People Like Stories... And Lies.

in life •  5 months ago

People like to know what happens next. You tell them something and they would want to know what will happen afterwards.

We are more excited for others than we are for ourselves.

Sometimes we disregard our lives just to know more about others. We can get too bored with how our lives are that we want something else, something out there, someone else's story.

And so on to the next chapter of someone else's life... But what about our own lives? Why isn't it interesting? Why isn't it something we improve on? Why do we bother and/or watch other people instead of fixing our lives?


It's all lies. Lies everywhere. Don't we get tired of lies? Lies that we hear and lies that we say/write plus lies that we tell ourselves?

Is everything in our lives just a big lie? And then we get disappointed when other people hurt us, lie to us when in fact maybe everyone is just afraid of the next thing. Everyone is afraid of what will happen next in their lives and so we lie. Lie lie lie. Shall we lie some more?

Aren't we all just fiction writers then? I would watch the KDrama Lie To Me but I've already seen it years ago. I've also already watched The Invention of Lying a year or two ago.

Ah this is what I get for not doing anything today. This is what I get for lying to myself. Haha.


Anybody know a good movie/TV Show with lies lies lies? Oh by the way, that is how I found the TV show Community several years ago. Oh that gem of a pop culture comedy show. I love it all except season six.

Hmmm come to think of it, I haven't read any comics or books or graphic novels about lies. Well I haven't been reading anything for years sooo...

I've heard songs about lies but haven't read anything about it. At least as far as I can remember... Hmmm. 🤔

Oh and True Lies is kinda funny, I watched it when I was younger. Wow like I'm old now. Hahaha. Omg.

Waitaminit, I forgot about a bad bad series. Haha. I think I will continue watching it now. It's called Good Behavior. I'm only on episode 3.



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Akala ko may kinaiinisan kang liars 😂


Dati meron. Lagi naman. Nagkalat sila lalo sa sales. Oh well.

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