The compromise that I always willing to take had complicated about my dialysis treatment again today

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Complications about using a high flux dialyzer just happened today so it made my blood pressure to dive fast which affected my session quality.

My nurse which had the task of getting patients informed about the schedule of their treatment session notified me yesterday that I will going to be having an early session which was before the sun goes up. I am put in the first batch which is why my parents and I have to get up so early to make ourselves ready and by 4:15 in the morning we are already on the road. I am not feeling well already because my dialyzer reached its full use last time and although I finished the session and adequately removed with extra fluids, it didn't make me feel better considering that dialysis sessions from my clinic is "modified" meaning that the nurses as instructed by my nephrologist to "tone down" or make it mild and it is not good because the quality of the cleaning is affected.



We couldn't thank more for the nurses which are swift to move in order to mitigate the situation otherwise it could have lead to a bad result.

The problem lies with their attempt to universally do the changes in almost all of the patients like for example, "this patient had a complication or reaction to dialysis so we will implement changes the their dialysis procedure collectively". One problem lies with the patient's use of the high flux dialyzer which I happen to use today. I used a low flux one last 7 sessions ago due to lack of supply as they had told me but today I started to use it again and hoping that I can feel much better immediately until about two and a half after my session I already felt odd. At first my body seemed to be in pain like my arm, my abdomen, and all immediately. Then all of the sudden my blood pressure fell so fast which is odd. Usually I can still resist a low blood pressure while being hooked-up at dialysis. But this one this morning made me panic because I thought that I will "shit myself" due to the sudden drop of my blood pressure.



My dialysis center's own way of adjusting the treatment setting had truly deteriorated the quality of treatment for one thing and not addressing the problem of the root cause of the cause of the chills and other complications related to using a high flux dialyzer where the cleanliness of the dialysate solutions used must be immaculately clean.

And so after telling my nurses the issue they are swift enough to take action until I told them to stop the treatment temporarily because this hypotension is very different because I thought that I will black-out after really shit in my pants because a person with a very low blood pressure starts to feel that their insides begins to churn as if they have a diarrhea coming. After my blood had returned I felt much better because I agreed as well to have some supplemental oxygen which I kept using during the rest of the dialysis treatment. This kind of complication is about the dialyzer because high flux dialyzers are known to cause blood infections during use for the reason that their pores are much bigger than the regular low flux type where bad substances from the dialysate solution cannot pass through the blood but at the same time could not possibly clean out the bigger molecules like uric acid from the body much effectively unlike the high flux dialyzer which I regularly use.



I have to make a compromise of a better clean for my blood even though my dialysis clinic already "modified" the dialysis settings compared to using low flux dialyzer where I might not suffer from these complications but its cleaning action i snot that better.

Usually before the patient is hooked-up to the dialysis machine, they will ask the patient to take some "Paracetamol" in order to prevent such high flux dialyzer reactions such as experiencing chills and other complications associated with it like hypotension along with pain in the body. I am guessing that the dialysis process clean-out most of the paracetamol effects from my system around in the middle of my treatment session so I lost protection from the chills and thus I had felt the muscle aches and the hypotension, although I didn't experienced the chills but some of the other symptoms arising to it happened and it got me with this instance of a very rapid hypotension. In effect, I wasn't able to have a better appetite after my session to eat my food after we came home because I git subjected to an infection of blood as if I came from having a fever. Although I tried to eat my usual meal we usually buy from the convenience store near my dialysis clinic I didn't enjoyed it. I also had Mango slices to help me eat and a slice of the watermelon which I always want to have during my late afternoon meals because these fruits helps me with eating otherwise I will never can finish my food of viand and rice alone.



No matter how good the food was, after infection caused by complications from dialysis sessions, I will further lose my appetite although I will try to eat so that I can have more strength.



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