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I truly value education and have seen first-hand through living in Asia for the past 25 years, the enormous changes education has made in the lives of underprivileged children.

But we must always consider that there are always two sides to the coin.

And more precisely, two hemispheres to our brain – the left being more logical, analytical and linear, while the right side is more holistic, creative and intuitive.

The challenge with modern education is to arrive at a balance in both hemispheres and currently, there is a predominance and focus on educating the left hemisphere, at the expense of the right.

To bring about a balance, we need to move out of our heads and into our hearts, where science is now validating there lies a pool of intelligence and answers, that once tapped into, can lead us to a more heart-centred way of being.

As a speaker and writer, this is my passion and purpose, to guide and facilitate this process, which encompasses a variety of modalities from coaching, to full-blown retreats and in between, writing and speaking about this vast and beautiful subject.

Here is a talk conducted in Singapore.

Photo Credits: pexels.com
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