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Good Afternoon dear friends,

my last article published on color energy and alchemy seemed to have raised the interest on the special connection of alchemy with many.

With this part of my series, I would like to get more into detail.

Hope you enjoy it!



For further reading please refer to my series called:
„The Forgotten Gift by Nature - Color Energy“
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Similar to the holistic concept of the human body mind and soul, the alchemistic concept of nature is composed of metals, gems and healing stones, plants and (flower) petals. As you can see, the concept of Trinity is very much connected with this ancient knowledge.

Follow me and deceiver together with me the ancient teachings of

alchemy ...



Not only does the holistic idea of the human body, mind, and soul contain the Trinity, but also each metal element, every crystal or gemstone and every plant in the kingdom of nature does. Just like humans.

The metals, therefore, have a much stronger effect on the body, flowers work strongest on the soul and the gemstones or crystals support the spirit best.

Original alchemical essences always contain the Trinity of metal essences, gem essences, and flower(petal) essences. With these essences, the whole world or kingdom of nature is contained in the most concentrated form.


Body - Sal - Metals

Spirit - Mercurius - Gems and Healing Stones

Soul - Sulphur - Plants and (flower) Petals


Sketches by Svetlana


As you can see, the three sections of nature mentioned above are composed by a Trinity of body, mind, and soul. Thus containing in overall total nine energy levels.

Compared to the human chakra system (system of energy centers connected to specific organs of the body) we find the same number of important main chakras if we look closely.


The seven main chakras, the main energy centers that align at the vertical center line of the body. Each chakra is connected to a specific color.


Plus the secret 8th chakra or also called Neteru chakra. This can be found a hand's size width above the head and establishes the connection to the cosmic energies.


The 9th main chakra area is composed of the foot and knee chakras, which can be seen as an important unit and connect specific organs of the body to the earth energies.



And therefore there can be found nine alchemical main essences. One for each of these nine chakras mentioned above. One metal essence each for the body-energetic level of the chakra. One gemstone or crystal essence each for the spiritual level of the chakra and one flower (petal) essence each for the spiritual level of the chakra.


Now we gonna have a look at the alchemistic row

of the seven planets.

Rubedo - redness - Greek: losis

according to the Magnum Opus


Everybody is familiar with this secret row of planets - you deal with them every day and everybody uses them, most people without knowing much more about them. The secret is hidden in the sequence of weekdays and thus can also be found in the biblical story of creation.

It is commonly well known, that the names of the weekdays refer to the seven planets. The sequence of the following weekdays corresponds exactly to the Rubedo planet sequence.

The exact same assignment of planets, gemstones, color, plants, and chakras as in the Rubedo sequence can be found in the system of Ayurveda or old Indian teachings.

With each of the rows for each chakra, I present here - related to the planetary sequence of Rubedo as taught according to the Magnum Opus - all colors containing the powerful healing energy do merge into the known sequence of the colors of the rainbow perfectly.


The spiritual effects of chakra stimulation with alchemistic essences are also known in ancient Indian teachings since many many generations.

This very special variation is known as the medicine of the Maharadschas and they were administered to the heirs to the throne in order to prepare them mentally and spiritually for this highest position.



The secret chakra teachings of alchemy.

Probably the most powerful healing constellation:



crown chakra - color white/indigo
Saturn - Amethyst - Windflower


forehead chakra - color violet
Venus - Diamond - Forget Me Not


neck chakra - color blue
Jupiter - Sapphire - Lily of the Valley and Vinca


heart chakra - color green
Mercury - Emerald - Belladonna and Gallic Rose


solar plexus chakra - color yellow
Mars - gold topaz - St. John's wort


spleen chakra - color orange
Moon - Pearl - Pear


root chakra - color red
Sun - Ruby - Bearwind




Sketch by Svetlana


Enjoy a very beautiful day, my friends!




Original Content by @anutu


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An extremely interesting topic - unfortunately very few people have access to it.

It's probably because it's very quickly put in the corner of conspiracy theories.