Who are you trying to convince ?

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Ever notice how some people post and talk about how wonderful their life is ..... how lucky they are ..... how great looking they are ? Etc .... most of the time ..they are just looking for validation.... they are looking for someone to contradict their insecurities.... they look for someone to say your wonderful ... or she’s beautiful... or great life you have .... anyone who is looking for validation isn’t that happy ...or is questioning their situation.... if you are happy AND sure that your choices are the best ones ... you don’t need anyone else to validity your choices!

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Your life, your choices! Not everyone will be supportive. I normally use that negativity to help fuel me to push harder. I'd rather fail at something then not try at all because someone didn't believe in me.
Hope you have an amazing day! :)


I have usually followed the straight and narrow path .... done what I was supposed to when it came to just about everything but love .... that’s where I’ve been unpredictable .... and it’s led to soooooo much heartache.... and disappointment.... lol... but that’s ok ... you live and learn ... lol


Oh no! </3
I think I use too do the straight and narrow but after being pushed around too much my give a damn button got stuck or lost!
But I do agree we live and learn. It's just important that when we learn from a mistake we try not to repeat it. lol. been there done that once or twice. eek! lol


Lol . Don’t get me wrong I take risks in business and many other aspects of my life .... but they have all been very very calculated... and had logical explanations... I weighed my options and I’ve been pretty successful... I have been known to maybe get pushed around by family .... not because I don’t know , but bc it’s family and if you can’t do for your parents and siblings who can you do for ? And at the same token I know they would do just about anything for me .... so ... I’m pretty good there .... but something about love ... being almost 40 .... I’ve been in love twice .... and I think both times ... I was thinking with my heart rather than my mind .... once ... I guess he fell out of love with me ... and the second time ... I was soooo scared that by the time I decided to comit ..... he moved on ... and not only did I lose my love but I lost my best friend ....Kinda sucked both times .

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I think you got it right here with these statements (I can picture this situation..Textbook for sure). I also think it's natural to want to have your thoughts or choices validated (for us 'Normal' innocent folks, NOT looking to brag and giving a S*#T about others replies to our thoughts). I feel like that's part of being human. Platforms like Steemit and other social communities are places where we throw those thoughts and ideas out there, possibly looking for a response to them .. possibly validation. Otherwise these thoughts and ideas would be better placed in a diary for you alone.

My unprofessional thoughts at least..lol. I always think before complaining about something; my problems are petty compared to what others are dealing with. I don't like to brag or gloat, but I do like to share when I am unexpectedly pleased with an outcome to one of my decisions.

I think the older we get, the less validation we will seek. I used to use my parents for this task, but rely on them less for it now if at all.

Anyhow, Hey..What's a little validation between friends? Harmless..LOL!!