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RE: Let Me Tell You A Story: A Dream A Nightmare and @michaelcj is not Scam

in #life5 years ago

And when I read through this I was really disappointed at the way people conclude on matters
How can one say that someone like @michaelcj is scam oh my word. This guy is one relentless and hardworking Steemian doing everything possible to promote steemit to the outside world.
I've never seen any Steemian as dedicated as he is in promoting Steemit worldwide and making it fun at the same time.
It is really sad the sight of many is tightly blind folded.
I stand with @michaelcj
Such a man deserves awards honouring for been a great ambassador to the Nigerian community on steemit.
I applaud you for been strong to finish to the end buddy
Nations shall hear of your good works
Many shall be envious but stay steadfast buddy
I believe in you

@steemcamp is the biggest that has happened so far
And I can't help but say that I PRIDE IN YOU


I went through everything and I still can't believe the blackmail
That girl wants unnecessary attention
And I just admire Ehiboss for standing up full time for our Boss

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