The Most Valuable Currency In The World (REL)...

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We often equate currency to money, this of course is because in practice more often than not we are talking about the same thing. However, a long time ago I started to think of a type of currency that goes against the expected dictionary's definition.

On some of the chapters I've shared I've talked a lot about building your network, making the conscious choice of not only meeting people, shaking hands and all, but establishing good relationships with them. It can seem a bit tricky, especially because our immediate reaction to this idea is the fear of appearing fake, of pretending you want to be friends with everyone. That of course is not the case, everyone you meet can be a potential ally and there is nothing wrong with embracing the possibility.


Some thinkers refer to the idea as Social Currency, it's of course dictated by the way we interact with each other, the respect we have and appreciation for one another.

It's just a fact relationships open doors

This is not news to anyone, after all there are many popular sayings that allude to this truth. I've heard in more than one language something along the lines of.

"It's not only what you know, but who you know"

Some reject this idea, they think it distorts the ideal of concept of merit and I can understand the rejection, but it also discards the obvious fact that having good relationships, powerful allies in your life also has merit.

When I was still very young this idea clicked in my head very quickly. I've talked about this one some chapters and I intend to go a lot more into detail on future ones, but long story short my alliance with a bassist led to the opportunity to become member of a band who was later signed by Sony music.

It's important to understand of course that the relationships you may have are not a substitute for being prepared to seize the opportunities that may come up. It's actually more accurate to say that the people who can open the doors, will only do so if they believe that you are ready for it.

As I've said before respect is they key to everything and building your networking, building healthy relationships is not an exception to the rule. In the future I intend to touch up on more of these somewhat intangibles ideas I like to call currencies.

these intangible currencies, are the ones that will bring the "real" currencies to your wallet.

Remember - "The Most Valuable Currency in The World is (REL)" - @chbartist

Much success to you all

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Amazing, the intagible currency you introduce on this post is something I am interested in. You got my attention folks. Will tune in to you and follow your lead and grab some learning in each word. Great blog


Thank you so... @hiroyamagishi

these intangible currencies, are the ones that will bring the "real" currencies to your wallet.

very well said, it's like building a value to people, and that value what makes a customer, once we're building a real value it attracts more valuable people and that what determines a real currencies, though it's quite subtle, but once we understands the real value from character we're building, people will go for it. :)


Agreed and the people who have no value will have their cracks start to show through the facade that they project. So many people just want to group themselves with others of value when they themselves produce none. It is nice to see a well thought out article and some great responses as well.

Amazing words .. well done
Currency Great of you
Thanks for sharing

Great post. Totally agree that it’s not only what you know, but who you know

Completely true.

thank you very much for sharing this article.carry on.

I have always strived to treat people with respect whether I agree them or not and whether or not they are doing the same for me. Treating as you would want to be treated is a concept that seems to be lost on many these days. Building relationships built on respect is the way to network. Being able to trust that whether someone is dealing with me in a positive or a negative way they will always be treated with respect and fairly is how I operate. Ideally I would expect others to treat me the same but that is not always the case, but still does not change how I deal with people. Life is nothing but a series of decisions that you have complete control over and I find peace knowing that I have decided to be honest and fair and to be happy. You can always choose to be happy, no matter the situation. Thanks for this great post @chbartist!


Great words @stwbll - Thank you!


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  ·  last year (edited)

You speak truth.

Beginning in 2012, and well through 2017, I traveled the globe photographing festivals. I snapped thousands of photos of people, and readily shared them publicly, often obliging individuals when they would ask for a printable file, rarely asking for anything in return.

When I launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, all those years of nurturing what I also call 'social currency' paid off. I had thousands of people ready to support me, even if only with a share – which matters a lot when crowd-funding. My goal was $40k – I raised 119%...just under $48k.

Clearly – it pays to network meaningfully.



Excellent story @zipporah. All the Best!


Great story. thank you for sharing. I upvote

A very inspiring and insightful post, @chbartist ...
Totally agree with you that "respect is they key to everything and building your networking, building healthy relationships is not an exception to the rule."
Anyway, thanks for sharing... 😍


All the best @zaimrofiqi

great post indeed. most important currency in the world, you are very true to the facts. we can not argue the importance of social network

I thought you were going to say that the most valuable currency is the air that I exhale. Well, each to their own opinion I suppose.


The introduction of air as a product in China really astounds me to this day. But no, air can never truly be worthy to be called currency. The concept of decentralized and unlimited "air" currency will be frown upon by many goverment :^9

I´m totally agreeing with you and your words. That´s how Facebook and all the others built up their careers on the back of the community who trust them. But if we built this “real currency” honestly with truth and wisdom for our own little world we must get more back than we spend, and indeed all members of this community will take profit that´s the mayor boost.


Great comment @don-thomas. All the best!


Thank´s @chbartist you´re welcome!

The economics of the whole world has taken a very beautiful shape only intangible assets are commanding huge value

Awesome post and great points.

Too many people place too much value on the monetary notion of currency and less on social and relationship currencies...both of which help your well-being and happiness more than any visible/tangible [digital:notional value money::visible:tangible] currency in existence.

Followed, upvoted and resteemed. Cheers!


Thank you @androsform

Wow. Such a beautiful post... I agree with every single word. Sometimes we want everything without having the time we need to learn and grow, in order to be ready to get it. We must work hard, not only in our dreams but in our relations with the others. Being humble and yourself will open you every door.


Thank you @geanrossi

You are right @chbartist.Your network determines your networth.

I wish I can write something like this and help to improve some points and contribute useful information for the rest of steemers its seem that I need to dive in more deeper. Thanks


Thank you, All the best @dylen

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @chbartist, thank you for sharing.


Thank you @ahmedibrahem

Amazing article..liked your post and the currency you introduced is interesting and wonderful.

in fact what @chbartist says is true, currency with money is not the same. The currency applied to a particular region will not be the same but money (value) remains valid wherever it may be. The concept that @chbartist comes up here is amazing. thanks @chbartist


All the best @suhardi

@chbartist great post! This is a lesson I learned the hard way. Humans are social beings and there's no doubt that there is value in relationships. After spending a year being a hermit working on my project I realized that I had no one to share it with until I started going out and meeting people. Now it's made my project way more fun and meaningful!

What advice would you give people who are turned off by some of the ingenuity you see in networking?

  • Iris

I really like your point on view on Currency. The sooner this generation thinks of currency in many different ways the better they can grow and innovate .


Thank you for your words @joshuaatiemo

I believe that personal growth is the most valuable asset you can have next to doing something positive with it. To be truly successful we must give 3x more in value then we plan to receive in compensation. The value comes from you. we should benefit humanity not take advantage ignorance. Build better communities through networking!

I'm pretty unsure if i interpret (tripple i, yeah) you post correctly. Do you see fiar as the "real currencies"? Probably yes, and actually you are right. You are also completely right with REL. Relationships, knowing someone who knows someone or is the friend of the i did not work in my profession for 10 years and without contacts to any local company i have no chance to find a good job.

But overall relationships, no matter in which direction, are the most valuable thing in life. Thanks for your post!


Thank you @harktheshark

The upvote value of this post is proof enough how social currency leads to monetary currency. 😄


All the best! @rubellitefae

Your writing is very good. Nice blog.
keep it up, my friend.


Thank you @dwancina


You're most welcome.

Exactly, the first thing we should learn is to respect everyone whoever it is then maybe he is your servant, watchman or your boss.


Yes...@rajendraparab. Al the best!

Estoy de acuerdo contigo cuando dices que cualquier persona que conozcamos puede ser el aliado que necesitamos para dar ese salto que nos puede llevar a triunfar en cualquier aspecto de nuestras vidas, éxitos también para ti.

Keep this friend, I love your post, I consider that its content is very nutritious ...


Thank you @petertomas.


de nada amigo.... obrigado voce


That is the key word healthy relationships and it always happens to me my friends know that I have the potential and support me, so the benefit is reciprocal. These relationships are impulses when they are genuine.


Yes @agcoeficiente10. Regards

thanks for the knowledge you provide, but I want to ask you. how about judging others with money. whether we are a wise person or an arrogant person ..


We should not judge anyone who has money or not. We can only have an opinion about someone if we truly know the person. That's what I think. Regards @rezaarmada


the very good answer you have, I am amazed by the way you think that does not make money as a benchmark assessment to someone. hopefully I can learn a lot from you to keeepannya, greetings also know @chbartist

I like to say, we are the universe, universing. How we make eachother feel is the most defining motivation for how we are treated and what we receive! Awesome topic and information! @chbartist


Thank you @writerofage

That is why it bedrock of the first greatest institition in man's entire history "the family" Don't spend it if you can't make it

  ·  last year (edited)

Great! @apiprincz

Very good, I voted for you very much we hope we will interact with each other.


Thank you!

I agree with your post but BECAREFUL of people trying to use you.........

I have been finding that a lot of younger generation want a free ride so they befriend you thinking they get something in return for free.

I had this idiot kid from Tranont that thought he knew everything and learned some mind games from the company Tranont and thought he can use it on other people. He later admitted using these games on people.

Same thing with another younger lady from Landmark cult. She played these stupid mind games thinking someone older than her don't know her game she learns from Landmark.


Thank you @greeanbeans

Waoo muy importante lo que dices sobre la moneda ,que la que mas valiosa , esto debido a que muchas personas la vieron confiable y quisieron invertir en ella , a mi en lo personal tambien me gustaria invertir , saludos.


Gracias @dedeliezer

Excellent. I have always considered myself wealthy because of the people in my life even when my bank account is low.
My partner sometimes can't see this in the relationship I have with my best friends. I might have helped her monetarily over the years but she has returned it ten fold in being a good friend and support when is needed. That is something many of us have forgotten is just as valuable if not more.


Great @positivejolene. All the best!

Wow, one needs to understand this in life. We are in the Era of whom me know and not a merit system again. Though, your preparedness meets with opportunities when people you know stand to help and open door(s) for you to gain trust for others to commit resources into your hands. Thanks for reminding me of that fact once again. This is a great writeup 👏


Thx @sammee



nice post. looking forward to your followup post on relationship.

In these situations your effectiveness depends 90% of communication and public relations, and when you do a good job the doors open themselves


Agree...All the best! @vanejournalist

Considero que la clave está en ser sincero y transparente con el resto de la humanidad, eso es muy valioso, mis saludos, @chbartista.


Saludos @lauram...

Thinking of a relationship as a currency in this age where people measure things in terms money make the importance of personal relationships crystal clear.

Estar bien relacionados nos puede ofrecer oportunidades importante que quizás de otro modo no tendríamos acceso, pero también es importante la calidad de personas que seamos y el tipo de personas con las que nos relacionamos para que esas oportunidades realmente le generen valor a nuestra vida. Saludos.


Gracias @alelimon

You know what? what a great concept.. I have to be honest and admit that I've never ever looked at it this way, you've cetainly opened my eyes here, looking forward to your preceding posts on this topic...


Thank you for your words @oscarblue04

respect is the everything to build a good relation . its does not matter who is the person .

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100 percent agreed, and I am definitely interested in "The Most Valuable Currency in The World."

If you look at successful people. They all have a very well established network. You can't go at it alone.

You can try but you'll only get so far. Which is not very far....

Your writing is very good. Nice blog :)

Hello friend @chbartist, I agree with you, be surrounded by people who value you, and give you a helping hand without any interest, that is something very valuable, the bible speaks of helping others, and that we must put in practice in our daily life since one does not know who is the one who can reach out later ... another well-known saying is: * do good without looking at whom *. A hug brother, God bless you.


Thank you @cesarmvm

all the cryptos are good you want to make sure not to putt all the eggs in one basket as they always say

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Thank you for sharing this info!

thank you for the wonderful post. @chbartist

this post is very good and useful for me, thank you very much...

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Time is the greatest currency

Relationships is the best investment of time.

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iya bagus. sy stuju. mata uang adalah jalan untuk kt mencapa sesuatu . kesuksean (impian)

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REL, those are my initials and I am completely worthless.

Sounds like an idea that could get legs.

Well said It's not only what you know, but who you know

Great show, I like it!
I really like this post

Saludos; interesantes sus publicaciones, lo seguiré. Felicitaciones..


Thank you @geovanny1000

This is such a great post! Speaking as someone who majored in sociocultural anthropology, I definitely agree!

Thank you so much @chbartist for this inspiring post. Truly genuine relationship building can not be over emphasised. Thank you

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A very useful post 100% admiring

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Thank you for the article

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  ·  last year (edited)

In fact, I'm working on a blockchain based social network where, unlike Facebook, all our data is entirely owned by us and anyone can always monetize their data:
Btw, I've also made a Fuck Facebook coin. Msg me if anyone is interested!

Yeah i agree.. thats a briliant idea.. social ecosistem.

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Awesome article, keep doing your amazing content

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rich mans comment section hijack

Very true, the networking effect is very powerful. It is like inventions of the phone and fax machine if only one existed, it would be useless, with multiple devices is the amplification effect of networking. Much like steemit and it’s networking effect and blockchain , paving the way for a brighter future with prosperity.

I totally agree with you. Nice post!

Sounds really good.

This give me a lot of useful idea. So many intangible currency nowadays that I want to learn more.
Being a begginer in the crypto currency, its hard to identify what will do good and who will turn into a shit.

Yes, someone recently said to me, "spend your relationships". And then I watched a track recorded and mix mastered for about £200. everyone who played on that track -drums, sax, keys guitars - wanted to do it for free or cheap out of Good-will that had been accumulated over time.
But you can spend from an account that is empty...

Man, I can't wait for the ICO. Hope I make the whitelist...

Amazing post. Thank you for sharing these info !!

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I really liked your publication and your idea ... I hope the possibility to carry out.

that is usefull

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