Let’s go Camping

in life •  5 months ago


Go camping they said.


Go relax in the great outdoors.


Bring your in-laws.


Bring your babies.


Throw some burgers on the grill.




Burgers in the van 😕


No room for me, I’ll sit under the tailgate.


No room for you either, Zema.


How would I describe the rain to the camping trip using a broad analogy?



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wow,my dear friend.. @bleedpoer again welcome back to steemit platform. how are you dear..i hope that,you stayed better.really you enjoy your great day with your child your camping idea very fantastic.i think that its family trip with your family..but i am not looks your wife. only looks your child and two old person stayed this camping place.your child very happy this camping its seen her smile cute face. this burger and grill really very delicious food.i am really happy to see your post and comment doing along time before..because i am miss u very much everyday..but i am not understand your last picture.what you understand want giving this picture.your smile face anytime my heart touching..you really doing alots of fun with your child and awesome place camping.thanks to sharing for your nice post dear..very well done..take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you..i want always you stayed live long with your sweet family..my best wishes anytime with you...have a great day..my dear friend. @bleedpoet

They say that camping is fun until the rain falls that completes the entire trip hahahahaha
How are you friend? They said it would be fun, right? I like hamburgers on the grill

I live in a country where there are scorpions in the bars, cockroaches everywhere, mosquitoes with dengue ready to attack in each corner, why do I need to go camping?
Ah! I miss you, my friend. Give us more updates. You look so tragically content.

Where is this beautiful place


Backus Heritage conservation Area near Long Point Ontario, Canada. If not for the rain it was a real pretty spot, built beside a heritage village/farm with historical recreationists.


Go camping they said...
It’ll be fun they said....
Hugs my friend!


Alls's fun until you're exhausted, find out the tent leaks and a dozen mosquitoes follow you in.


I am the mosquito holy grail, they love me, feed off me and sing to me when they find me. I’m itching just imagining this lol

Did you win the wet t-shirt contest, though? I think you should have won 🤭🙃


The rain quieted down so I decided to take the dog for a walk before bed. It started to pour so I ran to find shelter in a gazebo, then got a text from my wife that Bear had to poo, so I ran back in the down pour to get him to the john. This is me waiting while he does his business💩


Aww, Dad of the year.

Someday I'll leave my house... someday....


Totally over rated, home is where my stuff is😄

I think everytime I've tried camping it rained and rained. What is it about sleeping under cloth that makes mother nature get her prank on!