemIt, honestly never heard of Discord, but looking into it and hopefully a new member as well!!

Join brotha! You're welcome :) you've got amazing vibes!!!

Will do!!! And thanks for that!! Beyond looking forward to engaging in this new found endeavor!!

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