When I was young I want to get older and now I am older I envy my younghood wanting something like it was some food

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The phrase "Young at heart" is very true because its only our physical bodies change but deep within us all we retain that same person but our bodies will limits us on what we want to do in our lives.

I was seeing these feed where people would pose along with their family, or sibling, or relatives, or their friends to compare it to the photos way back from even 24 years just to show the difference of the two to social media where of course they had gone older and seeing them at their younger years would just bring-up memories about that instance in their lives, quite fun to look at and inspires other people who sees that to recreate the same although for some people it cannot be possible because of permanent unavailability of other people or animal/pet to join although regardless of that some groups will still do it and it still is fun especially if you look at the background of the place where the photos were taken from and see the difference at only few decades ago. But to my own perspective, those past years could just be like yesterday because we all feel that it was eons of years ago because of the changes to our bodies, we are no more as happy, elated, and full of joy with our curiosity in the world around us, it is all fun and play as if the day is longer but it doesn't matter because we are in the prime of our physical energies which is why it is very easy for us to run as if it is as normal as walking because when we are young there is nothing to run all the time if we do not have any sickness to impeded us in the first place. Considering that I am already sick when I was younger, I can remember running from the front door of our house and in to the middle of our house until I get out of the backyard door and then jumping around trying to beat my best in achieving the height up in the air which I can reach where reaching the ceiling of our house with my hands already makes me happy. But now that same height of the ceiling seems to be so far up that it always remind me of what I was before and reminisce that a few instance in my life that I feel normal but I was really not because my illness apparently started even after I was born and that energy that I felt during my younger self is just overpowering my condition until it showed itself although I have no idea what was going on all the while.



Even some people are fascinated on how time had changed them and their surrounding and a testament on how fast the time went even if only two decades had gone by.

That is why I am missing my younger self not only physicality but also about those years that everything is new to me which in itself is a joy. That is why children watches cartoons rather than action movies for preference although kids are amazed about watching movies, my point is that being curios in the world around us bring us entertainment value which again I would likened it for accessing the Internet for the first time and discovering you favorite song being sung by your favorite band either recorded live or as a free record really sent us to "seventh heaven" if it makes a sense. Although we still enjoy our favorite music to listen to and watch from YouTube, there will come a time that we will say "I am bored already about these things" because you had "been there, done that" and the new found joy in that example is not the same as before. We can see this phenomenon in animals such as puppies of dogs where when they were young you can see them happy and full of energy then when they grow older you can just see them lying around and sleeping all the time, we ay least that is what I observed. I can say that as we grow older we naturally tend to lose energy and at the same time having experienced in discovering many things in life and experiencing them either by just watching them would eventually make us bored until finally a marked difference would show that our physical health is faltering and the joy of living unlike when we are younger and full of energy, hope, and potential is no longer in our minds to do. However I bet you that if old people would never really get old and continue to be as strong as a 25 year/old person, then I guess that their enthusiasm to continue to live will also be like that of a 25 year/old person. That is why many people think that it was just numbers that had been added to them but not the person inside and that our continuous physical and or cognitive performance is just affected by getting old whereas cognitive performance also is affected by the brain cells losing function as time goes by leading to dementia for example and other old-age relative brain deficiencies.



It's all in our bodies on how our mind is influenced to be as joyful like that of a young child which is why even if your mind is willing if you have a weak body then nothing will come out from it as if you are beating a dead horse.

It already had my own crazy thoughts about wanting to get young again which actually is stupid of course, it is just that I am longing from those "not so long years" where I was feeling the joys of being young with lots of energy even though I am weaker then my own peers during that time, no pain to contend with, my appetite is normal, sleeping like a baby and all that, and so nothing that I can do currently where even mending my physical body is now an impossible to happen where I am just in the managing stage for my body sort of a self-done hospice care but to hopelessly wish to feel again or at least get nearer on how it is like to be normal considering that I am still relatively young and not that old per se as I still belong to people living in the prime of their lives had I've been blessed with a normal body free of diseases and illnesses that even I would not even wish for the worst of my enemies (if there were) to experience it themselves. Weirdly enough, I also do not want to outlive anyone that I care for and cares for me, loves me and I love because of the emptiness that I will surely feel in my life and all of the physical hardships and mental burden which it will do to me because besides religion my family is also my inspiration to go on with my life for the reason that my plans if God wills it is also for them as well. That is why since we are really can't live forever in this world, we can only dream of living in a fantasy world where we do not age nor our good inner-self will remain the same which is why people would like to live in a virtual world using technology and are just barred from using it because of the costs and in my opinion not being perfected yet. But that is not how the whole world works as it was said in the Bible which says that we are just like flowers where we rise-up one day and show our colors and glory and after a while will wither and die and straight to the wood stove we go afterwards. That is how life is in this world where there is an appointed time to everything where once in our lives we wish that we could alter and change so that we can again either experience the privileges of being a grown-up like not being forced to sleep in the afternoon, wear jeans and meet with friends until late at night, able to earn money and spend it on things which we can't afford when we were young, well at least that is how put it when I was young, or similarly get back to our younger years for the sole purpose of feeling how it is to be young again with full of energy, discovery, joy, happiness, and hope for our future and believing that we can achieve what we want until of course based on many factors as we grow-up our delusion sometimes would not happen either within our own will, the place we live in, and the forces beyond our control and will later define our lives on how it will go.



We should never have to focus our lives in this world because even if we achieved everything like riches, great family, true friends, but with no God in our lives it will not be worth anything when we pass-away because everything is temporary and will wither away like how life of flowers in the fields will grow and then shows their beauty and splendor until they would also get old and pass-away and because of that we must concentrate about living the real life where there are no more pains and uncertainties because it is what we all want, to live with God in paradise.



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