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in life •  last year 


Me and my wife climb the mountain of success together!
New Day ! New Partnership ! New Adventure !

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Hi atanasiucatalin!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 9 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

all the best frnds please don't forget to follow back and upvote my posts please...


Thx man ! I will follow you 😁

Very good


Thx 😎😁

Perfect couple.....Enjoy your life.....Can we become friends?


Thank You man ! 😎🔝