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RE: Spring is in the air! There is a lot of work to do in our garden in France, but that's good for body and soul.

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aw....a grape hyacinth....I love those - they smell soooo beautiful!

Working the garden is hard work....and back breaking....but I love it too. I'm so out of shape after this winter so I'll have to take things slowly.

We don't have the weather yet, but it's never too early to start on the clean up. Our temps are hovering around 2C still. The forecast still calls for wet snow this week!! Spring will come is my mantra - it has to.

Your garden is huge!!! And I'm jealous - I love raspberry bushes....the fruit is so amazing right off the branch. I used to have strawberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes in our old house. Now our yard is too small to have that kind of garden. It was either a garden or a dog. We have a dog.


Thanks, I didn't know they were called grape hyacinth, but I understand the name completely.
I am sorry to hear it is still so cold where you live. Here it is approx. 15/17 degrees Celsius, so you can go outside in your t-shirt.
My garden is not so huge as it seems, but it is still a lot of hard work.
I have also strawberry plants in the garden but last year they were all eaten by birds we only could save one strawberry. I hope this year we can taste more than one because they are really sweet and delicious.
A garden or a dog! Well you know, life is making choices all the time and you wrote about the dog. It is a lovely dog and I understand the choice you made.

We had that problem with the birds too - esp with the raspeberry bushes. We ended up putting some netting over the top which stopped most the eating. Some still found a way under and needed to be rescued, especially the robins.

Yes, Abbey was the easy choice :)

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