Let Me Tell You A Story: A Dream A Nightmare and @michaelcj is not Scam

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    Dante is Here No fear

I won't bore you with anything unnecessary I'll shoot to the point.

How I met @michaelcj

On the 28th of July, 2017 we met on steemit chat on the Nigerian Channel. We had a little chat in direct messaging telling me about a small community of newbie steemian trying to develop themselves to be something meaningful on steemit and also helping others and training them. He then asked if I was on whatsapp and gave me his number . Prior to this conversation I was never in any WhatsApp group and even if I was it would have been muted. So the next morning I gave it a shot


... story continues

As a young steemian not barely up to a month on the platform he was eager to contribute to steemit by powering up. What a drive and energy. It may look small however as at that time for people who can relate with NYSC in Nigeria especailly far away from home. Purchasing 10 steem is a big some of money for someone that earns less that $55 from the Federal government for serving his nation.



Inception of the Dream

My hommie CJ buzzed me. He said fam you know I am into entertainment and all. I want to bring into steemit. He had a dream. He needed a drive and some positivity and advice. I became Chuck Auckle to him as Teddy Daniels(shutter island 2010). The voice telling him everything will be okay

images (12).jpeg

convo screenshot

First we established the community name Steemnaira FAQ which is now @steemnaira on steemit


Then the idea of a steemit pageant


comic relief

A man with big dreams can only come up with a writing about Big dreams. This contest was not just a contest. It was a hidden message we all digested without knowing it as at then. It was laying the foundation of the dreams he had on the steem blockchain.


Dude was always focused on the goal. We talk about the steemit offline program. Planning strategies. Amateurs not with positive energy. This can be done. That was the only thing our time says.

And so the Journey Begins


Dreams birth dreams like an Onion.

@steemithelpinghands is an independent charity community on the steemblockchain. The community was founded by members of Steemnaira. It shows how CJ's dreams rubbed on his team members. Here is a video introduction of the community.

Meet the team


@stevendion , @phunke , @stevenmosoes and @thomasgift . Heroes without capes.

There's so much done to start putting out his milestones.

He did not fail to give out awards to the participants.

if i fail to mention that CJ had to power down almost all of his accumulated steempower which he had been powering up to more than 1000sp for the steemcamp event. Many empty promises of support. CJ had to borrow which he had to repay his debt. I'm not here to mention names however I am here to clear the disgusting notion and movement on steemit that @michaelcj is a scam and a fraud. How dare you? Do you have no shame? It is sad to see that there is no love amongst us. CJ has been mocked and talked out into proceeding with the event. That there was no way he could pull it off. Yet he did.

The breakthrough

Have you seen a man diligent in his business. He will stand before kings...
This prinicple never fails. CJ applied this principle on steemit. Support, upvotes and steem donation from @teamsteem @hyperfundit @dimmip @surfyogi @donkeypong @dlive @dtube @appics @adsactly @demotruk and many others

Funny, CJ had the idea of seeking for supports. My silent way of telling him to just focus on the goal helped alot. Help came around without being spammer or beggar.


It may seem all easy but believe me the journey was mad. Cj has had to travel in terrible conditions going all over the country to promote steem and most especially change lives.

The Nightmare

A contestant of steemcamp sent me a message this morning. He asked if I had heard from CJ recently. I must admit I was scared and thought the worst had happend to him. I was depressed a little for a moment . Then he told me what happened. I was disgusted. Not because of the fight or misunderstanding but because of the fact that some people found it has an opportunity to discredit @michealcj. I visited the whatapp group only to find out money was what cause the misunderstanding . What a shame?

CJ I will blame you and not blame you for proper management of the situation. I won't blame you because this is the first of this event. I know there will be a post mortem and lessons learnt.

Back to what I was saying... the misunderstanding was because of steem / SBD call it what you want. It is still money.

Apparently, every participant is to get something from the event winners and no losers. The steemblockchain way.

Hey guys, the show ended last night. Do you think @michealcj will run away with the funds. I also blame the mode of communication about the funds to be given to all. The fight must have broken out because some party believed CJ is holding the funds for himself.(proper communication would have given the participants a definitedate or time when the funds will be allocated. In summary, there was a fight, some persons recorded it and sent the video to a sponsor of the event to claim CJ is a scam.

You should note that the accusers claims they are fighting for their rights. I'm sad.
There is no love amongst us. Love won't make you want to see someones downfall.
If for any reason you want to slay him at least let there be proof beyond reasonable doubt and not a spontaneous reaction.
Some of us do love but I believed the steemit will help spread love espcially among Nigerians.
The persons saying CJ is a fraud were proudly screaming aloud and making propagandas to destroy is reputation on steemit and to destroy his legacy such that all of these will be forgottten.

CJ had nothing but came up with something.

Do you guys know that the Miss Steemcamp winner was given a Car.... A freaking car.

Michealcj doesnt have one,yet he still jumps buses, trucks and back of trailers to spread steemit and change lives.

the screenshots were meant to be used to celebrate a year(July 27) of friendship of knowing @michealcj but I just had to set the facts straight

Steemit is a decentralized platform. Is up to you guys to say if he is a scam and fraud. Who deserves to be punished,his reputation destroyed and the steemcamp legacy burnt.

For whatever it is. Steemcamp was dream, a reality and a success

A minnow can dream so can you

Dante is here No fear



And when I read through this I was really disappointed at the way people conclude on matters
How can one say that someone like @michaelcj is scam oh my word. This guy is one relentless and hardworking Steemian doing everything possible to promote steemit to the outside world.
I've never seen any Steemian as dedicated as he is in promoting Steemit worldwide and making it fun at the same time.
It is really sad the sight of many is tightly blind folded.
I stand with @michaelcj
Such a man deserves awards honouring for been a great ambassador to the Nigerian community on steemit.
I applaud you for been strong to finish to the end buddy
Nations shall hear of your good works
Many shall be envious but stay steadfast buddy
I believe in you

@steemcamp is the biggest that has happened so far
And I can't help but say that I PRIDE IN YOU

I went through everything and I still can't believe the blackmail
That girl wants unnecessary attention
And I just admire Ehiboss for standing up full time for our Boss

Wow this is huge, if I can say, one thing in life is that sometimes we fail to look at the Reputation of people all because money seems to be involved @Dante31 I don't know CJ personally but well he's a hard worker, I've seen a lot of his work and I'm hoping this can be resolved soon

At the of the day, it affects the credibility of the steemit Nigerian community. People fail to look at the bigger picture

Yeah we have to step up really, it's a shame that we do not respect personality before value, we have to resolve these within ourselves, you know I tried stating this in one discord group I joined but I was kicked out for saying we need to put our acts together look at the bigger picture, we are flawed and we need to admit this before fixing us.

You truly have spoken well Sir

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

This is serious.... Whoever tried to bring Cj down is heartless

Haven't really crossed paths with @michaelcj, but I know still that, He definitely isn't a bad person. So this degenerate reprobation must be kicked out. I have friends which I see every day, @grachills and others which can vouch for him and how he really suppoted them, and carried them along. He is definitely a great man, with an inestimabe sacrificing heart. So please no one, just because of SBD or anything, should condemn anyone.

If for any reason you want to slay him at least let there be proof beyond reasonable doubt and not a spontaneous reaction

Wow, the accusations are really provoking, I wish this is sorted out as soon as possible and @michaelcj proved innocent.

Sounds interesting!

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