When lack of budget keeps you from getting the job you want

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Dear Steemit Friends,

I recently interviewed for a new job and felt that the interview went really well. I went through the first round interview, the second round interview, and was invited back for the third and final round interview in which I did surprisingly well. The hiring manager told even advised me that she wanted to move forward with an offer and that I would hear from them within the next week with the offer details - post labor day.

A week went by and I was beginning to think another candidate had ended up doing better then me, so I sent a followup. I assumed that it would probably take a couple of days (coming from a holiday weekend) for them to decide and come up with the details for the offer - including getting all of the approvals. HR/Recruitment replied immediately and said that the hiring manager had planned to contact me within the week. I thought to myself "OK - this aligns with the message that the hiring manager told me once we completed the final round of interviews." She was also copied on the response from the HR/Recruitment team.

A day had gone by and it was now Thursday but I had still not heard back from anyone. This of course was a concern since the direction was that I was to get an offer and at least deserved a response letting me know that they were at least still working on the offer. I started to think of all kinds of scenarios which might have led to them changing their mind or deciding that I may not be the right fit for the post. I also assumed that because it was Thursday and because hiring managers and management typically choose Fridays (which was the following day) as typical days to deliver bad news, that I would most likely get an update the next day re-enforcing my concern that I did not get the post.

Sure enough at 2PM today (Friday) I got a call from the hiring manager reinforcing their initial statement that I was a perfect candidate for the role... however... due to budget they could not act on the REQ that they had created to fill the position that they needed to fill. This of course was disheartening. To know that I in fact was chosen for a post but could not get it because of budget constraints. The hiring manager followed up by saying that they still wanted to hire me, however they would need to wait until the November/December timeframe when budget is no longer an issue given that it is a part of a new quarters budget.

This of course is both good news and bad news. Good because I know I have something as long as I can wait for the budget. Bad because I need to wait and currently am not working and therefor not generating any income to pay for my daily expenses. In addition to that they cannot guarantee that the budget will be available to actually hire for the position in November/December as mentioned. Just some insight to my current situation - as most of my followers know from my recent post I have been working and living in the Philippines as an expat for the past 11 years. I recently ended that assignment and moved back to the US and was hoping to continue working my previous employer and this was one of the more promising prospects I had.

I am now back in the US, with new expenses, and living on savings, which will need to cover me until I can secure something that will sustain me. I always wanted to make Steemit my full time career, so I guess you can say this is jumping right into the fire - even though this is not the way I wanted to transition. I of course will continue looking for something, while at the same time continue my Steemit activities, and hoping that in November/December that the post I was selected for materializes (unless I find something elsewhere.)

This also puts into perspective why I support communities such as Steemit and alternative income streams that are web based - such as crypto currency. One cannot rely on the "real world" to always be there and be a secure source of income. It get's increasingly more difficult to find jobs and security that will last and be available. Although nothing in life is guaranteed, I feel that the internet, decentralized organizations, and technology are more promising are more sustainable and more promising in this day and age. It's also more cost effective which in the end, leads to longer-term sustainability.

How many of you feel the same way or have ever run into a similar situation? What would you do if the same thing happened to you? I would love to hear your stories. As always Thanks for reading. If you can relate to this post or even if you just enjoyed reading it, please Follow, Upvote, Comment, Resteem and let me know what you think in the comments below

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I had a similar situation. I transitioned from a private school to a government agency. I resigned in May, I thought I could start right away but they told me they have to wait for the contract approval and budget from the main office. I waited more than a month with very little income left from the former job. I volunteered anyway, reporting for "training" just to get to know the ropes. I wanted the job badly, so I had to make sacrifices. It was difficult financially but worth the wait. Finally signed late July that same year and been in this agency for more than seven years. 😊


Nice @shellany. Hopefully I'm just as lucky as you. It's always nice to work for a company and a job you enjoy.

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Many thanks sister @bearone!


A BIG FAT of UPVOTE for @cloh76 ^_-

Congratulations! Always deserving =)

Supporting you and my team *btw they a lot of them are also stubborn to vote, they keep messing it up!!! lol just like my first time voting, remember? lol I have to teach them very soon... More power! Thank you for all your help and support =)

Have a blast on your wedding!! I'll send my gift in a box lol!

I booked marked your link so I won't forget about you lol... Life on Steemit gets busier every day, can you imagine? haha


Thank you @bearone for sending me the link xoxo! <3<3


Thanks @purepinay. Yep hopefully everyone starts to use their votes for Active witnesses.


We are campaigning for our witnesses now @cloh76 dont you worry :)

@purepinay lols you did give him a big fat upvote xoxo i love you too

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"Strive to enter through the narrow door; for many, I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able


Amen. Im sure there is a plan for me!

We have similar experience, I was also interviewed by a once prominent and rich company, in other words they are starting to come up after bankruptcy. However due to low budget they were not able to hire me although I am their best option since I already have experience and knowledge regarding their process. They told me that if they hire me, salary would probably get delayed but they are willing to give me partial payment just to sustain my daily living. But they decided to hire someone else and told me that they'd contact me as soon as they are confident enough to pay full.


Sorry to hear that. I hope you are ok now and have an alternative to fall back on.


I'm doing steemit as of the moment, but still waiting for the call of the other company that I applied for.

Hope all works out well soon @cloh76. Sending prayers your way.


Thanks Luvabi.

I'm so sorry to hear that @cloh76.
Sending great vibes your way. I'm hoping an opportunity comes up that will be perfect for you.


Thanks @bearone. Only 2 months wait if nothing else comes along. I just can't go on any spending Spree's 😓


I hear ya bro. I need you to pop on discord if you can so we can have a chat. :) Go on invisible if you dont want to get swamped lol


I'll be back on late next week. Wedding this Sunday and then need to build a new PC. Once that is done I will be back on regularly.


This Sunday!!! Yay!! Pics! We want pics!

Good luck! Make sure you have tissues in your pocket!!

Ok, but you know you can get discord on your phone right :P

We have to work hard in this life to make a "job" from what you love most! it is exactly what i'm doing with parkour


nice @malos10. Have always wanted to try parkour.

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I know the feels man. Im now grateful for how my office is so quick on these matters. I will hope you the best. Perhaps you can join in a program we are really using now here in Davao to generate some income. I'll send you a DM in discord


Thanks @aace234. I'll check your DM once I get back on discord

This is a common problem in our country too. The budget shortage does not allow giving work to skilled specialists. I wish you to find the job of your dreams! At the moment this platform is my only earnings too.


Thanks for the support. Im hoping I can start soon as well. If not, I hope my Steemit career picks up as well to be able to sustain myself.

That sucks. I hope something works out for you soon.


Thanks. Me too. Taking things day-by-day

Yes, this is a harsh reality that we need to cope up. We've got to do what we have to do with what we have and Steemit is of the resources.

As for the Nobember/December offer, I wouldn't count on it. There's just too many things that can happen in that time.


Unfortunately Im an optimist :D

That also doesn't mean I'll settle and wait. I'm working on my own things at the moment and looking at the same time.


Yeah, we all need optimism every now and then and I'm glad you have that in you. :)

I have had a similar experience a few years back and it happened not only once but 3 times. I felt aggravated those times. I had to think for back ups. Started a small business and worked online. Though I still need to find other alternatives to earn, for now, it's all good.


Sorry to hear that. Im glad things are working out for you though.

You deserve a witness vote @cloh76! I will encourage my steemit laborers to cast their votes for you.


Thanks! I appreciate it!

At the moment, I'm the same without a job, we have it hard to find. And I also rely on the Internet and I think that it will be future. Keep everything going well.


Yep. The internet and social media are the future and everyone will become their own employers.

I love ur post..that i upvoted n resteemed, too.hope u like my posts,too..
It wld be of great help.thankyou