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I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog. I enjoyed it to the extend where I turned it into a year long challenge were I try to find a good balance between health, work and my personal life...

An entire year has passed since I started making these daily blogposts and I never imagined I would have enjoyed doing this blog so much. I definitey came a long way already in regard to to adopting better habits, but I still got a long way to go. I see this first year as getting the basics down to build upon stepping it up a notch in the 2nd year. Keeping this blog has become a part of my daily wake up routine and it never at any point felt like an obligation whatsoever.

I would also like to say thanks to everyone that showed support with kind comments, upvotes, useful content,... in my journey to improve myself. It really does make a world of difference knowing at least some are reading on a regular basis and it has helped me to do just that bit better on multiple occasions. I'm very grateful for that and it makes it all even more enjoyable. Thank You !

I'm far from done and will appraoch the next 100 days as I started with a lot more focus on making actual improvements instead of just keeping current habits. I already made a spreadsheet where I will keep track of more data on everything.

I'm off for my first morning run of year 2 now with plenty more of those to come and I'll be back with an other post tomorrow around the same time as usual !

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Time flies when you're having fun. Congrats on sticking to your daily routine so consistently. Here's to the years to come 🍻

Thanks Sasha !
Time really flies, the last 265 days feel like having gone by a lot quicker compared to the original 100 days. I plan on doing the same thing this year now the next 100 days everything less on auto-pilot

Congratulations on another milestone! Habits really are so key, as I well know myself! You've definitely helped spark some good ideas for me to continue on my own journey, so thank you for sharing yours. Hope you had a great run!

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Thanks for all the support over the year Katie it really helps to have others who are also here using steemit as a way to move forward and do better. I enjoyed the run yesterday and there are plenty more to come the next 100+ days for sure. Never thought I would enjoy running in the moring last year when I was inspired by you and the runningproject on this platform.

There really is a great sense of community on here that I am very thankful for, as well! Excited to see how it continues to grow!

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Oh man, this is a serious achievement! You got me inspired! Do you already have some specific goals set for the next year/100 days?

Also, would you be ok sharing your spreadsheet with me (without the data itself of course) so I can take away some of it into my life?