3 Day Juice Fast - For Self-Healing and Deeper Connection

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I attempted a 3 day juice fast over the weekend. I didn't really plan it. I just woke up one day and felt like I could tackle one. I'd been considering doing one for a while. I've done a lot of healing over the last two years but in March 2018, especially, I'd had some intense cellular detox symptoms from an energy healing that lasted a month. Because of this, I didn't expect the juice fast to send me into detox. My intention was to give my digestive system time to rest and self-heal since I'd been doing a bit of cheating with dairy and popcorn and sugar over the previous two weeks (just few of the no-go's on my dietary list).


Day 1 of the juice fast went fine. I was hungry but I could drink juice or water and my stomach would stop growling. It was during this day that I realized I could withstand the hunger, it was the emotional attachment to food that was the most persistent. It is SUCH a pleasure to eat. Most of the time we eat to give ourselves pleasure and this can almost be done to an addictive level when we are unaware (I'm looking at you, delicious Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato's).

Of course, I think food should be considered one of life's joys but I realized I was not attached much to the appreciation of how it important it is for the body's survival. Food creates a very intimate relationship with the earth plane. We need it to survive (along with food and water); to step away from the pleasure of food and connect with its important and humble role was a lovely revelation.

On day two I was still hungry but wasn't experiencing detox symptoms with I thought was great. Mid-day I noticed a bit of a headache starting and it continued getting worse. I had plans to go to a show that evening but started getting chills. My daughters father gave me a massage which helped a lot. I noticed that I allowed myself to be a bit more open and receptive. I first had to notice that I felt guarded and "not touchy". Opening up to massage seemed appropriate. In a more meditative moment I had a memory from about the age of 3. In my memory I realized that I could keep myself from being beaten by my mother by analyzing everything I wanted to do to see if it was wrong. This created the filter that is currently being brought up for healing (the memory of which was buried in my cells of my gastrointestinal tract which were now detoxing). In this memory I saw myself learning to feel like what I wanted to do was wrong. Since most "right/wrong" lessons can be severely subjective, depending on the parent, I basically had to just start wondering if I was always doing something wrong. This is a feeling I had noticed coming up more this summer, but couldn't figure out where in childhood it came from. The fast was showing me that the trauma was being addressed during the detox.

I went to the music show that night. I still had a bit of a headache but the chills from earlier had passed. I noticed that I wasn't nervous around my friends or any strangers there. I didn't know if it was a zen thing or if my body just didn't have enough energy to be nervous. Because of this I found it easier to really hold eye contact with people; which, I guess means I was connecting more deeply. I felt comfortable being myself without any fanfare. I looked at friends and they looked back. It was a peaceful feeling, despite feeling cold and having a headache and being kind of weak.

On day three I woke up and the headache was still there. I felt like a wisp on chemo. My tongue had turned white. My back felt like it was disappearing and the fast no longer felt like I was serving my body, but hurting it. Plus my daughters father wasn't trying to abide my laying around and suffering all day (he wanted my active HELP). I decided to finish my 3-day juice fast by eating only vegetables. I started with cucumbers and salt and at lunch sauteed kale and garlic and ate it with avocado. For dinner I had roasted broccoli, avocado and a big kale salad.


That night my dreams showed that the diet did have a bit of healing effect on my inner child issues. I dreamt that my 3 year old (which represents me at age 3) had pooed and I needed to wash her off (this represents eliminating toxic issues). I washed off her hands and feet and noticed a hardened sheet of poo on her back which I peeled off in one large sheet. The back represents the past and the hardened sheet is a nod to healing my digestive system by removing years of cemented waste. Pulling this off of my daughters back in the dream was a very good indication of healing. The dreams are connecting this elimination system issues to my heart, which was interesting to me, and with my relationship to my mother in childhood. They didn't say that everything was healed but the entire experience was very interesting and I do feel I re-gained some of the deeper connection to my gifts that I had felt was missing. In fact, tonight I was able to randomly channel a recently departed loved one for a close friend. I don't do that often.

I'm 5'9" and dropped down to 120lbs on this fast. Personally, I don't enjoy losing weight by fasting. I would be willing to try it again later in the year after I regain the 5lbs I lost in 2 days. In the meantime, I'm going to try to eat foods that I know will serve my body and perhaps continue to raise my vibration. Today I ate oatmeal with raisins and apples, salad greens with apples, and quinoa/black beans/avocado. I follow the blood type diet for Type A (with a few modifications) because my dreams validate this diets recommendations/limitations list.

Does anyone else have success stories from water or juice fasting?


I look forward to your next fast, this was personally the best three days of my life. <3

Thanks! :)

A lovely experience shared by you.
I have done water fasting for three days and losing 1kg. It made me more energetic. But felt that I had grown thin. That's my experience.

Wow! That sounds difficult! Growing thin is a problem; I'm already as low as I should be for my height. Thanks for sharing.

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