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RE: Let Me Tell You A Story: A Dream A Nightmare and @michaelcj is not Scam

in #life5 years ago

Wow this is huge, if I can say, one thing in life is that sometimes we fail to look at the Reputation of people all because money seems to be involved @Dante31 I don't know CJ personally but well he's a hard worker, I've seen a lot of his work and I'm hoping this can be resolved soon


At the of the day, it affects the credibility of the steemit Nigerian community. People fail to look at the bigger picture

Yeah we have to step up really, it's a shame that we do not respect personality before value, we have to resolve these within ourselves, you know I tried stating this in one discord group I joined but I was kicked out for saying we need to put our acts together look at the bigger picture, we are flawed and we need to admit this before fixing us.

You truly have spoken well Sir

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