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What about this scar?

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5 months later, I've finally broached 900.

Do you still like your drink?

Do you still like your poet?😄

Odd fact, our wallets are on par, your estimated account value only exceeds mine by 25¢ at writing

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Pretend I said something fluffy instead - this comment had too much bite after some reflection.

If it makes you feel better, we went up 50$ over night.


Settle - It was hangover party day - If you weren't prepared for a little cynical pouting, I don't know what to tell you. I am a cranky person when I am dehydrated.

Holy Feck!! This is unbelievable. I'm honored and humbled, glad your cup led you to stumble my way. I'm overwhelmed right now, I shall write more when my heart has slowed a pace. Thank you so much.

It has been a year 👌🤙🤘. Rock out with your cock out.

Cheers friend! haha Glad you like it! @artwatch truly mixed a great drink! Thank you @artwatch!

Cheers to you @bleedpoet! Cheers to you!

Were it but a drink, how gladly would I sip, but here at last call, I have a friend across the bar. The bartender has not mixed a drink, but an ode, an effigy, carved me into a story. And with a tear in my eye, overwhelmed with emotions, I lift up my cup, toast to your health and happiness, and sup. CHEERS!

Oh wow @artwatch, this post is fantastic. Thank you, I'm so happy to have found this, and I am certainly following you and waiting thirsty for more drink orders to be served!

If you have someone in mind I am currently taking drink orders. I really like to help other users pay it forward to content creators on this site that they like.

If you feel inspired by someone here on steemit- Do play the Steemit Drinking Game - You might have the last drink of the night. My 1000 will be an important milestone to me so I will be keeping an eye out for the best drink orders/content creators whome I would like to feature.

Oh cool! Thank yo for the insight. I'll read the linked article and learn more about the game. Exciting!

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Upvoted. Steemit drinking game...lool. All-in-one post. I like the steem

Cheers! I'll drink to that...

Thanks mate - let me know if you want to make someone a drink for my 1000. I am taking drink orders for my milestone next. You could have the last drink of the night - just get your drink order in before last call and if I like the drink description - it is on the house and will be waiting on the bar.

I'm knackered from that project. I'll prolly hit the sack soon!

No worries haha. Sleep well.

mmmm... Me likey Absinthe! Some super tastey stuff and the mixers with it are often seriously unique and vibrant from the anise and wormwood.

I have only tried the crapy Canadian kind which really didn't count I don't think. Would like to try the real Western European version at some point and see if there is any change. I hear that actually getting high off the stuff is a long time myth, it was just alcohol around 65% by volume making those old french dudes believe they were tripping back in the day.