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This might sound like I’m contradicting some of the things I’ve said before, but its not really the case. For many years now I’ve been a firm believer that as much as we may meet a lot of people, call many of them friends, there is a small group of them who will really earn your complete trust.


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Selecting who they are, or even getting to meet them is a journey in itself, but no doubt they are very few that you are bound to meet, and we all must learn to appreciate them profoundly.

I’m not saying that we should not be friendly with those who don’t belong to our inner circle, nothing that drastic. I’m simply saying that being aware of who they are, being grateful and even expressing that gratitude to them is something I’ve chosen not to skip.

I know I often talk on this blog about success, what I believe it means, the search for it that everyone should have in their hearts. So today, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about another aspect of success: having the right people by your side.

Think about this for one second: What good would it do to have it all, if there was noone there to share it with? - The answer is so simple and gray, that it rattles my core. Even if we accumulated all the riches of the world they would not mean much at all.

This is precisely why I think its important to have this reminder, to think about everyone around us a potential partner, as someone that could be part of that inner circle. The people that will stand by your side no matter in what stage of life you are in, that don’t call you friend only when you can do something for them, but when they want to do something for you.

There are risks, I won’t lie about that. I made some mistakes too. I’ve trusted someone before that turned out to not be honest in the end. But with enough practice you learn to recognize those who are sincere, those who mean the words they speak and show you true friendship with actions.

If I had one good life advice to give someone who is feeling alone in the trenches of life, it would be to this.

“Find your inner circle as soon as you can, find your allies, your brothers, your sisters and then nurture those bonds as often as you can, because when life throws you curveballs, they will be the ones to come and events merit celebrations they will bring the bottle of wine.”

Until next time

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The vast majority of us have companions, or if nothing else one companion—somebody we invest energy with, somebody who knows us superior to anything others do, somebody we can rely on when the need emerges. It's been said that a companion is a blessing that we give ourselves. However, what amount of time do we truly spend pondering those individuals who matter more to us then the various individuals we meet and cooperate with for the duration of our life, here and there including family?

The significance of companionship. There's almost certainly that a companion adds to the completion of life. Validness, genuineness, and trust are characteristics we hope to discover in a companion. There's an understanding that the coupling together of individuals in fellowship enables every one of us to characterize and understand an important life.

"The dialect of fellowship isn't words however implications."

"At the point when the character of a man isn't obvious to you, take a gander at his companions."

A decent companion shows up regardless. A genuine companion underpins and supports us, endures our weaknesses, acknowledges us unequivocally, and tends to us regardless.

A genuine companion strolls in (notwithstanding when they'd rather be elsewhere), when every other person is exiting. With a genuine companion the dividers descend and you can be your identity without fear. A decent companion knows you well—now and then superior to anything you do yourself—and isn't reluctant to reveal to you things you would prefer not to let yourself know. A companion is available for you regardless of what time or day it is.

"A genuine companion is somebody who conceives that you are a decent egg despite the fact that he realizes that you are somewhat split."

"It is one of the endowments of old companions that you can bear to be dumb with them."

At last I only say

Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me , I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.


[email protected] Youre right true friends are always there wether rich or poor always counting each side. Nice choice of word it moves my heart.

Im a big fan of your writing skills
Really you are a great person with awesome writing skills
I want to be a bloget like you 😃😃😃😃😃

Thanks for your response
I feel glad today because I interacted with you 😍😍😍😍😍

seems he love you


the true friends are very little, and the fake friends are various!!

very much correct! I remember so many people

Terrific post. Sadly, the younger generation think friends are those who are on their social media platforms.
Yes, that true friend will be with you until either you or they pass from this life.

My best friend and companion


Friends change these days as much as the meaning. If you find just one true friend, not including your partner. Who is there your whole life... You are the lucky ones!!!
Great post but this convo can go so deep there's not enough 1's and 0's
Have a great day beautiful steemanity 🙈

Hard to tell who true friends are vs. fake friends. But real friends will support you through thick & thin, they won't need anything in order to visit you, they will offer to help you with your finances whenever possible, they will call you randomly to make sure you are doing well, overall they will always have the best intentions in mind for you no matter what.

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Often we avoid risk because we are not ready to accept the consequences. Without realizing it, we have been trapped in the comfort zone for too long.

In fact, like Mario Teguh's success words, the risks and success basically come together. Never expect success if you don't dare to face the risk behind it.

I think sometimes in life friendship becomes more important than the relations because we cannot choose our relatives (blood relatives) but we are free to choose friends. A true friend is a valuable asset. It is not important to make lots of friends but it is important to make true friends. It is not important if friend list is long but it is important that friendship may stay long.
We all have friends but only some of them make a close group-a inner circle as you mentioned. They really matters and make much impact on our life. However, a friend in need a friend indeed.
Nice thoughts dear. Have a great time.

Good see you @akdx - All the best!

Thank you dear!

I agree with you... I have always felt that I love my friends more than my family, because I chose my friends, whereas love for my parents and siblings is implied due to our blood bond. Maybe it's wrong of me to say that way, but it feels right. At the end of the day, when you're in your darkest hour, who do you turn to for help or guidance? When you've got good news, who do you tell it to first? In my case, it's those few crazy bastards I chose to befriend.

When you've got good news, who do you tell it to first? In my case, it's those few crazy bastards I chose to befriend.

The bond of friendship is a thing which connects two souls. One can develop this feeling also for his/her family members. A good communication is necessary for being familiar with our own family members too.

Hello how are you, I agree with you ... I have always been selective with my friends ... I treat everyone, I share with them, I help them, I laugh with them, I pray them ... but my civilized .. My friends really are very few. For me a friend is the one who is with you in good times and bad, who rejoices in your triumphs and who feels your sadness, who shows that they want the best for you, who advises you regardless of what you do not like what is going on to say because he wants the best for you ... there are very few who are really friends ... that's why I treat many ... but really only 3 friends ... and also my husband and my mother are and they will always be my best friends .... Of the 3 friends that I mentioned to you I can say 100% what I'm sure they are with me in the good times and the bad ones and they want the best for me ... equally I love them . They are my friends really!

My daughter is sad because she says she has few friends ... and I always tell her, it's better to have a real friend than 100 friends who really are not ... (I hope you can really understand what I meant. I am writing with the google translator because I speak Spanish, and the translator changes some words) Have an excellent Sunday.

Good see you @blessed-girl. Have a good Week!!!

I actually think you are a pretty good writer and that you put together a nice post.

Flagged for disagreement with rewards, because you don't need to award yourself .938 while the price is this low. Maybe settle for a little less.

Keep doing what you do though.

Yes there is no doubt that this man has very good writing skills.
I also wanna like him and I am giving my 100% to this platform I have joined here only a week ago and I loved to write blogs. I loved to Share ideas and loved to read such a Well designed article..
Have You time for me to appreciate my efforts...
If yes then have a look how desperately I am working on such an amazing platform..
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Nice words!

As some artists said ... if you want to know someone very well ( this one suits in the artistic world) take him with you on tour :-)

Maybe it can be applied in the normal world as well ... sometime people don't understand the boundaries of normality between helping someone and taking advantages on him ...

Nice subject with long debates on it ... thanks for sharing it

Regards @chbartist

Regards @chbartist

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A large part of my business model is focused on interpersonal relationships. Humans are social creatures and we constantly engage in relationships with others through work, school, social media and elsewhere. Human connection is an important part of our lives, and we make a point to interact with the people we feel closest to.

It’s great to have a lot of friends. However, the key is to have the proper social interactions and the proper interpersonal relationships to achieve success and happiness in your life. Not everyone is going to be in support of your success and your dreams. Who are you going to let into your circle?

That’s why I love the term “circle of influence.” You probably interact with multiple people a day: employees, co-workers, parents, spouses, friends, children. These are all great relationships to have.

But let’s challenge ourselves for a minute. Make a list of the people you interact with on a monthly basis (continuously). This doesn’t include the woman at the checkout counter at the local grocery store -- really think. Narrow that list down to the five people you interact with the most. Don’t create judgments around these people just yet. This should be a true list of who is within your current circle, the people who you essentially have the closest relationships with.

Extra credit time: Can you think of anyone in your life currently who can help make you a better person? Write down five (a different five people) if you can. If you don’t have anyone in your life who could possibly be a mentor, think about whose life you may want to learn from.

How do we determine who is truly inside or outside our circle of influence?

The Outsiders

So often we try to fill our inner circle with as many family, friends, co-workers, etc., as possible to seem like we have it all. It is in our nature to look for trust, love and acceptance. But when we fill our circle with too many people, especially people who are not helping us grow as individuals, we don't create time for the strong interpersonal relationships that can help us succeed. We are wasting time on people who are not influencing us positively, people who are not giving us the energy we are giving them.

Below are five questions I use to determine whether I should let someone into my circle of influence. If you can answer “yes” to all four questions, then you can allow this person into your circle. You want to choose people who will help you strive to be the best entrepreneur, business owner, boss and person you can be.

The Winners

Think of your circle of influence like a team. You want the best players on your team so you have the best chance of winning, right? There are five players on the court for a basketball game per team, just like the five people in your circle of influence.

So, let’s imagine you’re the point guard. That’s your strong suit. You need to find other players who are better at rebounding and shooting to build up your team. Your circle of influence does not have to be restricted to just five teammates; however, you should absolutely restrict the number of people within your circle. What are your weaknesses? Find people who can make you better in the areas that you need it most. Find people who align with your values and your journey.

Great words @sanjaythakkar and thank you for your time.

A friend in need, a friend indeed

A bit of a sense of humor, I like that. Since he's stated his hasn't found anyone on here to add to his inner circle your phrase would encompass the majority here.

True friends can be tested through time and at your lowest moment. There will always be there when your down and lonely, supports you and uplift you in times of trouble - in this moment, true friends shine among others who pretend to be your friend.

I have heard it said that you are only as successful as your 5 closest friends

I am surely on your side of the fence when there is an argument whether having an inner circle of friends and confidantes are the real reasons that are making all the difference in your life as far as success and happiness is concerned.
There have been many studies that show that satisfying relationships are associated with better health, greater happiness and a longer life. A Harvard grant study released earlier this year revealed that loving relationships were the key to physical and emotional wellbeing. The research involved the study of men for close to 80 years and documenting details about their mental and physical health every two years. The findings revealed that those who were happiest and healthiest reported strong interpersonal relationships. On the other hand, those who were isolated had declines in mental and physical health as they aged.

This effect, however, is not restricted to romantic relationships, but close bonds in general – something no amount of money can buy, but that billionaires value. Warren Buffett and Bill Gates both say that the definition of success has little to do with money, rather in the quality of the relationships you had with those around you. “Warren Buffett has always said the measure of success is whether the people close to you are happy and love you,” . In a 2008 talk with Ivey Business School MBA students, Buffett said, “Being given unconditional love is the greatest benefit you can ever get.”
This isn’t to say that people who are single are miserable; that’s not the case. And it needs to be said that it’s better to be alone than in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. Some people also confess that some of their most liberating and fulfilling years have happened when they have been single. But, the thing is, for many, being single in the city is now associated with anxiety that was less prevalent in the past, as human beings are increasingly reduced to menu items thanks to the seemingly limitless options(for making friends) offered on apps and social media.

Fully appreciate your post and in fact would advise today's generation to make a list of people whom you can turn towards anytime in your hour of need rather than having a friend list of thousands of social media friends.
Thanks for another thought provoking Post.

Thank you for your time @lalitkumarprasad

It is not only important to have friends that support you, but also friends who challenge you to be your best. After all, you are the average of your five closest friends. Choose wisely my friend.

What I believe is true friends are really hard to find. We can have lots of friends, some friends just come and go and some stays.
There are friends that even though you don't see each other, even though you both don't have time calling and talking too often, you can feel the heart and the feeling of missing to talk and being together again.

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Two friends were both badly ill, in the same hospital room. One of them was allowed to sit on the bed. That is why he was sitting on the bed. The couch was close to the window in the room. The other friend had to spend all the time on the lower ground behind him. They used to talk to friends for hours. They used to talk about their wives, family, home and jobs.

In the afternoon, the friend who was sitting on the lap slowly told his partner about all these things. In the other way, a friend who used to dream down, he closed his eyes and imagined all these things. He used to create a visual from his own mind. The other friend seemed to have been living for one hour as if he was living his life. He used to see the eye of an outer colorful world in the same hour.

There was a park outside the window where there was a beautiful lake (lake). Duck and swan played in that pond while the small children used to make the boat and leave it in that pond. While the young boys and girls had a pleasant shoulder on their shoulders and loved the colors of the rainbow. The same plain trees were spread over the whole land which looked beautiful in appearance.

One afternoon, a friend looking outside the window told that there is no parade going on from there. While the other friend was listening to the band's voice. The other friend was imagining that Parade while closing his eyes and making a scene in the mind. Likewise many days, and months passed.

One morning, one day the nurse brought warm water for her bath and she found that one of those who was near the window was dead while sleeping in her sleep. Seeing all this, the nurse was very unhappy and asked the hospital staff to take the corpse. It seemed as if another friend wanted to sit near the window.

The nurse was happy to see this, the nurse easily placed that other man near the window, and left him alone. Slowly he tried to push himself towards the window so that he could see a glimpse of the colorful world. He started scavenging the window behind his bed. Looking outside, her colleague used to tell her about the new thing every day.

As soon as she turned to the back of the bed she just saw the only wall of her. The other man asked the nurse about the window from which his coworker used to watch out daily. The nurse replied that he was not a rock. "Still, he continued to give you courage. So that you do not give up on life "

Remember, today it will never return. Always be a friend Keep people upbeat Protect Yourself Try not to be silly with your words.
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It is ironic that we all need people in our lives, people you've referred to as the inner circle. Yet many of these people are the very ones through which disappointments, heartaches, and challenges are foisted upon us. But as I often tell people, if you shut your eyes because they've seen bad people, you will not see the good people even when they're passing right in front of you. You see, for life to be complete, we need the good inner circle people as well as the outer circle that we cannot give absolute trust. The trick in dealing with human beings generally is to love all, trust few as you hope for the best from them while you're prepared for the worst from them. Some from the inner circle have hit us below the belt while some unexpected sacrifices have come from those we didn't expect love us so much. Whatever you do, be the best of yourself to everyone.

This is very true. I would take 2 really good friends over a hundred shitty ones any day

Hi @chbartist I am a university student i have passed primary school, high, college but believe me i had no any friend i just pass my time inside home i go out in evening for 30 minutes and after cycling i come back .The main reason for no friend is i can not see any body who can realize me , they do not trust my dream, they just kid with me . but i got a friend we a have good relationship he trust me and he does not think negatively like others. he inspire me. so its a good thing for me and your post is really cool.

Yes @chbartist
I am agree with you, The happiness comes from Inner Mind and relationship , good relationship celebrate this happiness and make it amplifies 1000 times even more than that. Without inner mind Peace and relationship we human beings are totally helpless....

Your one the mad fan.. @amusdnom

Thx @amusdnom. All the Best!!!

Welcome sir @chbartist

Thanks for appreciations!!!

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Living in an island is an alluring dream and all. But being human, companions are needed to spent our life more beautiful. Moreover, it's the recognition of those that had been there in difficult times facilitate in the nurturing of a positive character.

I saw somewhere: "Everyone has a friend during each stage of life. But only the lucky ones have the same friend in all stages of life."

On the other hand, there are some people that acts to be trustworthy but in reality are the backstabbing ones. So, this basic identification is also required to be accomplished.

Thirdly, if i'm young it doesn't mean that my acquaintance would be of same age. After all uncle, pal, confidant, buddy have the same meaning, a person that we have such a confidence and mutual affection, to discuss our problems without any hesitation. Same goes among those who can spent money or not.

Moreover, there might be the presence of some healthy and positive criticism among peers. And the realization of its necessity among the closer group also facilitates the process.
To justify it, i would like to say:
"The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress."

What a thoroughly enjoyable read @chbartist, thank you. At the end of the day, the universe cannot stop appearing as different experiences and people in our lives. Each and every one of these are only aspects of our self. Otherwise; they would not appear. So, what ever is in the 'happening', whether I personally like it or not, is initially thanked and invited in (to the bubble of what some teachers refer to as the 'now'). The 'character', or who I refer to as my self, has preferences and certain tastes etc., but beyond any appearance of choice apparently and supposedly happening with regard friends, I agree, we can be selective and conditional within the confines of our inner circle.

Love your posts.

All the best to you,


What a fantastic post @chbartist!

I'm not really sure what I can add to that but yes, we all need some good people in our lives to share our good and bad times with. I know I need my close circle of friends of which I could probably count on one hand. You don't need many but, you do need some.

I've had my fair share of false friends in my past but now, as I'm getting older, I feel a wee bit wiser in choosing who to trust to be involved in my life.
I think we all learn this as part of our journey.

Enjoy your day and meet some more good souls!

Thank you @wakeupcall - All the best!

A person wiser that I once said: that you go through your entire life and if you end up with five 'true' friends you would have done very well.

To quote another unknown author, your piece reminded me of the following work, I thank you.

A reason, A season, A lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.

When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.

When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway); and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Author Unknown

@chbartist, for me making good friends isn't the problem, its keeping them. I am an introvert so i usually do shy away from social activities. Since i graduated from the university, i have only made two friends. Maintaining my friends of the university (just a few of them by the way) is quite a difficult task. Its not that i forget them, i think of them most of the time. However maintaining contact with them tends to be the most tedious of tasks for me. I try - i do. I just cant beat my own nature so am usually alone, although i love the solitude but i sometimes feel lonely. Relationship with my girlfriend is even worse. She craves attention i caanot seem to provide. It hurts.

My friend @kkins, it is not important the amount of friends, the important thing is the quality. College friends will be hard to be these true friends that I referred to in the post. College is just a part of life and you will see in the future that these people will not worry about you because they will follow your lives in very different ways. I have only 1 true friend who was in high school in my intimate circle. Do not worry, life is like this but people have to like your person exactly as you really are. Regards

Thank you for the wise words friend.

Have you ever spent an evening with a friend who turned every positive emotion into something negative? I bet you walked away feeling mentally drained. On the flip side, when you spend time with friends who lift you up, you are inspired to conquer the world.
There is an old saying that goes something like this: “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” Your self-worth shouldn’t be dependent on others, but incredible things are rarely accomplished alone. Friends help.

I have to agree with you here but most people especially Americans don't cherish this. The people I look for in my inner circle has to have integrity.

This is one of the articles I wrote.

Hola, me ha gustado mucho tu post, siempre he creído que en la vida tenemos conocidos, y amigos, estos últimos los "íntimos", con los que compartes tus experiencias sin temor a una critica, con los que puedes contar siempre, aquellos que se vuelven familia, tus hermanos. Conocidos tendremos muchísimos, pero amigos, verdaderamente serán pocos. Saludos, encantada en seguirte ;)

Gracias a ti por tu tiempo ;)

Indeed that kind of friendship is genuine and is rare. One would be so grateful and very lucky to acquire such friendship. Will never close a door on you in times of hardship and turmoil. A friend like that needs to treasured with love and care.
A friend who is not afraid to say anything even if it hurts.

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I agree with what you have said. It is really hard to look for those kinds of people who you can give 100% of your trust to. Even some family members can deceive/ take advantage of you. We should learn from all the experiences that we have gone through.I have been thinking also about the quote about no man is an island, we should truly look for people who are trustworthy, who would accept you for who you are, who would be there for you in times of trouble and etc.

Thank you so much for sharing this! Hopefully, I would find those people soon! Have a wonderful week ahead!

Hi, @chbartist. It is unfortunate that we give a true friendship and end up disappointing us, but I believe that there are honest, sincere and disinterested people. I do not believe that friendship is only a concept, for me it is a basic need of every human being, to have someone listen to you, to give you a hand; who understands us Once I read something about the friendship that I liked "To the friend do not look perfect, just look for him friend". I think that phrase says a lot, because sometimes, we hope to find in the other a kind of perfect being, something that we ourselves are not. The truth is, I am not a person with many friends, but I think I have the necessary ones, although I know that there is still room for more friends in my life. A hug

defenitely an amazing post @chbartist sir love your writing skills the true friend is someone who is with you when no one is there for you but there is also a bitter truth that finding a true friend like that is not that much easy not everyone gets it in todays world either there are some people who get friends because of their financial status or there fame and there are also some who are with them just for the sake of themselves .
so here is a advice from my side to all the readers out there that always beware of these kind of people they are worst than your enemies

Should we look for as many friends as possible, or a middle ground between too many and none? From the point of view of utility, the best is a middle ground, because to correspond to the services of many is laborious and perhaps impossible. Also to have a good time, a few are enough, like a little seasoning in the food. If we have more friends than we need, they will be annoying and embarrassing.
Therefore, the number of friends must be limited and relative: the greatest number that we can live with, since coexistence seems a necessary condition of friendship.
That is why close friendship does not occur with many, because it would be necessary to live with everyone, and that is why it is correct to say that he who has many friends has none.

man my inner circle is you dude.. one upvote from you is my life , my key to hapiness.. dude you are rich.. respect to you

Hello @chbartist, this post is so deep and full of a great life lesson that many of us have experienced at some point in our lives. Like not remembering moments when a hug from a family member or friend has served to lift our spirits. And I completely agree with you that wealth or success is not worth it if there is no one to share it with. Loneliness is only good for a moment's reflection.

Successes and blessings.

I concur with you, The satisfaction originates from Internal Personality and relationship, great relationship commends this bliss and make it increases 1000 times significantly more than that. Without inward personality Peace and relationship, we individuals are absolutely helpless...

you're totally right, true friends are very important to have in life. for me in the past it used to be my sister, I trusted her with everything, shared my life with her. Then we just grew apart... and sadly, we don't talk to each other the way we used to, and I don't tell her what happens in my life.
Now I have another true friend, my husband. I trust him 100% with everything I have, I trust him with my life. It's a great feeling when your life partner becomes your best friend, and I think that is how it should be, you should be able to share everything with your spouse.
If you have another good friend on top of that, wow, good for you. I'm really happy I have him, but it's so difficult to trust other people that much.

There is no friendship in Chinese. After becoming a friend, people can go to China. But we find it difficult to find the right friends in our world. But we are all selfish so nobody loves so much from anyone's mind. But some people are scared of it. They love people

In life you should mingle with people who has the same interests as you and are even better than you. Why better than you? Well, that's because you get the experience of getting wiser. And when you get wiser you can explore other informations what your friend did not know. And then you get a circle of wisdom between you and your friend. You learn from each other :)

This is so true. I tell my kids this all the time. In a world where we count friends by the hundreds, true friends are few and far between, and its these relationships that we have to continue to build and strengthen.

we have many friends and family but, some are more than friends like''brother ''are always there for you even in any situation. we make many friends through out our life but only few can win our heart. even it's less in number but value of that inner circle is priceless. always stand beside us whether it's moment of happiness or sadness

I totally agree with your write up. In life, we make lots of friends from our everyday encounter during our daily activities, but very few are real friends and those are the ones worthy to be found in your inner circle. Good piece.


Hi Steemians ...
One of the key groups they surround themselves with is an Inner Circle. Here are the key leadership characteristics to ‘qualify’ someone to be a part of your Inner Circle.
Creative – Every successful inner circle has members who are creative, that have the ability to think outside the box.

Loyal – They are loyal to you yes, but more important than you, they are loyal to your vision.

They Share Your Vision – After working in the optical industry for many years, this line still carries another meaning for me but you get the message, if they don’t share your vision, then they’re not loyal, therefore they can’t be a contributing member to your inner circle.

This is such an extensive and at the same time brief topic. It is joyful but painful. It is always important to have someone to trust completely and get away from toxic relationships by recognizing them. But even more important is knowing that the people at your side only complement you, because the only one that can make you happy is yourself.

Cuando tienes exito en tu vida puedes llegar a tener muchos amigos, pero cuando tu vida esta de picada alli estaran los amigos que verdaderamente te aman. Disfruta de tus amigos los guerreros en lo momentos de éxito, pues solo tus verdaderos amigos te acompañaran en las grandes batallas. Excelente post amigo @chbartist

Gracias @aisa21 - Saludos

Greetings, I recommend you the excellent book by A. C. Grayling "Friendship (Vices and Virtues)", from which I extracted this quote:
“The idea of seeing friendship as a relationship in important part predicated on wishing the good, and promoting the good, for one’s friend, and of this itself contributing to the good of one’s own life, is surely part of what we have to mean by friendship, and although it seems, once it is explicitly stated, an obvious enough insight, it is too central to be treated as merely implicit.”
A.C. Grayling

According to what you say I understand that it is vital to create and emotionally nourish our internal circle, I had never thought about that and I think your reflection is very interesting, however I perceive that your approach has a somewhat selfish character, based on a personal interest, I agree with you in strengthening those circles but I would integrate myself into other circles to support these people and as a result my own circle would be created automatically, I congratulate you on your post. Regards

I believe in relationships, make good friends and exchange our thoughts and see that life is so beautiful but now a day only digital world is our friend, there is no face to face friendship and relationship but Facebook friends is in list. So sad

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As someone who is a bit socially awkward and finds it hard to connect with others, I have found that taking the time to nourish a few wonderful relationships is much more powerful than surrounding yourself with an army of acquaintances. If we can learn to love people and use tools instead of loving tools and using people, then we can become much happier while having much less. Wonderful post @chbarist. I'm gonna go call my mom now :)

Hey, @chabartist this blog is really nice after this blog I become your fan of writing skill. I just want to say make friends is easy but difficult is that find your good or best friend among them. Also difficult is to maintain the friendship with a good friend.

Friendship is a very precious gift. We have to take care. Our successes and failures also depend on them. I love what you write very beautiful.

You wrote a very good article. We all need true friends in our life.... This is more important to have friends who an take care after or with parents.

Couldn't agree more! We're always meeting new people, making friends along this journey. And for one reason or another, some friends just kind of come and then fade out of our life. The true ones, of course, are always there during your highest and more importantly during your lowest moments. I'll always be grateful for them. Thanks for the great post!

That's just it @chbartist👏! Great advice, keep it up! I wrote something similar to your post, but mind is on You Must Take Personal Responsibility If You Must Make Something Great Out Of Life. Check it out and resteem to compliment your post.

Very well written article you're writing ways it's in the nail on the head.

I totally believe that you meet people at certain times in your life and those bonds help each other at certain intersections of life's journey.

I'm a firm Believer that everything happens for a reason and people that you meet along your path there's a reason for all those interactions so yes you should nurture every friendship.

Totally agree.

You are very affected by the people you surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with positive, supportive, successful people, is going to go good for you. Ok the other hand, you need to get rid of negative people, those who let you down, who just criticize instead of provide real feedback and so on. You don't need those.

I think some people are afraid to let go of those who harm them, thinking their lifes are going to change for worse or something...

It's natural to fear the unknown, but embracing it will just open doors you don't even imagine today.

Thanks for such a nice article!

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Friends are very much needed in life. Success is not meaningful unless you enjoy it with your friends. I belive that in current situation numbers are friends are less though we have hundreds in facebook or whatsaap but they all won't be standby with you when you need them the most. Friends are the ones who support us in various occasion and even enjoy time with us. Friends and family are the most important part of life and without them I can't even imagine my life. This is what I personally think.

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This couldn't be more timely. I've relied on my inner circle alot lately. It all comes down to those balls to the wall partners in life; the ones who are TRULY there for you, supporting you when you fall because they understand your humanity, cheering for you as you get back up because they understand your motivations, and celebrating your successes when you're ready to go again because they understand your resilience.

Hello @chbartist, this is life we ​​must surround ourselves with people who add and do not remain, in the way of our growth we are surrounded by many people, some follow others, not I personally have a circle of friends reduced and I know a lot of people, but my true friends, are those who are on different occasions good or bad, there we know who we are surrounded, like family, for me they will always be my best company.
The important thing is to be happy in each cirscuntacia and take advantage of every moment we live.
Have a great day.

Thx @rvag5

Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people.
We all have fellows and we all loved to spend our time with them, we create memories we laugh together,outing together,work together and everything that is possible we done together.
but when we Apart from each other we miss that moments of life,we miss everything and realize what is the impact of good friend in our life.
So guys be careful about your loved once don't disturbs your relation with them...
An upvote to the Friendship. I memories some beautiful moments of my life.
All thanks to @chbartist

I might have an awesome pedigree probably in the 99.999 percentile in terms of my resume and have hundreds of friends on facebook, many on LinkedIn, but have come to realize that I merely have true friends other than my family, (who cry when I cry). Its very hard to have a true friend in reailty but however I'm lucky to have 2 best friends they always stand there whenever I need them. thanks to God. BTW you made a good point by your Inner circle.

I like how much positiveness you have in every article. I will try to make articles like you.

This is such a very nice reminder...we call this in our Church lingo as "Cell Group", where in we form a small group which we call our inner circle in here we open up ourselves with mutual trust. We are not just friends but family...Thank you once again sir @chbartist for the reminders and advice. God bless you, sir!

Friends are part of our life. It is good to make good friends but at first we became a good friend of someone.Friendship is not sought from anybody, friendship happens.Without friends, life is useless. If you have friends, then you are happy in life.We can share everything with friends.

Hi @chbartist, Its Right to be said that if you have one true friend then you have everything.
We can't even think about life without friends, the friends are who support us in bad time, who motivates.
There are more valuable things in life but friendship is one of the most important.
Thank you for sharing beautiful lines.

I travel a lot and make friends, but when I move on I have to leave them behind and so find myself alone most of the time which is hard sometimes but I don't want to stop travelling

We all needtrue friends, we all need people that would sacrifice for us and people that would stick with us no matter the circumstances, but hardly do we talk about we being a true friend to someone, to sacrifice, and be faithful to, someone will stick with no matter the circumstances, that someone who would realize that we are a true friend.
We must give in order to receive.

friendship is more important in our life all friend is not a good one but one is more special who is gave us inner circle means which way got success and happyness. great post dearchbartist (73)

thanks for upvote

thanks for upvote dear!

Very well written article you're writing ways it's in the nail on the head, I give u thanks for your Amazing writing....

I totally believe that you meet people at certain times in your life and those bonds help each other at certain intersections of life's journey.

I'm a firm Believer that everything happens for a reason and people that you meet along your path there's a reason for all those interactions so yes you should nurture every friendship....

@chbartist , honestly i have lots of friends but only few of them are close to me , i trust people easily but at the end of the day theu always betrayed me

it very true sir friendship is much needed than anything in the world
sir if i resteem your post i think you wont mind?????

No problem @mazhar78. All the best!

Great post. Keep it up.

yes very true inner circle does matter , its all about how you carry yourself and speak to other and display yourself.We are in this world to market ourself.Lets do it better and be happy

I think someone's success is very much determined by relationships and close friends for us, because with these relationships can help us in undergoing various ways to succeed.
good with advice, finances, energy and enthusiasm from friends ..
so I think that circle of life will always be in contact with friends who are our relationships.

Your post got me feeling really emotional. I really see everyone around me as friends but the truth is I have made myself my best companion. I don't expect anything from people but I expect changes. Thank you for sharing, you've won yourself a follower.

Many times people leave their friendship for their Love, which they reget later..
But it is always not nessasary to lose any one among them,the one who balances it for his beloved is the true hearted...
Thank you for this Wonderful post chbartist...!.....

Yeah friends are actually the way to build your life in positive way. But every hand shaking person can't be your friend.

A very beautiful and true reminder you wrote. I guess the "mistakes" one makes help to value the real friends even more. In the end the most difficult times in life show you who your true friends are. The ones who stay with you, even though they might not have any benefit from it.

Great insights. I have a few close friends but I don't limit myself with them. I also entertain other friends, though not that close.

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Thank you for the upvote😊

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i have my own small definition of a friend i believe a true friend is someone on which we can completely lean on and where our thirsty soul seeks fulfillment he is like an oasis in the middle of a desert and a rainbow shining in the middle of the tempest, he comes like a ship to rescue someone who is lost in the middle of an ocean

I wholeheartedly support that our inner circle should be small !

Happiness is a choice , that you are able to create a true an ever lasting happiness for you. It never comes by chance.

So nicely it is written....
Yes you are right it's difficult to find true friends. And they are who never leaves you alone... I have also find such a friend out of hundreds.... Nine years ago.... And still we are with each other😊
Happy to see your positivity... Best of luck


A true friend is hard to find but when you have one they care for you even more than your blood relatives.
If you want to find the biggest treasure on the earth just go and find a true friend.

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I always thought and still think to this day that you attract people who are in some sense similar to you. This always meant that if you are trying to change yourself you will either loose some people or make them change together with you.

Very nice article!

you are right I can not call friends to anyone who falls well is very deep but you are right has a new segidor I like your content to continue like this

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Great article please keep it up

And this BS is worth $900?

so true and so universal! doesn't matter who you are or where you are, you need to guard who you let into your inner circle because they will definitely help shape you.

Definitely- it's about quality of true comrades rather than quality of associates!

Sometimes friends also have to pay attention to us as motivators for our lives, but we need to see who is with us, because not all friends care about our situation, of course we choose good friends and can share with each other so that there can be achieve the best

Have you found any such people here on Steemit, @chbartist? :-)

Not yet @erikaharris, these people that