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What has the beauty of a day out in Creation got to do with sewing, you may wonder? It is simply the reason why I get very little sewing done!! When I have the option of dealing with mounting clothing (and matching diaper) orders or spending time with my happy child out on the homestead his delighted laughter convinces me every time!

IMG_9263 (Custom).JPG

Through winter - which is almost over here in South Africa - I had plenty of orders for thick and soft pajamas as well as double layered fleece one pieces. Doing repeat patterns becomes really boring. It's fun the first or second time but I like variety and it becomes a real chore to sew with the passion missing. Although the outfits are generally received with great enthusiasm by the mothers and their little models.


They say a doctor's child is always sick. The same comparison could probably be made about many professions. Because I am sew busy (pun intended) with orders for other people's children I have taken very long getting clothing made for my own!

IMG_0764 (Custom).JPG

My son loves lions. For his birthday I burnt the midnight oil making him a couple lion outfits. Lion shirt, lion pajamas and lion tracksuit with matching boots. He loves them!

IMG_0807 (Custom).JPG

The one little problem was that the winter tracksuit was cut with winter in mind....and 5 months down the line my little boy is a lot bigger! Now that I've finished sewing it, it is too small and was added to the sales pile. At least the boots will fit for months to come!

IMG_0783 (Custom).JPG

Most of the cloth diaper sets, with matching clothing, I have especially designed. With the specific colour choices and sizes each set is a guaranteed one of a kind. Moms love the unique order and I love the variety of sewing.

IMG_0858 (Custom).JPG

The little ballerina animals, with the cute pink flamingo, has been a major hit. I have made nearly a dozen sets. With summer hot on the heals of winter I'm sure these will be popular outfits around the country!

IMG_0791 (Custom).JPG

Another popular girlie item for winter has been the ballerina animals as well as these floral robins in a snug zip jacket. With or without a hoodie I have really enjoyed testing this new pattern with varying prints - and hacks!

IMG_0852 (Custom).JPG

And, of course, for the boys, there's the latest Dino set. Always a hit, the green shades of dinosaur were even popular with the moms of girls! Ask me! I will be whipping up a set for my daughter with a flouncy green dino dress to match. But for today that's enough sewing chatter....the warm winter sun is calling and I can hear my little boy laughing at the doorway.

IMG_0433 (Custom).JPG

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A walk down memory lane of my mom making spiderman pajama outfits for my boys, they loved them. Your design a very attractive with the materials you using @buckaroo, I am not that clever with sewing so envy people who do have the knack.

The ballerina set, I can see why that is a popular one.

The ballerina
Set, I can see why that is
A popular one.

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Muy lindos los diseños de pijamas. Me encanto la bota

Well done @buckaroo you are very talented!!!

Aw, they are the cutest! 😍

Oh those little lion boots are just adorable!!!

My son agrees with you @goldendawne!

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Hey @buckaroo! It was such a nice pleasure seeing a #NeedleWorkMonday post from you. It looks like you have stayed busy with your orders! I love your designs! You really inspire me to become a better sewer.

I know what you mean about having so many orders for others that it takes a long time making things for your own children. I feel that way when it comes to crocheting. Mine are not necessarily orders but more like requests or gifts that I make for others. By the time I get around to making my kids something they asked for or need, they’ve outgrown it or have moved on with their interests. I want to do better with making time to make things for my own family.

I just adore those lion boots, the one piece fleece and that snug jacket! Thanks for sharing with us this week :)

Thank you @crosheille for the compliment! It has been months since we "chatted". And I'm going to remain an irregular poster for a while still with my baby due in a couple weeks time. Blessings

Yes it has been awhile! Oh wow I didn’t know you were expecting! Congratulations to you and your family! This will be your third right? Do you know what you’re having or is it a surprise?

I hope you have a beautiful birth experience. Enjoy your family and take care! Many blessings to you!

Not yet @crosheille! My first just turned two and baby sister is the second ;)

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WOW! Your clothes are amazing and so cute! You have a lot of skill to be able to make all these!

You have been posting!!! And I have missed it, but, now I surely will be checking in on you more often!

The outfits are so precious!! There isn't anything I love more than to make something specifically with a person in mind. Especially if it resonates with them. I am working on a quilt right now as our winter will be here in a few months and I needed a few fun projects to work on.

Isn't that what God made winter for?

I loved the boots and outfit (the too-small one!) I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have been bitten by that one. Thank God almost all the kids from my eight siblings and mine are within a year or two in age. So we swap outfits all the time. :)

New to us!!!

You sound wonderful and your projects are absolutely enviable!! It was good hearing from you!!! A wonderful Sunday to you~

Love. Always.

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Oh my goodness, I didn't know you are sewing too Tracey! These are the cutest little clothes ever! You know, I used to sew back in Slovakia before I came to Canada, but I didn't start making clothes for my girls until they were over 1 year old. I never made baby onesies, or any baby stuff. You are so talented! Absolutely adorable designs 💖😊💖

Oooo! Something else in common! I didn't know you sew Lena! It is rewarding. And I love that my children have their own unique outfits made with love.

Oh yes Tracey! Even if it was long time ago I remember like it was yesterday 💖

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