Hoping not to suffer a heartbeat stoppage coz of my consumption of fruits and veggies like a Hippo eating a head of cabbage

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Although I have to keep in mind the amount of fruits that I would eat everyday, I couldn't help it but to assist my appetite by consuming fruits in season, vegetables, and my Moringa powder everyday because of a variety of reasons.

A big part of my diet is not rice nor meat because it always include fruits in season and a tablespoon of my Moringa powder in which I take once in a day. My parents are also not fond of eating meat particularly my mother which just wants stewed fish in vinegar, a viand locally known as "Paksiw" or a "Sinigang" using either a natural raw Tamarind fruits or a commercially available Tamarind stew mix. However my mother would cook Pork Sinigang or another stew with thin soup comprised of potatoes and a leafy green we call "Pechay" which is similar to "Bokchoi". Then for the vegetables she likes to always cook a simple vegetable soup with no meat ingredients but powdered seasoning only to make it palatable and she do not like it oily so it is like putting vegetables, garlic and onions and seasonings in a pot when she makes a vegetable dish and after boiling, then that's it. It is too bad that my mother has an allergy for shrimps and almost all crustaceans like blue crabs, etc. which is a good flavor enhancer for the said vegetable dish and so the vegetables would just taste bland although it is healthier that way rather than sautéing it all together using pork with pork fat and coconut cooking oil plus some shrimps and shrimp head juice extract like we always did before. In a very big way that diet of simple cooking with mainly fish and vegetable dish eaten with some rice is making my mother healthy and strong unlike other people in her age group who are both slow in mind and body. Me and my parents are also taking vitamins and minerals which both of us needs. like for example I am taking Calcium as a phosphate binder and to support my weakened bones. My parents are also taking them as I asked them to do so years ago to also prevent them from getting affected by bone weakening associated in old age although one cause of bone weakening is also due to the fact that in general most people aren't exposed enough to sunlight and generate an active form of Vitamin D which strengthens the bones by having the calcium that the consume to be assimilated by the body which will repair and patch the bone to make them strong as they age.



Most people indulge in foods which are tasty but is bad for the health particularly if it is consumed in regular and large amounts which the body cannot process anymore leading to cause some ailments to the organs of the body.

My parents also takes vitamins B1, B6, and B12 and it seems to be working well for my mother because of her very good appetite. That is why she can enjoy more of eating bland foods and then turning the foods which she consumes into energy which in turn she uses very quickly. So in many times you could here my mother complaining that she is already hungry and wanted to eat already. Both of my parents are eating healthy and sometimes it annoys me when my father would utter the cholesterol amount of what I will attempt to eat and thus making me lose my appetite. It is the reason that one of my Nephews fells intimidated when he visits the house for attending a small family gathering and makes him eat less than usual because my father is always telling him to not eat too much. So in turn my dear Nephew would just decide not to eat much food when he's Dad and the rest of them go for a visit in such occasions. You will ask why my father is telling my Nephew above to control his eating, it is because that Nephew of mine is quite fat which is unique in our family aside from my father eldest brother which is pot-bellied and actually died from a heart attack or a stroke if I can remember it which is both associated about having a very high blood pressure. Well anyway my father has a good point because my brother had developed a heart condition brought about by his rather unmoderated way of eating as he doesn't really too much of care on what he eats plus he has a good appetite because he might think that he is healthy and not minding about what and how much food that he consumes doesn't matter much. Well my brother developed a heart condition with is heart, he was probably already feeling the unusual heartbeat which prompted him to seek a medical advice from a cardiologist and so he was prescribed with medications. But that brother of mine is smart so he modified his lifestyle particularly his diet and did an intermittent fasting and it worked wonders for him because a few years ago he was scheduled to undergo a heart procedure to widen a heart artery over his heart. So preparations are made and later he is already placed on the surgery bed to let the doctor see the image of his heart with its affected artery which is scheduled to undergo a "widening" procedure, nut upon looking the doctor/surgeon told him that there is no more need for the supposed angioplasty because the heart artery in question is already unblocked. The procedure was cancelled and it did made us all happy. This is just to show that diet and what we eat will affect on how long we live and how much quality of life we can have if we just take care of what we put in our mouths. Now my brother's house has a gym and a music room where he together with his family use to have an active lifestyle and a healthy leisure time on the side not to mention about how my brother eats now so that he can maintain a healthy heart away from future ailments like what I discussed above.



It is a reality that people are overeating if not eating the right foods and in high frequency and the amount per meal which leads to health issues. It is now a fact for me as well that intermittent fasting has a reversible effect on certain heart ailments like a blocked heart artery by reducing the blockage considerably which causes the patient to get an improved heart health afterwards although they have to manage from thereon what foods which they should eat and continuing with their eating discipline, medications if necessary, and extra supplementation to maintain a happy and longer-living heart.

On the other hand, my appetite is just lower compared to before I started a medication to control my hyperparathyroidism issue which had pinned my appetite below ground and it never recovered from thereon even when I stopped that particular drug which caused me to alleviate my body pain but not enough to make it considerable enough for me to walk to the bathroom on my own like what my vitamin K2 MK=7 in particular did to me which is why my well-being had been raised quite a lot because it actually reversed the effect of so much parathyroid hormone in my body which is enough to cause me a miserable pain and bone deformity. I thank God a million times over because of this heaven-sent relief from the heavens because at least my bones didn't get worse with my leontiasis Ossea condition which i thought that will finish my existence... painfully. Anyway. I am somewhat forced to eat more than once a day, two meals per day at most while keeping in mind the amount that I take in or consume because of the factor of my limits considering that I have a poor appetite. I have to make it sure that I eat well in terms of nutritional value of the food I will eat but I have to help myself to literally "down" my food which in this case I would have to incorporate fruits which serves to give me a break for the bland taste of my regular food and it is the reason why I am eating ripe Mangoes and watermelon for the purpose. Eating fruits and vegetables everyday is also helping me in preventing the occurrence of a bad cases of constipation and it scared me a lot because of the difficulty which it brings or causes me when it happen. So if there is a vegetable to be had I must eat that too and lately I am aloo consuming Moringa powder which helped me a lot from such bowel movement issues plus its benefits for me in acquiring a very good nutrition source without much burdening my pockets from buying multivitamins anymore because of its high price considering that I will be just getting 40 capsules per box. Now what I am getting from my Moringa powder diet is the best of both worlds, heling me about preventing constipation and then getting nourished well because of the amount of nutrients that Moringa leaves has.



I can also attest to it that my heart is still healthy given the fact that I was tested for heart functions i.e., ECG and 2D Echo last march of this year 2024 and there are no reported hearts issues there although I saw that I have a gall stone and some fluids in my left lung but my heart is still at risk given the fact that I am eating fruits and vegetables which should be ok if not for the lower dose of the dialysis treatment that I am getting from my dialysis clinic. However I lasted this long without suffering from a heart stoppage resulting from a possible high elevation of Potassium in my system due to my diet for aforementioned reasons. I might conclude that I am somewhat still in the safe side of things with regards to my worry about that issue which I can't help to think about everyday because of my current condition. In conclusion to this, it is still a challenge for me to survive because it had gone complicated already but it will be up to God's mercy in deciding about my fate in this world alone and all that I can say with regards to how my life went is thanks that I ever witnessed this world and how to live normally even for a while and how it is like to survive with the most difficult illness in the world but with a real and living God in my life.



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