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Teachability and objectivity produce alertness whilst emotion and subjectivity destroy professional ability.

........original photography and editing by @bleujay.

'Lovely Greens'

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Hi @bleujay, it is very true what you say and it is important to teach it in early child's age, the children they are so open and do not have prejudice, that is why I love to spend time with children. it is quite difficult to convince adults even if they understand that they are wrong but do not accept then you can't help...

Looking at you photographs everything look juicy green, nice to see how the filed's color changes and the trees starting to have sprouts and leaves. Looks like you have a beautiful sunny day on your pictures. That is good to start weekend. I wish you and your family a nice weekend dear @bleujay :)

Greetings @stef1,

How very kind of you to stop by for a cuppa. ^__^

Enjoyed hearing your thoughts regarding the principle and the photographs....thank you.

What you say is true.....children for the most part are little sponges just soaking up the world around them as they have not yet acquired arrogance which is an enemy to us all. The words 'teachability and objectivity' are synonyms for the word 'humility'.....however that particular word does not seem to communicate. Humility is the antithesis of Arrogance....(Error in one's thinking…syn. subjectivity)

Wishing you and your family a lovely Son-day!


I love the shadow on the stand of trees. The dark and light. It's always so much fun to be on the ground, and have those shadows move across really fast, from light to dark and back again where you stand. Plus the temperature changes often when it happens. Not sure why it reminded me of that, but it did. Have a nice day.

Greetings @ddschteinn,

Appreciate you dropping by for a cuppa.

You have described the very experience in such a lovely way.....thank you. I was hoping the photographs would communicate the immensity and dynamics taking place.

Thank you for your kind wishes. ^__^

Here's wishing you a lovely week.

Just read your latest post.....still smiling!


One more wise principle 😊. Great photos! I'm so jealous now to your weather. Here we have a rain the whole day...

Greetings dear @olgy-art.

How very kind of you to stop by.

Hopefully after your rainy too will have green fields to gaze upon. ^__^

Happy to hear you appreciate the principles!

Cheers to you and yours.....the sweet Gingers as well!

Hello bleujay I haven’t talked to you in awhile and were wondering how you are doing

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Hello @teenagecrypto,

Very kind of you to stop by......hope you are well....

All is well here....thank you for inquiring.


Appreciate the upvote it helps out a lot because recently I gambled all my steem away and that was a bad mistake

Greetings @teenagecrypto,

After such happenings......always ask yourself.... 'What did I learn?'

That is for you.....not a query from me.

Since I am hearing you say....'a bad mistake' sounds a lesson has been learned.....Well done!

All the best.

You too have a great day

If you do not mind I am including the link from a previous post .....

with the only solution to man's problems in the message and that is what God offers every person of human history....eternal life. The reason we are here to answer the question.....What think you of Christ?

Do you accept Him or reject Him...the answer determines your eternal future.

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Wishing you only the best.....God's best. ^__^


I do not believe in any religion at all because to me it’s a waste of time I just want to live my life normally and earn money to support a family

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Greetings @teenagecrypto,

I agree.......Religion is a waste of time. Religion is man through his own good works seeking good luck with God.

Christianity however is not a religion, it is God seeking a relationship with man through Christ's work on the cross. It is faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.

All the best.


Very nice photo!

Welcome to Steemit @kajfi,

Thank you.


Very well said my friend, nice shots too :)

Where were these taken ?

Greetings @majes.

Appreciate your kind comment......very happy to hear you enjoyed the post.

Will send you a note in chat.....

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend. ^__^


Great principle! I totally agree.

"Green" is my favorite! The scenery is very beautiful with a lot of green trees and green grass! Very lovely indeed.

Oh! There are plenty of clouds in the sky. Really wonderful!

Great capture!

Wishing you and your family a happy weekend. ;)

Greetings @tangmo,

How very kind of you to drop by with such a kind energetic enthusiastic complimentary reply......thank you.

Appreciate your kind wishes.

Wishing you a lovely week! ^__^


It’s always my great pleasure.

Thanks so much for your great support to my works. I highly appreciate it.

Many thanks for your kind wish.

All the best to you and your family! ;)

@bleujay, May be emotions can affect the Professional line but in my opinion our emotions also brings life in our work. Stay blessed.

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Greetings @chireerocks,

Thank you for your visit. ^__^

Appreciate hearing your thoughts.


Welcome and thank you so much.

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