A Penny for Your Thoughts: Literally, My Comment Upvotes Are Worth a Penny!

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A long time ago I did some research on steemit and knew this day would potentially come and how much impact it would have.


Was listening to this latest Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson and felt inspired to write a post that has been on my mind for sometime. I have noticed since the update any comment upvote of mine gives the user a penny or so worth of steem. Jordan alludes to how something simple can represent something much larger and more complex. People that comment on this post will be given a penny worth of steem, simple in reality but complex in conception.

How great is it to be able to monetize ideas and finance positive interactions between people. A place where reputation has actual real world value and only substance is rewarded. As of now the main stream social networks have no mechanism close to what steemit offers in regards to this. I feel the impact is way beyond the simple process of giving a penny for a comment I appreciate.

I am not alone in this realization and it is obvious from the recent interest and price increase of the network. Luckily my joining of the bandwagon was early and the investment substantial. This has given me the ability now to reward those contributing to my process and to receive rewards for my contribution to theirs.

This is no simple feat I promise you and the impact will be what I thought it would be some time ago. The podcast does a better job of explaining the social hierarchy than I ever could in this post so I urge you to check it out. If you are reading this than I can say with a level of certainty you will enjoy it thoroughly.

No doubt we are in chaotic times, our weapon and defense is truth. Steemit is a great venue to document this truth for two major reasons. First being its immutable nature and second being the reward/reputation mechanism. Coming here to post trash and hate will get you no where only original amazing content succeeds to some degree. I am always impressed by the trending page and the level to which some authors go in their posts, we all know who they are.

I love you all and this platform is giving me hope for the future along with the possibilities of decentralized blockchain technologies. It is our world to inherit and run as we see fit, not only will we be able to we will do it better than anyone could have dreamed. Make sure to leave a comment below to get your penny!



!!!! I just found out about " steemit" and I am Telling as many people about it as I can...
This is definitely a game changing tool for the common person! this site will allow third word citizens living in poverty to leverage them self to a livable income ! that is powerful!!!
namaste! jesse2you

Yes, the unbanked population gets overlooked.

Fantastic post you wrote here that resonated with me. This sector of industry and innovation is going to fundamentally change the way our species is, in my opinion. Financial stability will allow people to follow what they enjoy doing and I think in the whole this will allow the betterment of the majority as oppose to the way it has been for thousands of years. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @codydeeds! Gave you a follow :)

Thank you for your comment, spend that nickle wisely! I agree with you a hundred percent. When explaining bitcoin to people I start out at the dawn of civilization when we went from a nomadic to sedentary life style. Once we started storing food in a central location we had to develop systems and structures to protect it. Bitcoin is the first in my opinion decentralized secure method of storage.

Thank you kindly, that is a great way to get the gears going. It is indeed, I want to at some point in the future invest in the hardware necessary for me to provide just a little more decentralization to the network.

Great post. I like how you put it into perspective that what we have here on steemit is unique and empowering!

Thank you, it is very appreciated.

Of course, it was my pleasure :D
By the way if you're looking for an interesting series to read on steemit then check out the first two entries to my new series, "Free Energy."
It might prove an interesting psychological treat to masticate mentally. :)
Steem on fellow steemer!

I just noticed today that my votes are a penny or two as well! I think that the new changes are working, especially during the alt bubble. $1 Steem seemed like it never would come, but now that it is flirting with it, it still seems cheap!

The price is relative, it's the potential that attracted me.

Discovered steemit yesterday, finished the sign in today and am currently exploring and learning on the fly. Congratulations on your success and the idea of potential growth :)

Congratulations on finding the platform, welcome to the tip of the spear!

Great post, well written!

Thank you souch for your post, it was veru interesting for me)))

Nice post !


Thank you! Follow you !

I'm just thrilled to be able to leave more value on a vote. It does feel like a nice way to support the work of others. Back in the 'penny for your thoughts,' day a penny was actually worth something. Maybe, 'dolphin vote for your thoughts,' will be worth even more in the future, the way things are going. ;)

Ha! I'll probably always be a minnow, but the way this place is set up makes me think it has better staying power than Facebook. The penalties for discourtesy and rewards for contribution seem well balanced.

I kind of thought that way too but it turned out to be not too hard to just keep at things and make my way into a larger amount. I've purchased some too (and sold some) so I guess my Steem is not just from my direct activities here, although it feels like it mostly is.

I'm very new here and have only begun to get my feet wet with all of this. I will have to add that podcast to my list. Thanks for the post!

What ! only one penny for my thought !

Name your price.


I am fascinated, too how far the community members go. Like a village. Amazing. And like a village together we'll be strong!

I'm glad I came across this! I'm new to the community and was just poking around to see how things work and this provided great perspective for me.

I've just become aware of Jordan myself. I haven't seen to many of his videos but I've liked what I've seen so far.

Wow, my votes are five cents now, crazy! Same here, I had heard his last podcast but it seems like he has really had time to dwell on the situation and what is happening. Love the part where Joe said they fucked with the wrong guy because his arguments are truly immutable.

He has a podcast?! Or is that Joe's you're talking about?

He was on Joe's podcast but has a YouTube channel linked in the description of the link in the post.

I Love This Concept on Getting Paid For Your Thoughts . I Am Trying Steemit Out, I Wrote A Few Things On This Site And It Feels Liberating ! I Also Reading Other People's Writing It Is very Enjoyable ! I Hope More And More People Come On Aboard ! Lets Destroy FB,Twitter,and Youtube !

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