Women Living With Purpose - Video Series. Episode One.

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Health is Wealth.
One day our body feels one way, the next we can find ourselves immersed the discomfort of injury, illness, pain and despair. It is in these moments that our life flashes before us and we try to imagine if this pain will ever end. To feel out of control of how our body feels can be an immense rabbit hole in which you find yourself facing a new you. The choices we make in these moments create our future self.
The intentions we start setting the moment our eyes open for the day can determine if that day ends up feeling blessed or hopeless.
To give to your body, to explore the meanings within the experience, this is where you can choose purpose. Do you live with meaning ? Do you live with committed intentions ? Even to just be present with the loss and grief and change, this is a choice. These are your successes. It is ok to not be ok.

When my best friend, Crystal, experienced a life altering spontaneous disc herniation, her life flipped upside down. Everything outside of her continued to change and she was stuck in the constant pain and unknowing.
Crystal inspires me every day being my best friend and sister from another mister. She has shown me that with willingness and persistence, with being vulnerable and choosing to never give up, you can find hope in your darkness.
This is Crystal's story and the first of our series, Women Living with Purpose.

Thank you for being a part of our intentions to spread a good word and a blessing of hope.



Beautiful 😊

amazing health.. dear buddy @basicbeing

You are beautiful here. so pretty. success continues for the next video. 😍

Very inspiring and bright post. I would like to reply in two of your questions, even though I am not a woman.

Do you live with committed intentions?
For the past 4 years and a half I think do! I am not sure about the previous 30 something. I know, however, that from the day my son was born everything changed! Of course, I still have personal goals and ambitions but at the end of the day I feel like everything I do, I do it for him one way or another.

Do you live with meaning?

Now that's an interesting question! I do not try to sound dark or pessimistic here, but do we actually know with certainty what's the meaning of the years (not sure if the number matters really) we spend on this planet really is? I feel like no one knows the meaning of life really but then again we can give our own lives a meaning and as a result live&die based on it.

I won't even lie; I have several existential questions in my heart but more and more lately I am thinking that instead of seeking of ONE universal meaning in life, we can "invent" our meaning in life and maybe that might be what it is to be a "little God/Goddess" after all: giving meaning to something that seems to be meaningless or unexplained (for our human brains at least).

LOVED the post and the video evenmore!!!!!

Thank you for such an an inspirational and helpful video!!!
Pain always takes away your Spirit like a thief!!!


Pff I need to get back in shape a good health really boost everything in our lives

Purpose is healing and heals in many ways and I see so much life in your beautiful eyes. Thanks for what you do and I do believe in your name in Basic Being which may mean Being Basic and in how we are Basic Beings with Basic Needs and Potential and Opportunities and Purpose and Destiny and life is fun and great and tough but truly amazing. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

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