I overpowered my toilet jam by flushing it with a bucket instead of using the handle

in life •  last year  (edited)

I woke and was worried.
I also had to dump some more fresh crap, which I did.
This time it was powered by avocados, bananas, batata, butter, choco and zucchini, with relatively a lot of canola oil with them, too.
I remembered some of the stuff that I saw and heard that can be done to solve it:
repeated flushes, manual pull of the jank, toilet plunger, inviting a plumber and a sudden bucket flush.
After repeated flushes seemed to have failed me for a while yesterday, I brought my bucket, filled it with water from the shower and flushed it down suddenly.
It worked like a magic and now I am happier and more relaxed.
No need to call a plumber this time or even call my momma.
She would have told me to do what I did anyway.

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