Bringing Cisco Home

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Bringing Cisco Home

Hello all. My name is Charlesynquette Duncan. My boyfriend, Casey Cain, and I planned a 6-month trip to Acapulco, Mexico. Two weeks into our trip, I found out I was pregnant. We decided to stay for the remainder of our trip, thinking we could leave to have our baby in the US. We did not foresee my doctor ordering me to bed-rest 4 months into our trip. Not only did this put us over our allowed time in Mexico, but we also had to deliver our beautiful baby boy, Cisco Ahimsa (born August 14th), here in Acapulco instead of in Florida.

Since we are outside of the country, I was not able to use my insurance, and since we did not know we were going to be pregnant for our trip, we did not plan for hospital bills. Now we are stuck in Mexico until we can pay the hospital bills. We are also running dangerously low on the money we had saved for food, diapers, and insulin (Casey is diabetic).

We want to get home to our families, especially since we have Cisco now. We are asking for $6500 USD to help pay for the hospital bills as well as insulin and our flight back to Florida. We are running out of time. I have attached a link to our GoFundMe page and we will also accept any crypto donations (addresses down below) if this is an easier alternative to USD. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


BITCOIN CASH - qz2llen5cqp63guukdrrzk66m2xa4m7hxu6v46pqav


DASH - XyjG15MPfrDjFHbjhZZkd4ZmwA7NxfWUWW

ZCASH - t1JdTMbbaTUrogiWMBFKTS27b32UgzdnRX4

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Hi Guys! Congrats!!!!

I am soooooooo happy for you guys.

Way to go Mama!

Cisco is so beautiful!

I will keep posting your post onto below to get the word out.

Sent your Steemit wallet $50 STEEM


Love you all.

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Love you too and thank you so much! Raising Cisco is the light at the end of this long tunnel ❤

I am glad to see some friends and contacts of mine show YOU support.
Thanks @ranchorelaxo , @haejin , @canadian-coconut , @acidyo , @familyprotection , @truckerlife-family , @spiceddragon ,
Hope to see more friends upvote you but I know a lot of them are at or going to "Burning Man"

Please do a follow up post, include about the US Embassy BS.

thanks also to @thethreehugs

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That should be pretty easy to get. I hope you find your way. Or heck just be an Illegal in Mexico its cheaper to live there. Much less GMO's and Chemtrails. Actually you now have an anchor baby to stay there with.

The 7655 peso bill was just one of 6 bills we paid, and was one of the cheaper ones. Our highest bill was 41,000 pesos, second highest was 26,000 pesos.... And we would like to stay; it is really nice here. Unfortunately, there are no stable forms of income, not enough to support a diabetic and a new-born.

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Thanks for responding. I do hope you can find your way home.

Might consider using midwives next time you get pregnant. Remember medical practice is just that "medical practice"
Even at US Prices Midwives are less than 3 K for the entire term of a pregnancy. Even if you need bed rest for 3 months.
I have heard some bad stories from other expats about DHS.
There are many folks living in Mexico from the us and other western countries very cheaply. @dollarVigilante @freebornangel being two I know of that are on steemit.

Btw the baby is very beautiful and looks happy now!

Our plan was to have an at-home water birth for Cisco with our doula. Unfortunately, he was in a breech position (feet first). Also, when he came out, he was not breathing at first. We needed to be in the hospital.... With all of that behind us, we are super happy to have Cisco home! He is just so adorable!

It says $ though.

I read the receipt and it talks about pesos.
You know keyboards don't have a Peso symbol so you might get that even when its not dollars.
In other countries they might give you the code for their currency on receipts. Like these

Anyway the original poster confirmed what I thought.

Pretty steep prices for Mexican healthcare but maybe its because they knew it was Americans they were charging?

Hi guys. So beautiful. I missed the link somehow but I saw just now. Check your email. It's not much I hope it helps. XXXOOO

Anything helps, thank you so much❣

Sharing and you got my 100% upvote. It's not much but I'm supporting! Keep the faith!

Any amount helps. Thank you so much!

Well keep this up and I'll be happy to keep voting!

My what a beautiful baby! My wife and I will be having our baby soon. In the next 2 to 4 weeks. We are having a boy.
Sadly my vote is only worth a penny or else I'd upvote you more. Don't worry, be patient, you are getting a lot of support here so you should be able to pay your hospital bills soon I would think. Good luck and take care of that baby :-).

Thank you! And congratulations! Cisco has been such a joy in our lives, especially through this difficult situation.

I'm sorry, I can not help with anything other than my positive vote. However, they will be present in my prayers so that they can successfully exit from that situation. Much trust in God.

Thank you for the prayers friend!

All my steem is tied up in steempower, so this is the best I can do for now. Also my steempower is running low. Followed you so I be reminded to assist when I can. I bookmarked the link to your go fund me page. I shared your link on my facebook page. Hope it helps! I will be able to send a few $ in about a week. God bless you and your beautiful family!!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection.

Your words are support enough! Hearing positive messages and prayers sent our way are helping us through this tough time as much as money would. Thank you so much for anything and everything you do!

Yes, a strong support system can help us get thru anything!

A beautiful baby full of enjoyment in the world. Thank you Lord.

He is so precious and wonderful!

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