My parents and I needs some supplemental foodstuff to add some roughage in our diet because everyday they are a must to be had

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Mother posing with the fruits I've bought online.

It is hard to buy some fruits here in our village and my mother is not inclined to buy some because of her budget and also do not want to touch my money which we use for my expenditures to the hospital/dialysis clinic because we still have to pay for me hospital copay which had been elevated to 500 pesos from 300 pesos because of the pandemic for the reason as they say that they use extra alcohol after setting-up a triage during the height of CoVid infections. Now that copayment stuck which makes it harder for us to have dialysis without paying despite that our dialysis treatment is covered by our universal health care health insurance. I also have to pay for my dialyzer whenever I would change it and the dialyzer is not cheap which is why I have to extend its use so that I can be able to save some money so I will have to keep in mind to do that because it is still hard to earn money particularly now that even if you earn some, it is faster to spend it as the value of our FIAT currencies loses it buying power more than ever. That is why I do not buy anything that I do not need nowadays and just stick to what I have which still works although it served me in quite a number of years already like y laptop and my Smartphone. I also am not buying clothes shoes for the reason that I seldom needed those and I am just contented to use my old jeans or school trousers based on the occasion where I will go if it is a formal occasion or just for casual use then I will wear things accordingly. So here I am keeping things to be balanced where I have to really purchase what I need even though it will cost me much for one reason that their prices will soon rise as I foresee it particularly the price of fruits which we need for our diet. Right now I just purchased an expensive watermelon, the biggest yet but because the watermelon season is going away, it is more expensive but we discovered that it is not that ripe too and it has a thicker skin compared to the other type of watermelon that I want which is seedless. Soon I will have to buy other fruits which I seldom buy because of the pesticides that are applied unto them during their cultivation like the apples that I also bought with a seemingly reasonable price but its size is smaller than what I want but better because of its sweetness which is hard to come by and not being offered in the supermarkets.


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The green Apple is a bonus but maybe to compensate for the value of the pineapple.

Anyway, one big reason that I have to buy some roughage for our diet is mainly for my need to have fibers in my diet so that I can prevent constipation which is hard for me to experience for one reason that my body's muscles are not that normal in terms of strength, they are weak and it includes weakness too pass hard stools which happens when I do not eat vegetables and fruits because I use Calcium Carbonate in supplementing my bones its needed calcium plus its function to control my blood's phosphorus levels. Sometimes my parents would cook vegetables and they would not offer me that too whenever I would take my meal so I will be left out to just eat a small pack of pineapple chunks which I find to be not enough to add some roughage for my daily diet. It is just recently that I have to buy watermelon and mangoes because mangoes for one thing helps me finish-off some rice that I find hard to eat because of the viand, eating mangoes with rice helps me add calories to my diet although no matter how I tried I can never fulfill my caloric needs because of my physical limited capacity to put volume in my tummy aside from suffering a bad appetite issues. I also find watermelon to be a good source of fiber and it helps me with eating my meals as well. I find it so refreshing to eat watermelon although I can never had the chance to enjoy sweeter ones for the reason that I can never personally choose the one that I really wanted from the store. Although fruits are like gold these days, my need to consume them is an important part of mine and my parent's lives because of its benefits although we should be always on the safe side and eat only those fruits which are not heavily using pesticides or if they do we have clean them and then soaking them to baking soda solution before consuming them so that the pesticides can be destroyed or cause less harm to our bodies.



We all needed some fiber in our diet to help prevent illnesses of the gut like cancer of the colon because fibrous foods cleanses the intestines and hastens the elimination of waste products by being "regular".

Yes even fruits are dangerous to consume these days and we must be aware on what fruits are heavily using pesticides like what we commonly found in supermarkets like apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, etc. and can cause us to develop illnesses which is sad because we consume them to be more healthy and yet we are still having a risk of having illnesses because of the pesticides which some vegetables if not most are also using in order for the farmers to essentially feed the country with a better yield of these crops because otherwise they will not have so much production that it will mean a business failure in their part although if we look at it in another perspective people are better off not eating fruits and vegetables which pesticides are used than to have them and getting the risk of getting ill considering that we should consume more fruits and vegetables than ultra-processed foods which is just a mix of food and chemical like preservatives, texture and moisture-modifying agents, food colorings which is another chemical for the body like the yellow food color which triggers allergies to some people, etc. Chemicals added to food is one reason why people develops cancer which is why if we can, to cultivate our own foods like fruits and vegetables if not only buy and eat those that doesn't use pesticides and at the same avoiding supermarket foods which are ultra-processed as stated because the cells of our bodies will never get used to getting soaked in chemicals even if food authorities are saying that foods laden with such are safe to consume which really couldn't be more farther from the truth simply because they do not belong inside the body even in small quantities because eventually the body will gave-up and react and then illnesses will happen if you just look on what people eats, then you will determine if they will get sick or not.



Not all good=tasting food are good for the body as all of the ultra-processed foods fools the consumer because of invented attributes by attracting them with flavors, colors, textures, and taste which are all artificial and do not belong to the natural food groups and must not be consumed especially for a long periods of time.



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