Don't Give Up Now Because The Moment Is Right Now.....

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When I first bought into STEEM 6 months ago, I saw the price as a bargain. Given the possibilities of this blockchain and the applications that were being developed at the time, I was sure that I was not buying in blindly. You would think then that today, because the price is much lower I’m wondering if I made a mistake back then.

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The short answer is no, not at all. Of course I’m not trying to say that the current price of STEEM is something I should be cheering about, but when it comes to the blockchain itself, nothing has changed, it has only improved.

We are weeks away from an update, a necessary one for the expected SMT release and one that is sure to help with bringing more people to participate of STEEM. I remember having to wait for more than a week for this account to get approved, and we can’t say that makes a lot of sense when you are walking about mass adoption.

You want to know what I’m thinking? I’m considering that I’m being given a second chance here, a golden opportunity to load up on some tokens and wait for it to rally up. It seems to me very unlikely that this will not happen, and looking at the condition of the whole cryptomarkets in general, I can’t really any coin to be doing well.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m going to focus on the upside of things and not on the things I have no control over. The way payouts are working right now, people who are staying active on STEEM are getting a lot more tokens for their work. I have also noticed less people posting, more people stopping because they think the price is not worth it for them. To me those people are just hurting their own interests by making those choices.

I fully intend to stay active, to continue posting and interacting with everyone that visits this blog. I make it a point to reply to good comments, and I’ve even sent a few donations to different people who I knew could use a helping hand. I don’t see one valid reason why anyone should be slowing down right now, but I do see hundreds of reasons why everyone should be working a little harder.

I’m also going to be buying some more tokens in the upcoming days. As a friend of mine says: STEEM is on sale, so why not buy it at a discount? When the market turns around I’m sure I will be very glad I did.

Steem on my friends



Yeah, I think it's a great attitude. None of us truly know how the dust will settle with blockchain technology, so there's always risk as an investor in this space. I invest in STEEM knowing I could go down with the ship if it sinks - and that'd be OK! At least I will have lost money supporting something I truly believe in.

You're absolutely right that we make the most STEEM during the bear market, so it's time to work harder, not less! With the new hard fork on the way and SMTs coming next year, I remain bullish. I'm ready to wait as long as needed for that future to manifest!

This is our opportunity to be shareholders of possibly the next Facebook, just over two years in.

Facebook launched in 2004, but it took them another 8 years before you could buy shares after their 2012 IPO, valuing it at $100Bn+

This is what you call HODLing

Facebook reportedly turned down a $75 million offer from Viacom in 2006.[4] That same year, Yahoo! attempted to buy the company for $1 billion but Zuckerberg refused.[5] Also that year, BusinessWeek reported a $2 billion valuation for the company.[6]

So you have invested into a social media network, built on its own blockchain, just two years after launch.

It's not a bad bet

Realmente man, imagino ser um momento muito bom de comprar de steem. Para quem pretende comprar né. Para quem já possui uma boa quantidade de steem power, eu sugeriria que mantenha os sps no site, pois, parece que estamos vivendo um momento de baixa terrível.

Espero que esse ciclo esteja acabando logo e que até o final do ano tenhamos um bom retorno com o dinheiro investido aqui no steemit.

Obrigado pela postagem encorajadora e boa noite!!!!

Downvoted for chronic self-voting. 88% of your upvotes went to yourself over the last 30 days. Be kind and support others.

@julisavio, realmente el steemit tiene una enorme capacidad de crecimiento, pero para ello, la gente necesita aprender el verdadero espíritu de comunidad y positividad. Esto hará que el steemit crezca independiente el mercado y es importante tener esto en mente. Ahora. ¿Por qué dar un consejo? No vote en su propio comentario, eso no es muy bien visto y pasa un mensaje que somos mejores que los demás. Quita tu propio voto yo de dar un voto de generosidad. Éxito Gracias


@chbartist is buying yet more votes from @smartmarket. The screenshot captures the last 11 hours. Remember this post is 3 days old. This is blatant abuse and it appears that nobody gives a fuck.

Do you care that this guy is draining the rewards pool? Do you care that this guy is putting off potential investors?

This nasty fucker wanted me to pay him 10K Steem just to prove his identity

Okay @mightyblueberry , since you like children's games I'll propose you an adult and then we'll see who's who.

I've tasted for steacleaner in the beginning, @therealwolf and many other people on the platform who I am, but with you I want to do differently since you're so good at insisting on this stupid question.

So adult business is like this and let's see if you can afford to pay your disrespect.

My proposal is:

If I prove to you that I am who you think I am not you will have to pay me 10k steems ok? and if I'm not I'll pay for you. Also if I am not who you say I am not you will have to apologize to me publicly in a post and will have to promote it in all the bots ok?

This is adult stuff. So how's Bro? Do you agree? Let's see how much you are able to pay for your disrespect with people ....

Here is the link. It is buried deep because of the downvotes.

Hey @patrice, how long is this bullshit going to continue? There are other people on this platform that want to earn rewards for their content. I am aware that @steamcleaners have verified @chbartist to be Christopher Bonella. I strongly believe you have been duped. If that is the case, do you have any idea how much damage you could be doing to the reputation of Steem?

For what it's worth. I contacted Christopher Bonella via his Facebook page, and he confirmed that the Steemit profile is his.

I guess that settles that.

Thanks for getting a response. This is just the weirdest thing I have ever seen. He puts himself at the top of the trending page. He obviously spends a great deal of time on this platform. He does not share his music. He does not promote his Steem account on any of his other social media. He clearly has access to his Facebook account as he responded to you. Even the photograph introducing himself was photoshopped, I guess he was just refining it rather than altering it. It is all crazy. It should have been so easy for him to just post a 1 minutes video introducing himself. Anyway, I am glad this is all sorted.

It definitely is very weird. But seems to be legit, so there's not much that can be done about this at this point. Sadly.

I guess the best thing to do is just to ignore this guy.

I came after him really aggressively because I was confident that he was not who claimed to be. A message from his Facebook account is pretty strong compelling evidence.

I apologised to him in his most recent post. He accepted my apology. I think it is best to move on.

There is a learning curve everyone should experience. The fact that someone can just push themselves to trending right from the start is detrimental to both them and the platform. Something is going to have to change, otherwise this platform is going to look ridiculous.

is steemit/steem and crypto dying?

La moneda steem tiene su base en esta red social, aqui existen ballenas y mafias que se adueñan de categorias, forman grupos y denuncian contenidos que no violan ningun reglamento, no le dan update a nadie que no sea de su grupo.... y peor fungen como jueces de la pagina... esto hace que la red social pierda usuarios y debilita aun mas el steem como moneda

I a man ecstatic about the current steem prices. I really hope it stays here for another 2 weeks if possible so I can get more at the current price. Another thing is my steempower is growing much faster due to the current payout set up.

I am just another plankton (hopefully soon to increase to the next tier) in the Steemit community, but I also do not see the point in giving up on it. I may not be as active as I should be, but I do see a huge potential and don't plan on straying from a worthwhile opportunity 🙂

Hello @bekahluu . First, do not worry about your stemit status. You should be concerned about being a good person and never feel smaller than someone because of a status. I'll give you a vow to understand that. What matters is the generosity and the positive spirit and this makes us have a group of good people and that's what I want in my blog. I really hope to help people and build a group of honest, positive people who vote each other to build the true spirit of community. I wish you the best!

I feel the same as you do @bekahluu

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Hi @chbartist. I confess that although my rewards have not been what I expected, I have not been discouraged at all. I love belonging to the Steemit community. Besides making poetry and philosophizing is part of passion and I enjoy it, beyond monetary gain. It is a reality that at first the invitation I received to join this community, was based on finding a viable solution to the poor economy that lives in the country, and as a way to solve the difficulties we are experiencing. But I keep publishing from my heart, regardless of the results. Because I live to make poetry and micro stories. That is to say, that there is no reason to feel discouraged at the moment to keep working. Thanks for your very motivating publication.

Thank you @romelcordova. All the best!

Now is certainly the time to buy.

I'm very close to pulling the trigger on making a purchase.

Hi @chbartist well said that this is not the time to give up instead it's the time to get more active. Post more and comment more on the posts to earn more curation as well. Since steem price is down so we will get more reward and once market is up then our account value will increase significantly. I completely agree with your thought in this post. Even I am thinking to buy some coins at huge discounted price.

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@alokkumar121. Steem Up 10% after this post! Follow me in trail! Regards

Definitely price of steem will go up. It is the best time to buy it when it's price is very low.
I bought steem when it's price was quite high but even then the value of my account is more than the invested money. It is still profitable for me when the price of steem is at the lowest in recent times.
So, I will suggest people to buy more when price is low.

@chbartist, GIVE UP is not option on steemit, steemit is the game of patince. I read lot's of post of your's and other successful steemain's they all struggle in starting and now they are now trending list stars, giving up is like saying no to future growth of your on steemit.All those who give up today because of starting failure they are really gona regret this.

Exactly @flywithnihal. How can you see steem up 10% after this post! All the best!

I’ll get more and more steem and just keep and hold it for more some years. Thank you for sharing your a inspiring posting.

"Dont give up now",
Fully agree with your post .I would futher like to add that crypto currencies are an alternate asset class. Like all asset classes crypto currencies also have their demand supply and high low periods. Presently what we are witnessing is a major corrections in this asset class as the valuations had gone beyond fundamentals and there was a bubble creation by a sharp run up in the price .Post this major correction the prices will stabilize and we will witness an up move post this consolidation phase.The value in these cryptos and the block-chain still is
very much present and there should be no cause for panic. In fact i will stick my neck out and say that this is the time to start nibbling and buying them for long term portfolio gains. People who cashed out their holdings at peak prices were seen laughing their way to the banks .They can post correction invest a part of their profits for sure.

Its time to invest for long term now.

Thanks for the lovely post as always , Keepmotivating.

Thanks for sharing your thougths about the improvement of the steemit platform @chbartist

Maybe nowadays lots of people are regreting about their investment ... not seeing the Future of steemit ... i think the Future will sound bright

Enjoy my artworks thru music

I will never give up on steemit. I hope to have $300 payouts like you someday.

Mate your post is an amazing post!. your so right. i just started on steem tbh haha. but i can tell you i love this site so many good people here who love to help each other. I know i will not give up on my interests i know i just need to work hard nothing in life is easy but it not impossible! . as u said we dont need to give up on our interests . btw mate i will be happy if you can help me what i can do better and give me a few tips how to get successful on steemit. will help me a lot. i allready invest some money to here. but i dont see any change . anyway have an amazing day and thank you so much for this post. ^&^.

Hola buenos días.

Gracias por ese post, yo estoy comenzando ya que necesito ganar algo de dinero extra para poder vencer la situación económica actual de mi país, y así poder ayudar a mi familia. No obstante, es difícil entender estos emprendimientos cuando no se tiene conocimientos sobre estos medios y más aún cuando la hiperinflación en el país absorbe cualquier iniciativa. En este sentido, ha sido bastante motivador tu mensaje para mantenerme y no rendirme para poder alcanzar mis objetivos mientras trabajo en ellos.

thanks for the steemit insights. Have you enrolled any people into steemit from your own world in the music industry during the crypto bear market ?

Hello @ozkdawg, my life is divided into two sectors. The Entrepreneur and the Artist and producer in the Music Industry, but answering your question: Not because in my country people have no knowledge about crypto and also there is the culture of investing even in stocks. In addition there is still a prejudice that crypto is a fraudulent market and that only people who do obscure or illegal business participate in this market. Believe more 99.9% of people still have no idea what crypto marketing is, just have empty and unfounded opinions without even having invested 1 dollar. To be quite straightforward, I do not waste my time on negative people and discourage people from having a better life. Regards.

@chbartist Great advice, I couldn't agree more! It is definitely the time to buy. I have faith in STEEM and believe there's some amazing times coming. Now is the time to hang in there in my opinion as well.

Hi, @oregontravel . How can you see steem up 10% after this post! Success. Follow me in trail!...

Yes sir, you are right i personally believe blockchain is next generation technology it will be huge impact on future . And steem platform is not only provide us cryptocurrencies but also provide great opportunity and knowledge

As an infant member of the Steemit platform who's just joined 30 minutes back, this post is quite insightful and encouraging. I have joined Steemit primarily to share stories. Stories of travel that are heartwarming and have a few stunning pictures so that readers have their eye candy for the day. But I do have a couple of doubts after reading your post -

  1. What is the Steem update you are talking about and how does it affect the current users?
  2. What are Steem tokens and can I as a newbie buy or invest in Steem tokens?

@wandering-veggie. Yes, you can buy steems and investor on the platform and on your own blog by building a network of followers posting good content. Regards

Very nice. I see this time in cryptoworld as an opportunity. Sure, there are some coins that I bought too high. They seemed like a good price after the running wave at the end of 2017. Now, they don't look so good. But this is an opportunity to get some good deals on coins where I can cost average and feel better about my assets. I believe the technology is solid and we're going to be fine. Like you, I plan to use this time as an opportunity & try to increase my platform here at Steemit before the next rise again. Thank you for posting. I always love seeing people staying in good spirits through this. I think this is a much needed market correction that will have a healthy bounce. Happy HODLing :)

I agree completly, no one likes to see the price down but Steem/steemit is a solid blockchain. So many of the others haven’t done anything yet. The new HF20 will help new people get started quicker, thats a big inprovment.

I agree totally. I am embracing this dip and being consistent with my posting. My only issue is guessing where to buy in again because I have limited funds. I can't afford much so I want to buy when I think it is near the bottom. Where that is I have no idea lol

Hi, I bought more 658 Now. @cflclosers All the best!

@chbartist well, I agree with u a 100%. I have joined steem community today and I aim to do something big here. I believe we should work hard and we are going to go a really long way.
By the way, it was you who inspired me to sign up at steemit. Thank you so much.

You right sir this is the best time to buy for investors and great time to enter in crypto market @chbartist

buy low and sell high

Yes! @sumit1998 . Success ....

I just bought some tokens a few minutes ago. I plan to stay here. I hate Facebook and I hate Instagram with a passon.

Stay here I shall. Thank you for that upvote. Such power!!!!!!

I think this is better! Regards @cosmiccrimes

It is. It was hard at first for me. It was way different. Now I got the hang of the basics. Good luck to us both with the steem.

Same here...I not like Facebook and Instagram also. 😞 and I think we soon see big run..when all vake up there and start go.

Facebook and instagram kills brain cells lol.

Really well done @chbartist
I’m also going to be buying some more tokens in the upcoming days. Thanks for this inspiration and motivation...Keep moving forward...

"Never give up"

Exactly! @steemrobot - All the best!

I can se the bright future of Cryptocurrencies and reasons that makes me believe are explained below.


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I agree to this article of yours.... I feel so sad when people give up easily...not only here in steemit at also as general... to be frank i registered here for the main purpose that i wanted to earn extra....but after i registered and visit from one blog to another...i find each author's piece meaningful and inspiring...I become addicted to it that i thirst for more article that talks more about life... to all the Authors that inspire people....I thank you for your wonderful piece..i hope you continue motivating and inspiring....coz you can change life

Excellent post! Thanks for the words of support. I will always be deeply grateful with you. A hug!

Hello divine post is right the "Do not give up because the time is right now" to do anything you crave so much with the mistress it's never too late even if you are of age everything can be achieved as long as there is life after death nothing my dear friend I ask you to give me a gift in which is one minute of your time for you to visit my post:

Done! All the best! @dollface19

Downvoted for disagreement of reward. Draining the reward pool on day 2 is no different than draining it on day 1. I must admit we are starting to make progress. If you can get under a 100 I might stop downvoting you.

Also give the @smartmarket antics a break. Buying votes for a post already on trending is unnecessary. Using @smartmarket this late, indicates that you want people to believe that the votes are not bought. Shame on you.


Nice post sir.
You have excellent writing skills and also very inspiring personality.
I would love to be someday like you on this platform..
And for that I will work hard and will NEVER GIVE UP

But I see your powering down?

The guy who told mw about steemitt also encouraged to not to give up and clearly told that for first 2 months you will not get anything. But be consistent and surely you will earn.
I have seen that all well performing blogs are 6 months old and have reps near 60-70

This is very encouraging post @chbartist...I believe in you, so I have to keep posting and working harder for I also believe in Steem. It will shoot up very soon!

@joshvel, steem Up 10% after this post. Regards! Go ahead

Good luck and God bless sir...!

Great article… Those of us that are still here and continuing to invest in the platform see the long-term vision. I think that applies to cryptocurrency as a whole, We will be rewarded for our fortitude.

Never give up. Quitters never win and winners never quit.

so good writing. thank you @chbartist

Hey @chbartist you are absolutely right, we have to be positive and more focused about our bolgs. Time will change day will come with bang.
Thanks for sharing everyone needs some kind of push and you did same thing with this post, really nice work.

Fantastico articulo! Siempre hay que pensar adelante y con caminos nuevos para crecer mundialmente!

I will just say thanks Man... You just gave me a really good motivation.. To be honest I already lost hope On continuity on Steemit But your article just made me keep going now i am really grateful.. and hope some other people like me will find this Motivational as well...

Yeah, just few months back Steem and others alts are on their pick and now every Coin is down.
Be can see this BTC dominance was 54+% few hours back. It doesn't means Steem and others alts are dead. They will rise soon.
The current price $0.85-0.90 and past price when it was on $8 and know one knows what will happen in future it may cross $10-50 or even more for long term.
But every one who were purchased on higher price feeling 😑😑😑

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Your words give me breath before I go to sleep, @chbartist. There are many of us who may be discouraged by the fall of the steem, as this platform has become a way to monetize our efforts and even have money to feed and live on. I am from Venezuela and being in steem makes me more money than my formal job. That shouldn't be, but it happens. Panic has taken hold of many with the elimination of SBD, not thinking it might be a temporary thing. I hope so. I don't really imagine my salvation tablet, which I cling to daily, being taken away from me. I'd probably go down too. Thank you for your words tonight.

Stay calm! Everything will be right! @nancybriti

Thank you, @chárter. Your words give me a certain tranquility in this sea that seems to me to be rough and dangerous. Especially for our economy! Good night. Good night.

I feel that many siren calls are trying to take our breath away and our hope away. This song has had an impact on some people, so much so that if before they published twice a week, today they no longer do so and do not even comment. I believe that if you continue with these pessimistic ideas, even if there is no sinking, we will all jump out of fear. Thank you for sharing your vision.

Thank you! Always positive! Always!!! @nohebd

Hi @chbartist another great article from you, what you say makes perfectly sense and I totally agree with you. At the moment I am also saving up some money that I want to use to buy some steem and power up my steem power. I also intend to write more content and commend on a regular basis as I also believe it will help me to contribute to this great platform and also help me to earn a good income and also help other steemians earning more when my steem power is much higher in future when upvote their posts and article's. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Your positive contributions helps keep me and other steemians positive.

@chbartist don't give up brother...crypto market is like a bed of rose from some distance it look beautiful and when some sit on it the Thorne of rose just hit up back....this is crypto market from far it look life it will give very much profit and we think we will become rich in few day but the truth is far different it purely depends on market scenario and many people like us who come in greed of taking huge profit get stuck into it.... and then try to come out anyhow with bearing to sell out cryptocoun at some lose English is not so good but I hope you understand what I tried to explain

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I Understood! Regards @adarsh0709

I quite agree with your thoughs, not too many people see the bigger picture about steem but am sure this post serves as an eye opener and a wake up call for Steemians to shave away their luke warmess. Great job.

Good motivation... but I must confest yesterday was my first day at steemit and now I am reading motivation writings so is there any motivation line you have for me.

I absolutely agree with you. Steem is the only blockchain I consistently see being used for its intended purpose. Steem is not some speculation gambling coin. It’s the future of social media. If you consistently post you will be rewarded.

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hello @chbartist, In some early time I had an application in which I can earn free STEEM point that was converted into STEEM coin. after some, i deleted that application. Now when I heard about steemit i think i loose somthing. but now i give regularly time to steemit so i can earn again.
So @chbartist you are right "Don't Give Up Now Because The Moment Is Right Now"

I believe, people going for Bit because is low now. Bit up, Steem down, Bit high down, steem Up.

So says a committed person: Here we are and here we are. To see that you, with all that you have been able to win, are still betting, we, who are just beginning, can only follow your example. Thank you very much for sharing!

t's good to hear this from a person like you with your reputation. I think that could give more credibility to those who are still betting on Steem. I've already heard or read post about a possible recovery or adjustment that will strengthen the kryptonites, but also the opposite: I want to keep believing and betting so I can keep going, but I still go with caution!

Stay calm honey, everything will be alright! Regards @nonechangeles

For the first time in a long time i feel i hv found my tribe. I feel at home with your writeup. Keep it up

Thanks for the motivation it is my first day on steem , I like it and I like your article .

" Never give up " .

I must say, your info is very helpful in encouraging both old and new members on the platform. As for me Steeming on Steemit steemit.pngis now my new life style.

STEEM is on sale, so why not buy it at a discount?

What a nice way to see the situation of Steemit on steem! Indeed, there are no reasons to stop posting when the price of steem goes down just because you don't get much rewards. Your followers will be missing a lot from you but most of all, you'll be missing a lot!

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

Let us all keep on creating beautiful contents and make Steemit greater! Steem on!

very informative andhelpful article for a steemit user,
sir i have question how much time does it take to earn money form this platform?if ther is any tips for getting successful on steemit!!!
please reply

@thenuclear, Depend! your motivation, investing and building a network with good articles. There are people who can take 1, 2 years and a few months. It depends how much you are also willing to invest and believe in the steemit project. All the best!

thank you again for your precious suggetion & tips :-)

You always motivate us, nailed it sir

Never give up.
The technology is there and soon there will be mass adoption.
No path is a straight line. There will be ups and downs.
Best time to power up

Yes you are [email protected]


Soon people will be starving for free and open media. We just need to sit back and watch the likes of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter implode. Meanwhile, we'll set the table for the hungry masses on platforms such as this.

Amo realmente tu blog , definitivamente steem hace una gran comunidad asombrosa.

I feel touch after see your post. I consider myself still new in steemit as I just started to post for the last three months. I even start to buy in some SBD and boost my post to some upvote bots for the purpose of gaining expose but the result seem not good although i created original quality and good content. But things does not come easy. I think i do need to maintain and dont give up.

This post coming at the time, i myself think the same it's time to buy steem and hard work why should quite! Winners are not quitters. And this amazing platform needs to support not to leave, thanks for motivate us with your great post. Regards.

right sir we need to invest money in steem and work in steemit blogging and we not need to give up.

I'm not giving up on Steem as well. Especially this community right here on Steemit. I've been seeing really good quality content and I know the way the system here works is the future of social media content.

Thank you for sharing your insightful post @chbartist :)

@chbartist , your blog is always motivating to me that how well you stabilized yourself in such a short time .

Fully agreed, because as the crypto market going down, steem would go as well...
And as I do believe we would anticipate a bull run after this period and with a good support, so stay tight 💪

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thanks for the info @chbartist

also just a quick personal thanks for the post, the hodlers need positive news.

Can you see? Steem Up 10% after this post! regards @sapphic

Just my thought too.
There's nothing to be concerned with downslopes.
It's rather an opportunity we should be making full use of instead.
Totally agree with you.

Look, I am just getting started. I see so much potential. I can say anything I believe in and as long as no one is hurt then it's all good. Not worrying about price. Freedom is priceless and decentralization is freedom.

Motivational and inspirational, thank you, will stay with steem for a better future!

Yes patience plays a major role to be successful so never give up.
Thank you for motivation @chbartist

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crypto market also risk but you are right

Yes you was right in past and at present too. I am taking this platform as life changing opportunity and doing hard and hard .yes I want to grow with this social community.

Agreed, life changing. Upvoted.

I think this is an opportunity for us to exist in Steemit.
Seeing opportunities in developing and making a profit, I think this is real, everyone contributing to steemit definitely wants it.
but besides that all there is one hope that steemit can be a source of income and also steemit as a place to communicate and friendship with fellow friends.

Agreed, the art of developing is key, fundamental. Upvoted.

This is a great post. There are times where you may wonder if it's worth staying the course, but just like any investment, you gotta take the ups with the downs, and hold out until it works out. It will. Blockchain is not going anywhere...

Agreed, keep going, hope over dope. Upvoted.

thank you for inspiring people...not only here in steemit but to life as general. To be honest i become addicted on reading the articles in life here in steemit coz all the bases are from experience and one's point of view. .. like to day (Philippines time before i head to work i read your article... amazingly it sinks into my subconscious that despite of my busy schedule, noisy students and deadlines of reports ...i manage to stay calm and solve things in a simple and easy way... your piece serves my guide on how to make my day better...please continue changing people's lives by your meaningful and inspiring articles...

Leaders are readers. Upvoted.

so you think we should buy tokens? I am posting regularly but your post gives me an impression that we can't make it here unless we first buy some tokens?

I bought some Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and I have SBD, Steem, SP, and it is good to invest in many different things for as long as you can, and that helps. Upvoted.

Successful person on steemit really good feeling sir Tx
Cheer up sir

It works on the sleet and we can manage life