Your likes and dislikes distort your perception of reality

in life •  15 days ago

What is real and what is unreal ? A question asked and pondered over by many thinkers and philosophers, but no body can say for sure, because one man's reality could be other man's fiction.


Reality varies for man to man but why so? A similar situation is perceived completely different by two different people . It is all because of our prejudices that have been inculcated in us since our childhood.

In this world full of biases we are unable to see things as the way they actually are. The social conditioning we goes through restricts us in unleashing our true potential as a human being. I had read somewhere, " I was born intelligent but education ruined me" and that is what is happening, the devide between good and bad has been made so rigid by the education system that everyone is carrying their own filters of good and bad all the time and then trying to unite the world, a rather futile effort.

The likes and dislikes that we cultivate and which we flaunt as part of our personality does nothing but cripple us in every possible way. It is quite funny to see people bonding over their likes and dislikes, no wonder bonds are breaking, because when your perception is so rigid towards life and you have concretise yourself with the walls of likes and dislikes conflicts are bound to occurs, it's just question of time.


When you like someone you are bound to exaggerate it positively, your vision will be fogged by your prejudices to see the reality as it is. Similarly when you dislike something you will exaggerate it negatively and hence what you will perceive is not reality but the distortion of reality.

If you truly want to explore life just drop yours prejudices and all your likes and dislikes just embrace the life as it is without maligning it with your crippled judgement. You will find that your likes and dislikes are the cause of half of your life problems. Shed your preconceptions, if you want to truly explore life, that's all I can say.


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