Theme for ambition

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Theme for ambition

We grow up in our minds a bright image of the person we will be in our future, and every day we chart our way towards achieving our goal. As we have the opportunity to progress in this life, we find that reaching the goal is not easy and achieving it requires effort, time and sacrifice. There are many who have encountered difficulties in achieving their goals and then failed and saw that delivery is easier, but in return there are many who have encountered these difficulties, and challenged to reach what they wanted and achieve the goal they had hoped for.


Ambition in life requires you to have an incentive to help you swallow your goal, and the ambitious person always seeks to achieve his goal regardless of the opinion of others in this matter, and he seeks to have power in something; whether a psychological force gives him great confidence in himself, or social strength, or Physical force, or even emotional power; and this is a continuation of the thing that aspires to the person, which is a terrible internal force implanted in the human tendency to achieve the goal with overcoming the obstacles and problems without affecting it.

Our success in life is achieved only by aspiration, which is conditional on it; ambition is success and its secret key, and our religion has urged us on this high quality characteristic of the high-up Muslim; the Almighty says in Surat Al-Mutafifin: And thinkers to put a clear definition of ambition; as Ibn Manzour believes that ambition is similar to compassion, and that the goal of a higher level of expectation of the individual and his potential to reach him, and access to the so-called "dream desired."

If we read the books of many thinkers, we find many definitions of this and different sayings in it, including the words of the Holy Prophet, may God's prayers and peace be upon him: "If you ask and ask paradise higher than paradise" Even our messenger here always urges us to ask the best of the best; the ambitious person himself always eager for the future and the best And higher.

How to be ambitious

So that you can achieve your goal and reach your ambition you have to be confident all the trust in your Lord dear, and that it is always with you and trust him, and keep your ambition and remind yourself of your goal and your dream and keep it in your eyes, and make your motivation for the work of good and spread the virtue among people, and learn from your mistakes and remember lessons and governance that If you fail once in a while, use people who increase your resolve and your strength. Keep away from those who frustrate you and do not want you to do good. Do not ever think that "the end justifies the means" and follows the worst way to achieve your goal. This is shorter. The road and its evils, but it is hard and hard and persevering in To achieve your goal.

By Hodail Albikri


Wao so nice keep it up

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