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The name of the restaurant was Man-suk-jang.

I found the restaurant when I went shopping last month. I liked the restaurant because I could enjoy meat with a variety of fresh vegetables. The Soybean Paste Stew was so delicious as well. I don't know whether the restaurant is famous or not, but I recommend you this good restaurant Mansukjang in South Korea. When you travel to Korea, try to visit once.

On the wall there was a beautiful interior with black and white pictures showing the history of the restaurant. I chose Jeyuk Ssambap. It's wraps in greens with stir-fried spicy pork. It was really spicy and yummy. 

There were many vegetables. Typical Korean cuisine is based on greens. It was indeed faithful to the basics.

My Favorite Acorn Jello

Self-service Fresh Vegetables

When the energy was full thanks to the good dishes, I was ready to go shopping again. Before shopping, I went to a massage cafe to drink coffee and relax. Massage cafe services massage chairs with drinks. It costs about 10 dollars per 20 minutes. In Korea, massage cafe business is hot. Recently, there is also a cafe where massage therapists work instead of massage chairs. The price is over 50 dollars. 


@bontonstory the Korean food looked absolutely delicious! It was amazing with all the fresh vegetables. Thank-you for sharing the new restaurant. I loved the set-up, especially the fresh vegetable bar! It must have been so relaxing in the coffee massage place. You must have come out smiling. I would go too!!! I love when you also share Korea. Someday I would like to take a trip there! Have a great day Bontonstory!!!

Visit Korea and don't only stay in Seoul. @cabbagepatch There are many beautiful rural areas and islands. I only visited Jeju island, so I'm also planning to travel islands in Korea. Thank you for coming! :)

is that Jaeyeok bukkeom? I miss Korean food freaking much!
Today is freaking wet I was craving for Toppukki all day :D

Hello, a beautiful gardener @englishtchrivy :) Yes, that's Jaeyeok bukkeom. I love it. It was too spicy for me, but it was so yummy. I know you like Korean foods. Thank you for it. :) Have nice days!!

This food all looks amazing! And I love the wide variety of veggies. I would love to visit South Korea one day and experience authentic Korean food :D Thanks for this beautiful food guide @bontonstory :)

Welcome! Give me a chance to buy you a dinner. :) @natashahall Thanks!!

Oh I would love to sample evry one of those dishes! YUM!

I would like you to have them. :D @old-guy-photos

The restaurant is very old - it is nice that they show their history. The food looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

Foods of old restaurants are different. There is a flood of restaurant franchise in Korea. Even old restaurants make branches like octopus, so the word 'original or the first' has become important to themselves. @rynow

Drooling girl i've missed you, how have you been??? Have you heard of our new group @steemph? Please check us out. Counting on you!

Hey! :) I'll check it out. Really good to see you again. @immarojas

menu makanan yang alami direstoran ini, saya sangat suka. banyak sayu- sayuran, seperti daun sawi, kangkung, toge, dan bermacam menu-menu untuk dimakan dengan nasi merah. sayuran seperti kangkung di tempat saya sangat banyak ditanami oleh masyarakat, kangkung sering dimasak dengan cara tumis, tumis sebenarnya mudah untuk dimasak seperti yang ada di postingan @bontonstory, saya akan menjelaskan sedikit cara memasak kangkung tumis: siapkan kangkung, cabe merah dan hijau, bawang merah atau bawang bombang, bawang putih, tomat,garam(lenyedap rasa),air dan.minyak gireng. setelah disiapkan:
potong kangkung sekitar 1 cm, iriskan bawang merah,bawang putih,tomat,lalu panakan minyak goreng lalu masukan tomat,cabe,bawang untuk digoreng sebentarbsaja dan masukan kangkung sekaligus dengan air cuma sedikit saja, setelah itu beri penyedap sedikit dengan sesuai rasa.