[Blood-type-A Elimination Diet] Day 6 - Aspartame Sabotage

in life •  2 years ago

I didn't wake up hungry today but within an hour I was ravenous. After running the kids to school I made oatmeal with almond milk and walnuts. Perfect.

I went to the grocery store and picked these up among many other things. My skin is breaking out a bit and I feel that should be happening less so I'll be keeping an eye out to see if the dates in LARAbars are causing this. In the meantime, these are delicious and have only dates and pecans (maybe almonds) as the ingredients.

Lunch was sushi. Type-A's aren't supposed to consume vinegar so I had to leave that out of the sushi rice. Inside I added avocado and roasted broccoli. With ginger, this was amazing.

I ate an entire container of blackberries in the car on the way home from buying blackberries.

More of the same sushi above. It wasn't until after enjoying this that I decided to look at the ingredients on the pickled ginger. I knew it was going to say sugar and was prepared for disappointment (and was also for cheating with a few tiny pieces of ginger) but it was worse. It has aspartame! Ugg. That's not healthy at ALL so no more ginger. 😭😭😭

After the kids went to bed I was peckish again so I cracked open this perfectly sweet watermelon.

You know, it was so good I'm going to go have some more! And also take my Magnesium Supplement drink. And wake up at 3 am to go to the bathroom, I guess, because of all this water I'm consuming before bed.

Thanks for joining me on day 6!

Off to day 7...

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good post and great health and information


Thank you!! 🌻🍉

You are getting good at making sushi!


Haha, you spoke too soon. I had to eat a sushi burrito today because it was so fail I couldn't slice it. I blame too-dry, day old, no-vinegar rice.