Spring is in the air! There is a lot of work to do in our garden in France, but that's good for body and soul.

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After a few beautiful days with a lot of sunshine, it is again raining a lot and if it isn't raining, like today, it is cloudy and colder than a few days ago.

But, spring is in the air. I will show you today that it is really getting spring here in the Morvan (Burgundy/France).

What do you think of this little one, which grows in the gravel in our garden.


There is a lot of work to do in the garden these few weeks we are here in France. So I try to work as much as I can.

Before I could start mowing the grass for the first time, I first had to tackle the many molehills. We do not want to catch the moles in traps, they are useful animals, but it is, unfortunately, the case that the molehills make a mess of the grass.


The earth of the molehills is very fertile and I used the earth for the vegetable garden. It is more work than you can imagine because there are many many stones in the earth and I tried to remove them as good as I could.
After excavating the molehills, I immediately sowed some grass seed on the empty spots.


The herbs are already growing fast in my vegetable garden and on the right side you can see the garlic I planted in the autumn.


To my delight, the raspberries that I planted last year are starting to grow again, you can see them standing on the grass that I have yet to remove.


Everywhere in the garden, the buds of the different bushes break out. You see them growing every day.





I am Dutch as you might know, so I planted also some tulip bulbs in my garden. In the Netherlands, they are already blooming but here it takes more time, but soon they will blossom.


I have a little more than a week here, so I hope the sun will shine a lot (but I am afraid the weather forecast says more rain).

Well, I should be grateful, I know that some areas in this world have almost no rain at all! And I have to admit that working in the garden is good for your body and it makes your head clear and you forget your worries, so it is also good for the soul.

I wish you all a nice day,


Le soleil arrive @clio, ne désespérez pas.
Je vous trouve bien courageuse et patiente d'aplatir chaque monticule de taupe. J'espère que l'herbe repoussera vite dessus!
Je suis comme vous, très occupée dans le jardin, et c'est vraiment le meilleur endroit pour se ressourcer. Quand je suis énervée je vais arracher les mauvaises herbes et cela me calme. :)
Bon séjour dans le Morvan et racontez-nous vos aventures avec les taupes.

I do the same, working in the garden clears my head and 'arracher les mauvaises herbes". helps the best.

@clio your presence is requested to see the Krazy blog post I wrote about someone special I follow.

I'm very interested in your opinion on the matter.

Oh, yes, you are absolutely right, my friend, even in spite of the weather in the yard and in the shower is already spring and this is a wonderful feeling! Excellent photos and they clearly show that life wakes up from the winter and plants begin a new life. Of course, the work you have now is very much to be added, but I think it's a pleasant effort and to engage in a garden gives you pleasure, I hope. Thanks Clio and I wish you a great time in the garden!

Thank you very much @serkagan, and yes it is a lot of work but very rewarding.

aw....a grape hyacinth....I love those - they smell soooo beautiful!

Working the garden is hard work....and back breaking....but I love it too. I'm so out of shape after this winter so I'll have to take things slowly.

We don't have the weather yet, but it's never too early to start on the clean up. Our temps are hovering around 2C still. The forecast still calls for wet snow this week!! Spring will come is my mantra - it has to.

Your garden is huge!!! And I'm jealous - I love raspberry bushes....the fruit is so amazing right off the branch. I used to have strawberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes in our old house. Now our yard is too small to have that kind of garden. It was either a garden or a dog. We have a dog.

Thanks, I didn't know they were called grape hyacinth, but I understand the name completely.
I am sorry to hear it is still so cold where you live. Here it is approx. 15/17 degrees Celsius, so you can go outside in your t-shirt.
My garden is not so huge as it seems, but it is still a lot of hard work.
I have also strawberry plants in the garden but last year they were all eaten by birds we only could save one strawberry. I hope this year we can taste more than one because they are really sweet and delicious.
A garden or a dog! Well you know, life is making choices all the time and you wrote about the dog. It is a lovely dog and I understand the choice you made.

We had that problem with the birds too - esp with the raspeberry bushes. We ended up putting some netting over the top which stopped most the eating. Some still found a way under and needed to be rescued, especially the robins.

Yes, Abbey was the easy choice :)

It's still too cold to get properly stuck in here! But it is coming, I can feel it in the air :O)

You are right, and you can smell it also, especially when it has rained. A special scent that tells us spring will come soon.

I know the one! I can't wait for it to get started, I love the good weather

I wish spring would arrive here. We are working on grass. But I am ready to get a garden going. Everytime we think winter is over with we get another round of snow. Normal temps this ti.e of year is in the 60s we have been in the 30s today it got to 41. Thursday it is suppose to be in the 70s Friday too before dropping down to the. 50s. I am hoping this means spring is finally here. It is April I should not still be getting photos like these.

It looks like it is still winter in your town, I hope spring will soon arrive.
You have to start all over again in your garden, so that is more difficult than for me, 'all' I have to do is maintain my garden.
How is your new home? I hope it is very satisfying to finally live there.

I am loving it. I just wish spring would finally arrive so we can tackle the property.

Improvement on anything natural is super rewarding actually I guess. Being outdoors and doing something nice (with result!)

Yes, it is!! I do hope my efforts will have some result, but otherwise, then it was good exercise.:)

Beautiful photos, it all really comes to life and wakes up, even this flower grew among the stones. What a strong desire to live. Thank you for the interesting post.

Thank you for your comment. Yes, the little flower has a very strong desire to live, all alone between the stones.

Looks like you know farming and gardening.
I also have a small garden :)
Beautiful photography

Also in a small garden, you can plant some vegetables and flowers. It is so nice to see them grow!

You have a lovely garden, Clio. It is coming along nicely already. Who will look after it when you return to Holland? Weeds and moles wait for no woman!

No, I know! We will return at the beginning of June and then I can start all over again. But there is someone who will mow the grass for me so I don't need a scythe to mow the grass:)(I would probably cut my own legs if I did).
And my American neighbor returns to France at the and of April and she will water my plants if it should be very dry in May.

Good to have someone at least looking in while you are away.

you are great ,,,thanks for share ,,,i appreciate you
its really important,,your shared are looking great photos

awesome photography that you share here,,thanks for posting
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Wonderful nature, very nice post, thanks for sharing

wow! that's a beautiful nature photography.
keep it up

the start of your garden looks lovely, I can not wait for spring to decide to visit here, middle of april and this is what my yard looks like, eeeek!

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