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RE: Spring is in the air! There is a lot of work to do in our garden in France, but that's good for body and soul.

in #life4 years ago

I wish spring would arrive here. We are working on grass. But I am ready to get a garden going. Everytime we think winter is over with we get another round of snow. Normal temps this ti.e of year is in the 60s we have been in the 30s today it got to 41. Thursday it is suppose to be in the 70s Friday too before dropping down to the. 50s. I am hoping this means spring is finally here. It is April I should not still be getting photos like these.


It looks like it is still winter in your town, I hope spring will soon arrive.
You have to start all over again in your garden, so that is more difficult than for me, 'all' I have to do is maintain my garden.
How is your new home? I hope it is very satisfying to finally live there.

I am loving it. I just wish spring would finally arrive so we can tackle the property.

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