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Hello Fellow Stemians,

Welcome to my introduction, I am very excited to be here and i cant say enough about the great and inspiring people that I've met so far. @stellabelle thank you!

I have decided to start my new blog designed to spread awareness and help take humanity to the next phase in history. My blog is not designed to teach you everything there is to know on a particular subject, the internet is full of the information you require, the idea behind this is to highlight subjects and issues to provoke thought. Research should always be done by the individual, everyone is free and entitled to have their own opinions, your opinions should be based on what you believe to be true and not what you have been told to believe through society and the media.


My journey started when I begun to remove all the common distractions from my life, Mainstream media and television shows, facebook and video games. I do miss playing video games but I was starting to feel very dissatisfied with them, as I was always trying to relive great childhood memories of games such as Zelda Ocarina of Time and World of Warcraft, where I could escape into worlds of beauty and magic without boundaries.


So now that all these distractions had been removed, what now? I had no idea what I was in for. I begun to spend a lot of time in deep thought questioning life in a meditative state, I began to show interest in a variety of subjects, mainly history, science and religion. As I continued to dig through books, forums and hundreds of hours of youtube videos that I never knew existed. I started to notice a pattern, almost as if I was putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle one piece at a time, the world and the meaning of life was starting to make sense to me the deeper I dug, I was starting to connect all the dots.

This gradual realisation started to change me as a person, I started to question all the decisions I was making in my life, little by little I was growing as a person. All my actions were now conscious decisions, every choice I made I evaluated the impact it would have on others and the environment. I continued to disassociate with things in my life that no longer served as important or beneficial. I went from a self obsessed, insecure, jealous and greedy person, to a happy, free and loving person full of compassion for the world around me, it feels incredible.


As I continue to understand Steemit and blogging, I will go into all the various changes in me and the things that I do each day to minimise my foot print on this earth. I’d like to highlight certain subjects for people, so that they can also begin to fully discover themselves and their path in life. I learnt very quickly that you can not lecture people about certain topics and issues in the world, you will be labelled as crazy and brain washed, people will not take you seriously. I have found the best way to impact others is to display the change in yourself, slowly those around you start to take notice, ask questions and begin their own journeys.
-Plant the seed and let it grow.


I do not claim to know everything, not even close. I still believe my journey has only just begun, I would just like to help others that also feel something is not right in the world. I would like to help steer them in a direction that will get their own minds thinking.
It saddens me to realise so many people with access to this incredible tool we call the internet, take it for granted and have no idea the true power it possesses. For the first time in history, mankind now has the ability to seek, discuss and share information across the entire world. Information which previously had been removed or hidden from teachings and our history books by our oppressors, is now starting to reach the hands and minds of the people. We’re now in the age of TRUTH AND ENLIGHTENMENT, I would like to help people discover their true potential, as I discover mine.


Join me.


Me too. I like to unplug for while to ground myself. I know that I did not have a Steem payout today, I look at that and recollect a "day off", not only from work but from internet, phone, and even electricity for the most part. Thinking, even sitting around and imagining, is way underrated nowadays!

Shutting off and going inside yourself is essential, we are kept distracted for a reason, the human mind is capable of so much more. Once we have all connected with our true selves, it will be possible to heal the world.

Such a wonderful read, such wonderful artwork. Thank you. Following :)

Thank you! i appreciate the kind words =) I'm a big fan of the image of Link gazing up at the Great Deku Tree.
"The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and the guardian of the forest. He has lived many long years, so his wisdom is vast."
— Figurine
Stay tuned!

Looking extremely forward to your future writings :)

I cut out watching the news and reading the paper a little over a year ago. I was fed up with the rerunning of the same stories repeatedly. The media was portraying a world of fear and hate. I saw the impact it was having on the kids on my debate team. Many of the students were worried about the future.

Yet, at the debate tournaments I was witnessing a diverse group of high school debaters mingling, laughing, and engaging in rigorous academic activity, on the weekends. The positive energy swirls in the air, invigorating all that breath it in. I witnessed a community of teenager, debating timely topics, in a respectful manner. They dive deep into issues that many adults look at superficially.

Yet, positive news and events are overlooked or mentioned in passing. I see a lot of love and kindness in the world. I also recognize there is hatred and violence in the world. But continually looping the events in the news cycle doesn’t help us solve the problem. I tell my kids that their voice matters and that they can create change when they work together.

Many of the debaters have rallied and challenged the school committee on issues that impact them and their community. They are using the skills they gain to make positive changes in the world around them.

Much of what you wrote rings true to me. I look forward to reading your posts and continuing my growth.

" I tell my kids that their voice matters and that they can create change when they work together." Inspirational, one of my biggest struggles is explaining to those around me that we are all capable of making a difference, the change must start within. I get laughed at for my decisions and views, too many people around me are stuck in the mindset of "one person can't make a difference" they are wrong. Together we will change the world, we each have more power than what we've been led to believe.

Welcome to the community. Loved reading about your journey of self discovery. I will follow you and im looking forward to your future contributions.

Thank you for showing interest, I have never been good at communicating or expressing how i feel. This will be a challenge for me. I just want to get people thinking and realising there is much more to life than what we've been told. Speaking with people in my day to day life i have realised most have no idea where to start, so my goal is to initiate that thought, give people a place to start and let their own curiosity take over. Eventually people will start to reflect a lot deeper once their views and beliefs are challenged.

Welcome! That is a really good and warm introduction of yours.

I see many similarities for I was throwing out my TV about ten years ago and never regret. I went the same paths you were and are on and I can say, it is inevidable to come to the certain point where it goes deep.

I often thought of myself: How many times I thought I understand what all those teachers mean? And STILL didn't get it. I don't know, I guess this is going to happen all my life. The journey towards majurity is one of the most exciting and calm ones I so far have walked.

I wish you success and whenever you will enter time of frustrations, I will be one of your supporters ;-)

I really appreciate the kind words, it is such a great feeling to know that we are not alone. The frustrating times do come, and they hit hard unfortunately, i am happy to know i have people like you by my side in times of need. Thank you, its a pleasure to be on this journey together =).

I'm glad you're awake, and I enjoyed reading this.

Thanks! the journey is just beginning =), let's help to spread awareness.

A warm welcome to the community. Thanks for sharing a bit of your journey. Looking forward to hearing more.

thanks, happy to be here! =)

I like the way you think and write. I think we have some things in common. I'm following right away.

Excellent Post.... You are welcome to Steemit (The best site ever!). If you are multi-talented, you are welcome, and it is a bonus for both parties (You and the Platform)
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