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RE: Joogsie - A Friend Few Will Know

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Joe, I wish you the best as you shepherd Joogsie through the final stages of her life. I've written a couple of very personal "animal posts" here on Steemit that I want to share with you:

How I Was Captured by a Surprisingly Unusual Cat
If You .Must. Leave Your Dog 🐶 Home Alone...

In both, I express my faith in the love that Jesus bears us, an my conclusion that He will one day restore our beloved animals to us. That is merely my considered opinion after a lifetime of faith and reading the bible. Both articles also link to this compilation of scripture that my friend Amy once shared with me:

What Does the Bible Say About Animals?


What a heartbreaking story but dont give up hope. Miracle happens everyday😊
My thoughts are with u. I have a dog and cat and they are family. Thx for sharing.

Hi, @saffisara,

Thanks for the kind words.

As far as I know, Joogsie, who belongs to @anotherjoe, has recovered and is doing fine. But you could ask him by leaving a comment under the main article... ;)

Ahh ok 😊 Im so glad Joogsie is doing fine. Thank u for the info.
Have a great week